Thursday, May 21, 2009

cheeba free - the way to be?

cuh-razy right. 31 days cheeba free. and it really wasnt that difficult. 31 days straight. sure the first attempt my man went like 25 days and i of course cheated and smoked a few times but these past 31 days we both went without any herb at all. not a puff, not even a sniff. i remember my days living in my parents house and going crazy when all my sources were dry as a desert. i felt like it was the end of the world. is this tree free-ness going to last forever? i dont know if i want it to last forever. my appetite has come back. boo. so my withdrawal diet has expired and now i really gotta get my ass in the gym. you know, the gym thats just an elevator ride away. i have no excuse. or maybe ill finally put those rollerblades i bought last year to use. the weather is getting nicer and the west side highway bike trail is literally across the street. ugh, exercise keeps calling me. the thing is, do i want to answer? my mind says yes, but my lazy ass says no. and you know how tough my lazy ass can be. well my bulging belly knows how powerful my lazy ass is. nyaaaaa.

the cool thing about not smoking is my bank account. i actually have money. woo hoo. however the money i am spending has been on groceries. i found out theres a farmers market in the south street seaport this year. open this summer on fridays and saturdays. luckily my office is closed tomorrow and monday for memorial day so i get to check it out on opening day. sadly, my mans parents canceled their annual memorial day party bc saturday is supposed to have nastastic weather. boo. i may not getting any sun this weekend but fresh food i will buy! even though im a lil upset about the canceled party im kinda stoked to spend the weekend at doto.

to spend an extra long weekend in the city is gonna be fun. all the annoying nyc-ers will be in fire island or the hamptons (no offense gormans) so the city will be less crowded. plus, with the market in the seaport, i get to buy fresh fruits, veggies and bread like a genuine foodie and cook up something delish. seriously, im loving cooking up meals. its like the funnest work and at the end you get to eat! and i totally got the cleaning while cooking thing down. makes the post meal clean up so much more bearable. well, it also helps that i have a spacious kitchen and a dishwasher. praise the man who created the dishwasher.

my new fave site is it just has recipes that people share and theyre simple ones too. im an amateur cook. im no chef. plus, i subscribe to goop. yes the gwyneth paltrow email newsletters. sure she seems like an egocentric cold bitch but homegirls got connections and shes sharing them with her subscribers. just this morning, her newsletter had 3 cool and simple recipes from her fave italian chef. if miss skinny thang can cook these up, then why cant i? and even though i think the withdrawal diet had a lot to do with my weight loss (i dont weigh myself bc the scale is "the debool!" im guessing it was like a 5-8 lb loss), im sure cooking and eating at home has contributed too. so even though im getting my appetite back, im gonna feed it with home-cooked meals. thats gotta slow down the weight coming back. well that and exercise. damn exercise. stop calling me. ill call you when i want to. (if i were aaron karo - and thank goodness im not - id end this with a "fuck me"). man hes a douche.


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