Thursday, March 24, 2005

be cool ... alone

be cool. the movie. ive been wanting to see it since i saw the billboard for it driving into the city on the 59th street bridge(upper level of course). i remember enjoying get shorty when i saw it back in the 90s but not the story of the movie. so the first night be cool came out, i thought id be a smart girl and rent get shorty from blockbuster. of course when i got there, get shorty was all out - i guess i wasnt the only smart girl out there. so, with a little nudging from my brother, i went to best buy and bought the damn dvd. i normally dont buy dvds of movies i cant remember but it had a free movie pass to be cool. how could i not purchase it. i hate spending $10 for a movie im not sure i'll like so how could i turn away a free movie pass.

so the dvd was purchased. hooray for me but like true cass style, i didnt open the dvd until last night. whadya know but i discovered the movie pass expires, tomorrow! damn. so in a mad frenzy, i gathered the lil sibs (jo and rich) and put the dvd in. first, jo got all mad because rich stole her seat on the couch and left the room in a huffy. then, i started to hear rich fall asleep. and lastly, just when the movie was getting good, i accidently pressed a button on the remote that started the movie all over again from the beginning. frustrated as f**k, i shut the dvd off and went to bed.

well, being the cheap and poor bitch that i am, the free movie pass has been on my mind all damn night and day. ive decided im going to see be cool tonight. alone. hell, if carrie bradshaw can go to the movies alone, then so can i. sure, she saw a flick in a cool nyc theatre(i think it was the paris theatre by the waldorf astoria) and im probably going to the bway mall(the #2 trashiest mall on li - #1 is smithaven which i have never been and will probably never go to) but we're still two girls who are cool enough to see a movie alone. i'll probably bring some type of self defense weapon with me - you never know at the bway mall. so yes, tonight i will be cool - alone.


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