Wednesday, February 11, 2009

go go gosselin!

ah jon and kate plus 8. its one of my fave shows. i can watch it all day long. its not just the adorable children (minus mady) but i love watching jon and kate banter. sometimes i wanna throw sharp objects at kate, but most of the time i just think, praise jon. he is a saint. sound familiar? its exactly how my man talks about bri, dees hubby. and yes, kate reminds me of dee so much that i think this is what would happen if they had 8 kids (or just 1). so i claimed collin my fave last night after watching this weeks ep. my fave changes from time to time so i figured id blog about why i love or hate each person. i havent done a post with pics in a while so here goes:

jon - hes a good dude. he puts up with his ocd neurotic wife and helps raise 8 kids. hes mellow (well as mellow as someone with 8 kids can be) but he puts his foot down when he has to. hes definitely the fave parent. not just my fave but i have a feeling a fave of some of the kids too. i love that he bonds with cara and doesnt put up with madys crap. yeah jon!

kate - i want to like her. i do. but i cant. she just represents all the bad traits that dee has(d). she berated jon bc he didnt use a coupon. she yells at him in public (and i dont mean in front of the camera which im sure is embarrassing enough for jon as it is). i dont think she appreciates the help jon gives her. she always wants more but never asks for it. instead, she stands and complains about the help she doesnt get. doesnt this woman know, hints dont mean jack to men. you gotta ask straight up or youll be in disappointment city forever.

mady - or kate 2.0. this girl has some serious 'tude and well, whenever i see her onscreen i wanna grab her by the neck, take a long walk to a faraway room, and smack the bitch outta her. always has to be center of attention and always has to be the ruler. ive never seen a twin so selfish. arent twins supposed to be like bff? mady always tries to push cara out of the way. you know the saying "evil twin"? yeah, i think if you look it up in the dictionary, youll see madys face in the definition. i really hope when mady sees herself being a complete b.i. on tv she'll realize how horrible she is and change her ways. i aint holding my breath on that one.

cara - sweet cara. i fear her sweetness will melt away from madys constant bitchiness. caras already shown a very moody side to her. i see a lot of myself in cara. its funny, bc i see some of dee in mady. can you believe i used to be a sweet happy girl... with a high pitched voice?! well by the time i reached middle school, my voice dropped 8 octaves (how fem, right?) and my 'tude went from bright and sunny to dark and moody. stay sweet cara. leave the bitchiness to mady.

aaden - the little professor of the clan. i think hes more like a lil asian harry potter. aaden loves animals. i love when lil kids find something they really like and just want to learn more about it. aaden is the middle boy when it comes to 'tude and toughness. collin is like the uber-guy and joel is like the uber-whiner. aaden can be adventurous (walking on packed boxes during the move) but can whine when he wants to too.

alexis - alexis loves alligators. she also likes to scream, really really LOUD. when shes happy, when shes sad, when shes mad (i. want. a. ba. gel!). alexis is definitely the crazy one, not just outta the girls but everyone! shes talkative but doesnt have her pronouns straight yet hence my talking like a lil kid when i watch the show. (them alligator is big. him look at me.) oh yeah, and alexis is also the "non-asian" one in the family. man do i love those kids.

collin - my current fave. collin and cara (my fave twin) are close bc theyre "c" buddies. i could be a "c" buddy too. i see collin as a future jock with a heart of gold. he cried when leah killed a spider he was watching on their trampoline. he also pulled the other kids around in a wagon that was attached to the back of his big wheels. he loves collecting things and putting items that are the same in groups. he helped joel figure out the blue shoe mystery. smart kid with a big heart. whats not to love?

hannah - mommys little helper. hopefully she wont turn into mommy. her mommy anyway. hannah helps fold laundry, clean up, and hates getting her hair cut. hannah has really grown into her looks. she would be my fave except she has way too big a chance to turn into kate, although shes not as spicy - in a bad way - as mady is so i guess theres hope for this one.

joel - one of the sound guys faves. hes quirky, cute, and a bit fem. hes a crier but when he talks he says certain words with a cute lil accent. any word that ends in "er" sounds like "air". very adorable. wouldnt surprise me if hes gay but if not, i totally see him working in a fem industry like fashion... and pulling major tail. he'll grow up to be that sensitive type that girls fall for.

leah - the little one who wants to be little forever. leah and hannah have a special bond. when leah went skiing with jon, cara, joel and collin, she cried "i want my hannah" on the bunny slopes. when shes not crying, shes plotting and using her adorable lil looks to get what she wants. jon says shes the mastermind of the 6. i believe she has a dark side to her. her reaction when collin cried after she killed his spider: a big ol smile followed by "i killed the spider" (chuckle, chuckle). shes gonna be a heartbreaker and love every second of it.

when i first started watching this show, i was like, im never gonna be able to tell these kids apart. now i have favorites. ive realized im growing up and its so weird. just a few short years ago, lil kids annoyed the crap outta me and the thought of being pregnant scared the crap outta me (ok, maybe the latter still applies to me a lil). now, i catch myself staring at lil babies and kids on the subway. ah bob dylan was right. times, they are a changin.