Monday, October 31, 2005

weekend update -

another crazy weekend. halloween, my bday, daylight savings, a new saying (crap and a nap ala jamie). oh yeah man, events galore.

friday night was jamies halloween extravaganza at the black sheep. we all dressed like some kinda slutty something, got our drink on and then got our like on. its been a long time since we did a proper like bust out. it was due time.

sha (yankee), aim (referee), jamie (batgirl), gayliestar (fun bunny), jiller (geisha), me (skanky cat)

jiller, jo, gaylie, me
my makeup came out kickass

wheres my chicken fries?

the like bust out

saturday was my birthday! got my smoke on, my cake (dunkin hines yellow with chocolate frosting, my fave!) on, got my wings on, got the when harry met sally and first wives on, didnt get the karaoke on, but all in all, had a fun bday.

sunday was daylight savings! i love daylight savings. well, only in the fall. gaining an extra hour of time. extra time is the best gift ever. so with the extra hour, i got my errands on, some more smoke on, some cheeb induced dinner making on, then got a headache and got my sleep on at 8pm. well if the time didnt change it wouldve been 9pm. so no greys but i did get some good sleep.

so today is officially halloween. if i were home, id open the door for the little ones and ignore the bell if its a bunch of costume-less shitheads collecting some candy before they wreak havoc on the neighbhorhood. gotta serve some justice one way or another. and besides, if we opened the door for everyone then how much candy would be left for us. not much. so did i come to work in costume today? nah. i did dress in all black so if someone asked me if i was in costume id just do the "trapped in a box" with my hands call myself a mime. im so creative sometimes.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

halloween ho-liday

halloween. a day of tricks and treats, spooks and scares. the most critical part of this holiday is the costumes. no matter what age you are, what youre "gonna be" for halloween is a big deal, sometimes an ordeal, for the whole month of october. its amazing that as girls costumes are probably made with more material than womens costumes. as we grow up, we turn from innocent to downright slutty. even nerdy bookworms bring out their inner skank this one night of the year. so in the spirit of jamies upcoming "halloween extravaganza" here are three basic costumes each with what i wouldve worn when i was a sweet (i even had a high pitched voice back in the day, pre ben stein monotony) innocent little girl and what i would wear now:

glenda the good witch - yeah. i even wore pink back in the day. its girly, pink, comes with crown and wand so this is like a little girls dream come true costume. i totally wouldve rocked this with a matching pink trick or treat bag/bucket. the pink dress gives off cuteness but the crown and wand shows power. trick or treat bitch give me all your caaandy. loves it.

bedrock witch - maybe ill wear this next year. if you put this dress on the same girl above, it would probably cover the same amount of skin as the pink dress. thats what skanks can do: wear the same clothes from elementary school and kinda pull it off. would i ever wear a dress remotely like this one on a regular night out? probably not but did i think twice about this being a possible costume for next year? nope. what is it about halloween that makes girls wanna dress like hos?

dorothy - another innocent character. the pigtails, the basket, the toto, the shoes. ruby red shoes. who doesnt want a pair of shiny ruby red shoes? dorothy doesnt have a wand but shes got a basket and a dog. and pigtails can make any girl adorable. who doesnt want to be the adorable when theyre young? hell, i want to be adored right now. ah, young dorothy, full clothed. completely innocent. if you change the ruby reds to black mary janes, and replace the pigtails for a thick white headband, youve got yourself next years costume: alice (in wonderland).

do-whore-thy - this could possibly be the same costume as above, just add skank ass thigh-highs. and this, like above, can be alice next year, just change shoes. so a little girl with pigtails seems to be so adorable and innocent. whats a twenty something with pigtails usually perceived to be: a kinky submissive slut. someones been a bad girl... the thigh highs are also very skankdalous.

cheer girl - i dont know about you, but ive always wanted to be a cheerleader. the cheering, the dancing, the fun pleated skirt, the pom poms. and lets face it, when you hear cheerleader, you think fun popular girl. i was definitely dressed as a cheerleader when i was a wee little elementary school student. i think mine was baby blue. i was hot.

cheer ho - sad thing is, this could very well be a college cheerleading uniform. the sadder thing is is if i had a flat, flabless belly, id probably wear it. a young cheerleader is a cute little all american. a teen/college cheerleader is just a dumb ho with a nice tight body. notice the pigtails on this one too. kinky slut but this ones got moves youve never seen.

cheer goth - probably what i wouldve worn when i was in middle school. middle school is definitely the worst years of any childs life because its a persons ugliest years and most confusing. everyday feels like death. this wouldve been the perfect uniform when i was a cheerleader back in high school. our football team sucked. big time.

so as a guy tries to come up with a hilarious costume that will get him a comment or two, girls are trying to figure out how to be creatively slutty. or how to make a boring thing slutty and wear it. halloween is the official bring out your inner skank holiday for girls who are 13/14(they start young these days, and if you have parents who just dont care, 10/11) - 30 (give or take a few years depending on how well a girl has kept her body in shape). what am i gonna be this year? a cat... a slutty cat. i only have a few more years left to unleash my inner skank but i will be a ho for life. mickey ps!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

get *nto my car

im mad at myself. mad that i let this slip right through my fingers. how could i? how could i not know about this cd? nonetheless, i know now and ima very very excited. my closest friends know that i wasnt always a fan of jtim and co. nah, back in the heyday of boybands, circa '98-'00, i was a true diehard (im even, ok really embarassed to admit it) backstreet boys fan. yeah man. little man littrell got my heart beating faster than the roadrunner. his cute face, his angelic voice, whats not to love. and you cant tell me you never wanna bust out when you hear backstreets back or sing along when i want it that way comes on. yeah man, i had my reasons to love the bsb but ah, when shape of my heart came out, they lost mine and i switched over to *nsync. i was still trying to hold on to my roots when bye bye bye came out but i let go after the release of its gonna be me. i still think backstreets voices blow nsync outta the water but when it comes to the dance moves, its nsync hands down. nick carter cant move his fat ass around as great as nsyncs worse dancer, mr lance "still the in closet with a pretty bad nose job" bass.

so, to celebrate the release of this greatest hits cd, which i know i will enjoy a boatload more than bsbs the hits: chapter one, im gonna go down the list of tracks and reminisce the *nsync glory days:
  1. bye bye bye - lets face. its one of *nsyncs best sing along songs and dance along dances. oh yeah. i think this was one of the most performed songs on mtvs say what karaoke. it might have also been one of the first appearances of the j-fro. no, not a jew-fro but the j-fro ala jtim. he was trying to shed his little boy image with a chia pet on his head. who am i kidding, jtim is just a good looking man. very yummylicious!

  2. girlfriend f/t nelly - i loved this when it came out bc they sing the word "girlfriend" like i say it, accent on the "girl" but long on the "friend". also features the boys dancing on top of cars and chilling with the united colors of benetton girls. of course they stuck the pretty asian girl with jc bc jc is supposed to the the freaky deeky sex fiend of the group and the freaky ones must always be paired with the asian girls so they can have their way with them. argh. damn stereotypes. we all know the truth though. jc is a skinny little man who is probably in the closet himself but sleeps around with little girls to suppress his feelings. hmmm. he should chill with bandmate lance.

  3. this i promise you - a richard marx song. you cant go wrong. the man knows his ballads. best car/karaoke song. so many bust out moments (especially jcs solos). i never really liked the video: them singing in a forest with bubbles and ending up sitting at an outdoor cafe (random!) but the live version from their concert at madison square garden was the first time i noticed jtims muscular arms and thought "honey hello! chia head became a hottie!"

  4. its gonna be me - ok bye bye bye mightve had a kickass dance but i prefer the cross legged jump around v formation switch it up glide glide dance to this tune. i cant do it as well as my britney oops dance, that one is killer, but this one is almost say what worthy. ok maybe say what spring break edition worthy.

  5. got mustve spent a little more time on you - this damn ballad. it was fighting against bsb all i have to give for the number spot on trl back when it was called total request live. bsb totally deserved the top spot. not only it is one of their best ballads but the boys even dance to it. with hats. and chairs. but this was when nick was skinny so he moved a lot better. now hes a fat raging drunk... tonight on vh1s behind the music... or e! true hollywood story.

  6. i want you back - the groups first single. ha. dee thought chris kirkpatricks harmonizing was just a really bad female backup singer and thus mr k takes his role in the group. still, i always manage to pump this up when it comes on radio and bust out to it. damn catchy songs. gotta love boy bands.

  7. pop - dirrrrrrrrrty pop. this song was the originator of the dirrrty south rrrrrrrrrrrs. i love this video because hottie choreographer wade robson was the fat ones stand in after joey busted his leg during tour rehearsal. the grueling life of pop stars.

  8. gone - the true jtim and co song. jtim shouldve saved this one for his solo album. the video was interesting as it featured this fine young buck rolling around in the grass with a 6ft model. another day in the life of a pop star. a hot pop star. damn. timberlakes got good karma. take that back. hes still with cammie d proving that no ones life is perfect.

  9. tearin' up my heart - oh, do you know they choreographed the main dance to this song all on their own? the kick flip turning jump and everything. tal-en-ted! you know what i like to do when im in the privacy of my own car: put this song on and replace "heart" with "crotch". "its tearin' up my crotch when im with you/but when we are apart i feel it too/and no matter what i do i feel the pain/with or without you." ha. a song about a nasty present from a loved one. i know. im a crazy perv.

  10. thinking of you (i drive myself crazy) - this video is pretty hilarious. who knew nut houses provide silk pjs in a variety of colors. honestly, any song with a chris kirkpatrick solo should be burned (and not onto a cd). ah who am i kidding, id sing along to this one too. damn boy bands! you cant resist.

  11. ill never stop - "...until youre mine/i can wait forever til the end of time" i cant remember if ive heard this song before because one of my crazy sisters downloaded obscure nsync songs during the napster heyday or if this was on the cd of bonus britney and nsync tracks from mcdonalds. if you google the song youll see it was asia bound. record companys usually put the crap tracks on the international cds because who cares what the foreingers think and theyll eat up anything as long as there are cute faces on the cd cover. eh, its still a good sing along song.

  12. music of my heart f/t gloria estefan - "come on shake your body baby do the conga/no you cant control yourself any longer" alas, no cuban beats in this song. i think this is the one and only song i would skip on this album. i love ms estefan but no me encanta/gusta este cancion.

i really miss the cheesy boy band days. im glad i found out about this cd. its getting me pumped up for k-town karaoke this saturday night. oh, the nsync, hanson, soul decision, 98 degrees, all coming out!

Monday, October 24, 2005

brosef birthday

we celebrated yesterday but the brosefs birthday is tomorrow. in a half hour actually. hes turning the big 1-6. going to the dmv tomorrow to get his permit. to drive! it took me a while to stop calling him my baby brother. hell it took me forever to not call him nich anymore. no matter what i call him hes still the most kickass kid ever. honestly. even if we didnt come from the same womb or have the same blood running through our veins, id still think hes amazing. because he is.

when the 'rents told us another baby was on the way, i was thrilled. when the due date was announced, i flipped and not in a good way. due date was my birthday. no way i was gonna let this little fetus steal my thunder. i dont even like to borrow/lend clothes so the thought of sharing my bday made me nauseous. ah, but the precocious one arrived 4 days before my 9th bday. seriously, id give my life for this kid.

so smart. so talented. so witty. so skinny. such as asshole. such a "gon"! such a prick. such a bitch. so my brother. so much love. happy sweet 16 brosef!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

weekend... birthday weekend

so my actual bday isnt until next week but this weekend was a bday weekend nonetheless. the festivities began early friday afternoon as i took a half day so i could relax a little before my spa appts. went to bliss at 5 for my 'zilian and then met the aim at denovo for a 6pm chocolate body wrap. first ever massage. first ever wrap. this was definitely something ive been looking forward to since the aim mentioned my spaweek gift a few weeks ago. ooh. and the aim got me more chocolate goodies. i think i may try the gourmet hot chocolate mix tonight. yum! the body wrap was an experience. it was like a mini massage and ended with a heated wrap. supposedly helps tighten up and lose a few inches. hmm. dont know if i left looking any slimmer but my skin was super soft and smelled very chocolately. hot bod. now where are the hot boys?

after my spa adventure, i went home and was just in time to catch up on the newest degrassi. spoiler alert (for my three readers who are non degrassi fans): liberty is pregnant. man. even though the show kinda recycles story lines from its original series, it still seems so fresh and groundbreaking and of course, intense! it goes there. it totally goes there.

so saturday was party day! got to jillers around 7 to get my dinner and smoke on. had a blazin' (its my bday. im allowed to be cheesy) time before heading down to the bar for the (what comes before part b?) part(A)y.

remember my favorite reason why i throw these parties? the surprise guests. well, this party had the best surprise guest of all time. ever. it literally brought me to tears. thats how 'the best' it is. tear enducing. i walked into the bar with glieb and her bf perry and literally screamed out loud when i saw jennie sitting at the table right in front of me. ive been friends with jennie since 8th grade. i remember exactly how we met. gym class. we started talking about waynes world. i walked home from school that day repeating her phone number so i wouldnt forget it (why i didnt just write it down still boggles me. i mustve been lazy, or stupid or both. my guess is both.) called her as soon as i got home and every day after that had at least 3 hour long calls with her. we were pretty close. as time went by, we grew further apart. time does that sometimes. but we have always stayed in touch. jiller and i were even wondering if she would show up. we both said probably not since we know the girl loathes the city. so when i saw her at the party, i was so shocked and happy i literally started to tear. seriously, best start to a party ever.

the guests started rolling in, eating the lovely cake joinaclub made for the occasion. the compliments were flying left and right: about jos cake, my fab/yet slightly drunk appearance, and very supporting comments about my crazy writing from my 3 amazing friends who are the only readers of this site. oh, jill r would be so proud. the party was fun and i felt like a cool party animal. oh yeah. the pics are below.

the bday weekend didnt end with the party. oh no. my brosef rich is the best kid ever so we celebrated his big 1-6 with a crazy lunch at bubba gumps and shopping in the city. the pseudo brosef mike also came along for the ride. he definitely had a buggin' time with the human statue in the time square subway station and basically every little trip we took today. it was pretty awesome.

this weekend was pretty cool. even though there were a few but very noticeable absences at the party (hope youre feeling better gayliestar!), all in all this weekend was pretty kickass. got my spa on, got my degrassi fix, partied like rock star, had a fun shopping day in the city and ended it with a spanking new ep of greys. the best part of this weekend is how this weekend made me feel. like a kickass person. even though im (almost) 25 and i still live with my parents, and i still have no boyfriend (as a luxury not a necessity), im pretty awesome. why? because kickass people love me. spanks for the memories skanks!

october babies/bffs: me and jiller

aim, t.a. and adam

a pseudo hs reunion
(clockwise from top left: mahlah, me, eddie man, jamie, skinny mel, erin t, jiller, miae)

bday queen and party animal!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

gotta have cheese

i love my siblings. honestly, even if they werent related to me, id probably chill with them. maybe not like close friend hang out but cool friend/good accquaintance hang out. you know what i mean. with siblings come some pet peeves, especially if you still live with them aka still live at home when youre rapidly approaching your mid 20s. anyway, one of my pet peeves is when only a few days after stocking the fridge and cupboards up with almost $200 worth of food, one of them (usually the brosef) will go, "theres no food in the house." nervy. now me, ive got survival skills. i can probably live off the food in the house for weeks without stopping by a store. survival skills. ive got enough to live on my own, i just wish i had as much money as i do survival skills. then i actually would be living on my own. so here is my we've still got food if these are in the fridge/cupboard list:
  1. cheese - if i was lactose intolerant, id buy a lifetime supply of lactaid. seriously, i can not, can not live a day without eating something with cheese. i always say cheese makes everything better because it does. toast is toast. add cheese, its grilled cheese. eggs are just eggs but add cheese, its an omelette. and dont even think about handing me a burger without cheese. i dont think ive ever had a hamburger. its always been cheeseburgers for me. always has, always will.

  2. eggs - yeah man, you can mix it with cheese too! but seriously, eggs go a long way. omelettes, scrambled, fried, hard boiled, and even mixed in a hot bowl ramen noodles. if youve got eggs, youve got food. another way to eat your eggs, egg salad. survival food.

  3. tuna - cheap, non-perishable, just right. tuna salad. you can eat it plain or make it a sandwich. add some cheese, and its a damn tuna melt. gotta love cheese, and tuna too. my fave is bumble bee light in water.

  4. ramen noodles - also cheap, non-perishable, and pretty easy to make. seriously, if i (who, according to my mother, have no domestic skills whatsoever) can make a steaming hot bowl of ramen noodles, any fool can. if you buy a box, you wont have to leave your place for weeks, even months. add an egg too if youre feeling saucy. you can thank me later for that tip.

  5. pasta - dont have sauce. not a problem. you can have pasta with any condiment laying around your kitchen counter. salt, pepper, a little olive oil, and even some butter. experiment a little. smoke a little cheeb if you need ideas.

  6. rice - ok, as much as i love matzoh and all things jewy, im still korean and i always say every korean house has a piano and rice. the piano is to torture the kids with lessons they dont want to take with a mean old lady who isnt afraid to use a whipping stick. fun times. the rice is essential for every meal of every day. i know when i move out, im taking a bag of rice and a small rice maker with me. rice is like pasta. you can eat it with anything. plain, with a little soy sauce, you can even mix it with some eggs. the only thing that doesnt go well with rice: cheese. boo. although i did see my grandma try that once but it almost made me vomit.

  7. cereal - call me seinfeld if you want but cereal is a phenomenom. youre eating and drinking at the same time. you can have cereal any time of day and it never goes bad. the only downside is the milk. milks got an expiration date. however, certain cereals taste better without milk. like chex and lucky charms. honestly, im surprised i still have all my teeth after having a bowl of lucky charms a few months ago. i felt like i was getting 8 cavities with every bite i took.

  8. butter - a must have condiment for every fridge. i have about 8 sticks in mine. thats because joinaclub is an up and coming pastry chef. but butter comes in handy. makes your pastas and rice a little yummier, and if you ever get your head caught between two rails, you can butter yourself out just like that babysitting horror dj tanner had to deal with.

  9. lemon juice - im not a big mayo person, i never put in on my sandwiches so when im making tuna salad, i use lemon juice. lemon juice also comes in handy when im master cleansing but is also helpful with fruits. tip from joinaclub: put some lemon juice on sliced apples to prevent them from turning brown

  10. hot sauce - kick up your food with a little spice. i put hot sauce on everything: pasta, sandwiches, pizza, even soup. do you know what rocks my world: cheese omelette with hot sauce. hot!

so there you go. survival food in order of importance. if you have any of the above, you still have food but always always always have some kinda cheese in your fridge. it can save your meal or even just be a snack. gotta have cheese.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

breakfast and blogs

dear jamie,

i desperately wanted to write a witty and funny post tonight so you can have something to read with your breakfast but to be honest with ya, ive got nothing. came home from work, smoked a j, made myself a nice sensible dinner of salad and some tomato tart thing jo made yesterday, then negated my whole "good" dinner when rich asked me to take him to mcdonalds for his dinner so i naturally got myself a mcflurry and ate it while watching the latest ep of lost. now im watching the end of curly sue. i may just shed a tear and ive only been watching this damn movie for 5 minutes.

the only thing thats really occupying my mind, when its not clouded in smoke anyway, is this weekend. very excited about it. hadnt had or even been to a big party in a while so this is definitely something im looking forward to. even if jb wrote back and said he probably cant make it. eh. a girl can dream (while stalking slightly) cant she?

so, i hope you have a nice day at school and wish you much luck with your parking when you get back home. heres a quote from yourself to keep you smiling when frustrated today:
"hes a thug. he doesnt havent keys."
enjoy your breakfast of whatever extremely low carb meal youve made. youve got my number if you need me to extract my parking vibes to you.

Friday, October 14, 2005

yo quiero

its october. and october to me is a big bday month. yes yes yes, my bday is at the end of the month, but my brosef (best kid!) and a number of my close friends were also birthed in this lovely autumn month. our parents mustve occupied their winters the same way: by conceiving kickass human beings. so as im running around buying gifts for the october babies, i realized my good doings may be reciprocated in the form of fun presents on my special day. so i had to ask myself, what do i want? i usually dont make wish lists 'til christmas (its a fam tradition) but im turning the big 2-5. last time to act all childish about my bday and lets face it, bday wish lists are childish, but fun too. so here is my ultimate ultimate ultimate wish list:

  1. nyc apt - we all know im dying to leave this island and live on the much cooler, hipper, and just plain better island of manhattan. but honestly, any place thats even remotely near the fun city ill take. just get me out of my parents house and into a place i can call my own. well mine and probably a roommate who will be just as poor as me. man, twentysomething life is just so appealing, isnt it?

  2. a boyfriend - the 3rd out of 3. i dont need a boyfriend. please, im not one of those clingy, dependent girls who always needs to be in a relationship. if i ever become that person, you have my permission to slap me across the face (avoid the nose though, please!) and bitch me out. i dont need a boyfriend but id like to have one. boyfriends arent a necessity but a luxury and since this is my ultimate ultimate ultimate wish list, this is the perfect place to request one. i just need a TALL (number one priority) man, with nice teeth, sense of humor and must be easy on the eyes. if i cant even look at you, how am i gonna...

  3. a vacation - lord knows i need one. everyone who knows me knows i need one. after the last attempt at a fun ass vacay - the trip was planned to a t thanks to the ever wonderful aim - i deserve an mtv cribs vacation edition vacation. ok, cribs never had a vacation edition but if they did, thats the kind i deserve. all i want is a beach (with sun!), and a functioning private toilet. i have a problem going number two just anywhere. yeah, so sun and toilet. not together but thats all i need for a vacay. and a side of greenery too. i love me my greens.

  4. a wallet - ok, i can purchase one myself but the ones i can afford arent the ones i want. seriously, a new wallet is more in the category of what i need, hence its high ranking on this list. my wallet is literally busting at the seams, and it aint from the large wads of (imaginary) cash either. but i think its time for me to get a grown up wallet. i prefer and sleek, black, long wallet. ooh, that sounded kinda dirty for a half second. naughty.

  5. starbucks gift card - i love me my java but out of 100 times i drink coffee, starbucks is maybe 7 or 8 of those cups. about 90 are dunkin donuts and 2 or 3 are made at home. so youre probably wondering why the starbucks giftcard rather then dunkin dollars. i only have starbucks so seldomly because even though i thoroughly enjoy their yummy coffees, my budget does not. i would love love love to get some starbucks on someone elses cash. what makes starbucks taste even better is not spending your own money on it. now thats delicious.

  6. cosmo/entertainment weekly - was a loyal subscriber. thats right, was. its depressing. two of my favorite mags and when their subscriptions were up, so was my money. up in the air and not down in my busted wallet. i still get my magazine fix with us weekly and people but i really do miss my fun, sexy advice articles and the intellectual entertainment reviews and stats. a subscription to either one or both would be superb.

  7. best buy gift card - another gift card but seriously, best buy is one store that i could spend a whole day in. and only a select few stores can hold that kind of title: target and costco. honestly, leave me in the dvd aisles and meet me at the register at the end of the day. ill be there with a stack im dying to bring home.

  8. digital camera - maybe i can purchase one of these babies myself with a best buy gift card. honestly, im not a big picture person but i think i should start. i always get mad at myself for never having any pictures of anyone or anything. its like i almost have no solid proof of the fun memories ive had over the last (almost) 25 years. well, if i had a cute and easy to use digital camera, i wouldnt have any more excuses as to why i dont have any pictures. this is turning into a life resolution type thought.

  9. daily planner - the last time i had a planner, it was a filofax i got from my dad as a bday or xmas gift senior year of high school. not that my social life is so outta control and i cant keep up but a planner can help me keep organized and like a digital camera, give me some solid proof of my daily life.

  10. surprises - the best gifts i get are the ones i dont expect. friends are the best because they know you the best. they know what you want even when you dont know those things exist. i love opening a gift and be completely surprised and completely happy and excited about it all at the same time.

thats what birthdays are all about. being completely happy and surprised with every little fun turn that happens that day. the little extra attention you receive from others that brings that perma grin to your face. even if i dont get anything on my crazy list, i just know ill have a good time, regardless. and thats what life really is: a string of good times. some bad times get mixed in too but as long as i can remember the good times and keep 'em coming too, ill look forward to old age. just gotta moisturize everyday ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

cheetos... munchie of choice?

so last week was the season premiere of degrassi. it was all about manny being a ho and getting caught, the usual 'grassi drama but the preview clip for the next ep had me yelling (out of happiness and excitement). it was something along of the lines of "always ambitious. always focused. always in control. until now." cut to paige saying, "i am so... high!" paige and the ganj! could it be true? two of my loves (not paige, degrassi) coming together? you know i have a countdown til this ep airs. oh the excitement thats building up. like the true fan/stalker that i am of the show, i went to the-n to see if they would reveal any other little tidbits of the ep. the main pic up is this:

so paige gets high with bad girl alex and then munches on cheetos. well thats what im assuming from the photo. why is it that when people think of munchies, cheetos pops up first. i have a feeling britney has something to do with it. cheetos are a good snack to munch on but theyre not number one on my list of what to eat after a fun sess. they turn your fingers orange and cut the roof your mouth. oh yeah man, i know my munchies. so here is my list of faves:
  1. extra crispy fries with melted cheese, side of gravy - partner that bad boy up with a nice chocolate milkshake and call it a night. moonstruck is the best (reminiscent of smokin' and dyin' nights with gayliestar at the peach pit) but any diner will do. fries must be extra crispy!

  2. spinach and feta omelette breakfast - when i get to wake n bake with close buds (usually the jiller) best way to follow a mornin' sess is a hearty bkfst. mcdonalds breakfast is the best cure for a hangover hands down but a wake n bake deserves a sit down meal. omelettes are the best at thomas's but ive said it once and ill say it again, any diner will do.

  3. home food - yeah home cooking is great but whats best about food at home is that its FREE! being free makes the food taste even better. yummy!

so you know where ill be friday night at 8pm. on my couch watching paige gettin hizzle with a-lizzle. maybe ill watch with a bag of cheetos too ;)

as i am still living at home on long island, my friend adam is living on the island i am vying to move to: manhattan. anyway, if you wanna read about some fun city livin' read adams blog. you can thank me later.

Monday, October 10, 2005

and the votes go to...

entertainment weekly. ive been a fan and loyal subscriber for some time now. and blogs. what would office employees do without blogs to read? so when started a pop watch blog, i was in heaven.

we are clearly approaching the mid-fall season as some of our faves (like the oc and reunion) have gone into october hiding to return in november for sweeps, but i am pleasantly surprised as to how satisfied i am with the shows this year. my staple faves 'guna and degrassi are never disappointing and even though im punching myself for not getting into lost sooner, im just so glad i did start watching.

there are still those people who feel that tv void. a huge void that needs to be filled. that void that is yelling, "is it january yet?, my fingers are ready to dial!" you (as in jamie) know what im talking about, the water cooler topic of every year: american idol!

so pop watch had a posting today labeled: who's your favorite american idol? and i must say i was a little upset to read that ew's fave is fantasia and not the true idol of all: miss independent herself kelly clarkson. has my trusty magazine taken a sip of crazy juice? how and why? barrino over clarkson? such crazy nonsense. so, instead of ranting to ew, ive decided to give my own little tidbits about the past winners (and shouldve been winners):

kelly clarkson: homegirl just rocks. ill be honest with you. i didnt even watch the first season of idol. i only watched the finale because idol was just everywhere. i had see to who would claim the crown: the average midwestern chick or the annoying sideshow bob. i was glad kelly won and not justin "where is he now" guarini. but i never thought her career would go as far as it is today or that i would even purchase her cd, and love it. number 6 on breakaway is a personal fave of mine. kelly clarkson is not just an american idol in my book, shes grade A amazing.

ruben studdard: the damn velvet teddy bear. flying without wings. yeah, no wings because they probably couldnt hold him. i keed i keed but cmon! did "america" make the right choice by handing the idol crown over to mister 205?! sorry 2004? after listening to that song, the man should be sorry for much longer than that. he seems like a sweetheart. nice guy. great voice. but can the man do a show for longer than 3 minutes without sweating bullets and keeling over for oxygen? the big bear needs to get in shape. then maybe his album and concert sales can match up to...

clay aiken: the second season winner in my book. the skinny man has got lungs! clay can sing anyone out the water. and speaking of water, ive heard many say theyve come to tears when they heard mr aiken belt out "bridge under water" and can you blame them? even i will stop and listen to this man/boy sing. all i know is if jamie and clay were ever in a karaoke room together, we would never see jamie ever again. ever. he might sing stalker-like songs ("if i was invisible. then i could just watch you in your room"), but lets face it. if you ever caught clay aiken in your room, you wouldnt run away and be freaked out, youd ask him to sing you a song. or two. or hell, maybe his whole album. even the christmas one.

fantasia barrino: ew's choice. i actually watched the third season. and even though fantasias voice is amazing, her face... is not. she reminds me of a cartoon dinosaur. i know. shallow shallow shallow. but i always thought if you want to be an american idol, you have to be somewhat easy on the eyes. that theory explained why clay didnt win the year before. but "america" voted and chose fantasia. even the fact that she brought her 3 year old daughter up on stage with her(she was only 19 when she won) didnt stop the voters from choosing 'tasia. so what is fantasia up to now? just finished a book about her life which reveals her illiteracy. but shes gotten better now. she knows how to spell two whole words. b-a. b-y. m-a. m-a. nah, fantasia is doing all right. shes doing better than ruben and ...

diana degarmo: i actually voted for her. and looking back on it now, i think fantasia was the rightful winner. i loved dianas voice and she was a lot easier to look at than fantasia but in the end, diana is just a really talented high school play lead with a really lucky streak. the girl can sing all right and if star search was still on, she definitely wouldve been the champion to beat but a star she is not. maybe in a few years, after shes lived a little and gained a little degarmo 'tude but for now shes just another girl in the choir. well the girl who got all the solos but still, a choir soprano. if you put blonde curls on her, with a more "all american" face, you would have...

carrie underwood: the reigning idol. true, i thought she would be the next kelly, but i think shes more like diana degarmo with the idol title. i think we all know that bo bice shouldve won but the idol title wouldve only hurt his career. and besides, i think last years competition showed to never underestimate the power of rednecks. that would explain bush still in office.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

last big bash

so my bday is rapidly approaching. its a biggie. the big 2-5. its the last of the milestone ages that you can consider "young". well, maybe 30 is the last milestone age because "30s are the new 20s" but still. 25 is a pretty big deal. actually, 25 is the first of the milestone ages that you dont have something to look forward to.

13 - officially a teen and for the jews, bar/bat/bas mitzvahs. shalom and mazel tov! (you look great. you did great.)
15/16 - for the latinas, feliz quinciniera! and for the rest of the girlies, sweet 16! (or if youre a super rich bitch reality whore, a super sweet 16)
18 - voting privileges, lotto time and you can buy cigarettes
21 - legal drinking age! no more fake ids.

25 is almost like a last hurrah. last time to have that big blowout party and make a big deal about it. when youre 30, you just bitch about how old you are which leads to your friends rallying together to either throw you a large bday dinner or an intimate party of the people who matter most to you. they go through all that trouble because they feel just as bad for you as you do about yourself. because they know 30 is old. f*@# the "30s is the new 20s" because 30 is still f-in 30!

i really think this year is the last year i can throw myself a big bday jam. the last time making a big deal about my special day without sounding childish. childish and immature at the ripe old age of 26. eww, the beginning of the late 20s. so so so rapidly approaching old. and i still havent been to europe! so much living to do.

what really makes me upset about this being my last big bash is the surprises. the random people who show up at my big jam. i know my close friends will be there because if theyre not, then how close are we really? but there are always those random people i keep in touch with, but i never really see. never comes to our heads to just be like, hey lets hang out tonight. but the bday. the bday is the perfect excuse to say, hey lets get together. and its painless. its like a no strings attached relationship. if they show up, its a nice surprise. if they dont, didnt expect them to show up anyway. im gonna miss the randoms.

Monday, October 03, 2005

political standing

You are a

Social Moderate
(41% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(30% permissive)

You are best described as a:

You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

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