Thursday, September 27, 2007

let the countdown begin!

so i usually dont make the biggest deal about my bday. it happens every year, whats there to make such a fuss about? but my bday has been on my mind. not bc im turning 1 year older (and closer to the "dreaded" 3-0) but bc this one is different from my other bdays.
  • beyonce "all the women, who independent. throw your hands up at me." - true, i moved into my apt 3 days before my bday last year but now, im officially a city girl. its so official, it even says it on my license. where am i from? im from manhattan... biatch!
  • queen "can anybody find me, somebody to love?" - that question has been answered. i love the lb. my man loves me too. and hes gonna be here, with me, on my special day. he usually goes out to vegas during the halloween weekend to chill with his childhood friend craig but this year, hes staying in ny. not sure what we'll be doing but i have a pretty good idea (i sent him a detailed bday wish list).
  • lesley gore "its my party and ill cry if i want to." - or maybe, its not my party and thats why ill cry if i want to. october is always a crazy ass month with bdays galore but this month may take the title as the craziest and busiest. on top of the gajillion bdays, im starting a "new" job*, watching the store while the 'rents are on vacay, and dee is having treatments for her condition while residing in my apt. although i hoped for a bday brunch at my place, it doesnt look like itll happen as le joins trial period on li is still tentative and im quarantined from my place until dee is done with her health issues. as the song goes, "you would cry too if it happened to you."
ah, other than prolly not having a bday party, i cant complain. ive got my health, ive got my friends, ive got my bf :), and ive got a "new" job to look forward to.

*the word new is in quotes bc its not new new. after trying out my current gig for a few months, i knew it wasnt a right fit for me. then mediavest came a knockin' with a job op i couldnt refuse. i start in a lil over week (on the lbs dads bday, hes an october bday too!) and just cant wait. more money, fun agency perks, and just in time for the holidays. holla! december dinners. my belly cant wait!

seeing that i probably have everything i want and need at this point in my life - nyc apt: check, kickass friends: check, loving bf: check+, better salary: check - there are still some things that im too cheap to purchase myself. ah, must be the jew in me (insert naughty joke here). so ive compiled a(n edited) bday wish list... the bf got the unedited version. i know we're all strapped for cash and this isnt a list of stuff im asking for but simply a list of things that would be nice to receive. drum roll, please...
  • starbucks - yes. im addicted to this coffee devil. yes, i think its ridiculous to pay $5 for a cup of joe but damn is it tasty. plus, itll be damn convenient for me bc theres a starbucks in my soon to be office building. ah, i knew going back to the company would have its perks. now i wanna perk for me: caffeine from starbucks!
  • black headphones - yes its a strange request but i need it as much as it is strange. i listen to my ipod everyday and well my white headphones are anything but white. riding on the subway, and just being worn by me, it didnt have a chance staying white. now its a nice dirty shade of yellow/brown. i know nasty. thats why i need black headphones. cant see the dirt as much.
  • mani-pedi - i rarely ever get my nails done. mainly bc most nail salons are run by koreans and those ladies will talk shit about anyone. even if that person is korean and can understand what theyre saying. even so, i cant let their nasty ways keep me from getting my nails did. nah, its paying for it that keeps me away. its such a nice lil luxury for us women but what would make it extra special nice would be not having to pay for it.
  • free meal - mama likes to eat. and what makes food taste that much better, when its free! i dont need no fancy meal, id love a free subway sandwich and a free extra value meal. as my bf would say, "when it comes to food, im eop, equal opportunity." word yo.
  • people mag subscription - i have a subscription to ew and us weekly and i love them both so very much but people, people is my fave. its got the goss that i need, the real people stories that i like to read, plus a crossword puzzle that i can actually finish... in one sitting! its pricey as a motherf#$%!* hence it not mailed to me every week.
  • $$$$$ - yeah, my salary just got a lil bigger but that doesnt mean i wont accept money from others. and i can use them at my fave stores too: american apparel, dsw, h&m, daffys (my new fave!). living in the city has made me realize how cheap and greedy i am. feed my need!
so there it is. my 2007 bday wish list. notice i left out the really expensive stuff this year aka digital camera. i cant bring myself to ask for things like that. i like to live by treat people like you would want to be treated. i kinda feel the same way about gifts. if i cant dish it, i dont wanna take it. man, im like really awesome.

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