Friday, May 01, 2009

official domestic partners

i know. it takes my man and me forever to makes anything official but this doto move has been long overdue. and just like the road bumps we encountered before (mainly caused by le joins irresponsibility and selfish "booty blinded" bitchiness) of course move in day didnt go as smoothly as we would hope. here we go with the debacle filled days breakdown.
  • 8:45am - wake up after a few (like less than 5) short hours of sleep. we packed til 3am, then showered and went to bed. do last minute stuff (pick up more boxes, bubble wrap and paper towels) to pack up last minute items (mostly toiletries from the bathroom, curtains, bedding) and clean so we dont leave the west village apt a dusty mess.
  • 11:00am - time we had the movers scheduled to come. my man panics bc there is no sign of them.
  • 11:05am - noon - irate phone calls to the moving company we hired. the dispatcher was a rude man who didnt speak english well and hung up on my man TWICE. doto has strict rules about move ins. no move ins can start after 2pm and must end before 5pm and oh yeah, must be within a 2 hour window. when the moving company said they would get a truck to us by 2pm, my mans responded back "UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE" followed by more ranting. finally, someone who spoke better english came on the phone and said a truck would be here in 20 mins (this was at 11:40am)
  • noon - 12:25pm - my man waits outside while doing air punches and kicks out of frustration. we begin to carry some stuff down to the "lobby" of his apt to save some time when the movers get here. while my man was loudly getting pissed off, i was silently getting frustrated too.
  • 12:25pm - movers finally arrive. they work quickly but i noticed they didnt wrap any of our furniture in blankets like most movers do. found it a bit alarming but i was so focused on getting to doto asap that i just let it pass.
  • 1:35pm - the moving truck is packed up and we're ready to hop in a cab (my man had to carry his tv himself. wouldnt let the movers touch it). i gave the movers simple directions to my crib. w.vill - fidi. short trip... or you would think.
  • 1:45pm - my man and i arrive at doto in record time, and record cost too (usual cab ride: $11 including tip. this cab ride: $9 including tip). where are the movers?
  • 2:45pm - movers finally arrive at doto. what shouldve taken 10 mins took 1 hour. now the business card for the moving company said plus 1 hour of traveling time. didnt think they would actually take the entire hour to get here. ah yes, plus the driver could barely drive the truck and of course the freight elevator at doto had another apt moving in at the same time. if these fuckers were on time or even just took the directions i gave them instead of using their gps (which stupidly took them up, across, and then down bway) we couldve been ok. and my feelings about our non-wrapped furniture were vindicated when i saw the movers for the other apt bringing in furniture that was wrapped in blankets and on their own set of wheels. my movers wouldve taken twice as long if doto didnt have luggage carts. they kept saying how nice the building was. i wanted to be like, stop gawking and MOVE bitch! move my shit.
  • 4:10pm - truck is empty and my apt is full. i rearranged the furniture myself while my man went down to take care of the bill.
  • 5:50pm - took almost 2 hours to finally settle the bill. the movers said cash only and my man said no f-in way. hes paying with plastic. after 100 minutes of arguing, they finally accepted his card. customer is always right!
  • 6:00pm - we finally eat (up since a quarter to nine and all we consumed was cold canned starbucks coffees.) well actually, we went down to the corner deli and picked up sandwiches. i went back up to the apt to eat while my man headed to his gre class and ate on the way.
ah, i know moving is one of the most stressful things a person goes through in life but this move had events that added more stress. assholes. the end result is so worth it. im still in shock and awe. i kinda still have that feeling of needing to go back to my mans. even when i first moved to doto, it never felt like home. and when i was there, i always felt rushed to go back to my mans. now, the doto apt is ours.

we unpacked last night. i did the fun stuff, books, dvds, games and he did his stuff. i started to put our toiletries away and it was fun to decide where to put my things and his. i left my clothes and the kitchen for today. its the first time i can place things as i please. especially the kitchen. when i first got to doto, le join took over the kitchen bc shes a "chef" and well, you know the rest. she took over everything else bc shes a selfish bitch. i really want to put some thought into organizing the kitchen since i plan i spending lots of time there.

a thought crossed my mind while we were unpacking. i never lived alone. it was a dream of mine since i dreamt about moving into the city. honestly, i think this is better than living alone. i still get to decorate however i want (and not have to pay all the bills on my own, hehe). the pics are one of my fave parts. yeah, i have great pics with my friends but ive always wanted to plaster walls of pics of me with my bf, and now i can (and i have).

the place finally looks like an apt instead of a dorm room. and even though its a studio, the furniture is set up so you get the feeling of 2 separate rooms even without a divider. i cant wait til all the boxes are unpacked. maybe we'll add a "third" room. im hoping to fit a dining table somehow so we can have guests over and host a proper dinner. ah, we managed to keep 2 tvs and 2 coffee tables too. woo hoo. guess what im most excited about? the mezuzah!


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