Wednesday, January 11, 2006

just press play

im a pretty neurotic, ok i was a pretty neurotic driver. i couldnt be bothered by anything. both hands on the wheel, focus on the road. no distractions. thats why choosing the right cds for my car was so essential. i couldnt be bothered by changing the song when i didnt like it. i had to just like it or suffer until the next song came on. i dont drive like that anymore. please. both hands on the wheel? i can pack a mean bowl and smoke it while im driving now. ive got skills. but this isnt about baking out my car. its about those treasured cds. the ones i could play when i could barely drive. the ones that dont need a push of the skip button. i can sing along to every single song that belongs to the albums i will mention below. not only do i sing along, but i can bust out to any one of these songs. now the list may be lacking the presence of my all time faves: bsb, *nsync, brit... but its because even on their cds, there are a few songs i can skip over. seriously, my list is no joke. some may agree with my choices, others may disagree, im sure most will get a chuckle or two over my selections but please, read with an open mind and remember this list is coming from a crazy one. thanks.

for the rainy days...
john mayer: room for squares
- sure his first single was catchy and that was what got me to buy the cd, but the others songs actually made me enjoy driving in the rain. easy listening tunes, fun sing alongs, crazy guitar. i cant name a favorite because it changes every time i listen to the record. city love is pretty awesome, 1983 is nostalgic, and everyone wants a body thats a wonderland. i never did buy johns next album. this one is definitely enough for me.

and when the sun comes out
mariah carey: 1s
- she aint the most successful female artist for nothing. talk about feel good, if its a nice day, all i need is this cd and my top down cruising in the cabrio. i even like the slow ones too... even the whitney duet. who am i kidding, who wouldnt love busting out to a mariah/whitney song. definitely a sweet sweet fantasy.

kelly clarkson: breakaway - i think ive said enough about miss clarkson a few days ago but her cd is still in my car. true, i change my cds once every two months because im a lazy ho but i dont think this one is leaving my cd booklet in a long time. when ive had enough of mariah cheese, its always nice to rock out to clarkson. makes me feel good and empowered to be a girl.

when i really wanna rock
sum41: all killer no filler
- literally lives up to its name. every song is rip roaring and the lyrics are so much fun to sing out loud. when i just wanna yell, i pop this in and start belting out while bobbing along in my car. passerbys must think im crazy. hey, whatever gets me home. thats my driving motto.

allister: last stop surburbia - when i dont feel like doing the whole mainstream thing and wanna feel kinda indie, i put this album on. the songs are just as catchy as the ones you would hear on trl. im a lyrics gal and these are pretty awesome. plus, this band holds a special place in heart because they are the first i ever interviewed. sitting in the back of that van... totally innocent.

the academy is: almost here - when its time to wail, the academy is is my only choice. oh the lyrics, so so so away message worthy. bawling out in such an artistic manner is theyre specialty. and yeah man, theyre pretty f-in kickass live too. almost here, the academy is is here according to me.

for a chuckle or two
2gether: 2gether again
- this is the groups second album. the first was a soundtrack to the movie and this one contains the songs from the show. yeah, i might be a crazy cheesehead but every single one of my friends asks me to replay the hardest part of breaking up whenever i play it for them the first time. i love this cd because not only is it hilarious, but you can sing along to it too just like any other bsb or *nsync track. and you know i cant resist the lisp of mickey p.

you plus me it doesnt equal ussss
you took my car now i gotta take the busss
i thought i had a girl that i could trussst
i guess i never knew my calculus.

tenacious d: self titled - this cd not only has rockin' tunes but also hilarious interludes ala janet jackson except its from two fat guys. i never wouldve had the amazing western bacon che if it werent for this cd for that, i love the d. ok, that and the cd just rocks my socks. the d: jb and kg are talented man because not only can they rock out but they can make me laugh too. genius. oh yeah, and they toke too.

and for any time
the rolling stones: 40 licks
- i know, i only have 9 on this list but this is a double cd so its really 10. this is another staple in my car. its what i like to call a safety cd. its the cd you know that about 90% of your passengers will enjoy listening too. plus its musical history. so many great songs. i would love to see these old guys in concert but since im not a gallionaire and dont have a sugar daddy, ill just continue enjoying their hits in my car. current fave: shattered.

special mention:
its fun if someone doesnt like you.

jamie about "the chase"


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