Thursday, March 31, 2005

hey, jealousy

my real brosef and pseudo brosef are two kickass guys who have an even more kickass band: hey, jealousy. check 'em out and see 'em live:

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


i knew the show was comin. heard about it, read about it, watched the promos but i didnt plan on watching it. honestly. but like most shows i thought i was gonna boycott on mtv - like laguna beach which is now one of my all time faves - i ended up randomly watching it after a mini pre dinner session. i dont know. maybe its bc i heard howard stern and artie lange bawling her out monday morning during my commute to work but as soon as i heard her voice, i already started to get annoyed with ms. diaz.

so stern said (and im paraphrasing here): camerons hot but i was turned off by her as soon as she started talking. shes sounds like an idiot. then artie goes: you know everyone around her like her friends all think shes the funniest person ever but shes just so annoying. hehe. so with those comments in my head, i proceeded to watch.

ive noticed the girl tries to not look like shes trying to be funny and everyone around her just laughs awkwardly to either a. not make her feel like an idiot or b. bc they are really laughing at her. hmm. these are just my assumptions but enough about cam-er-on d and des-ti-ny(that damn destinys child song from the first charlies angels always gets in my head) back to the show.

this episode, cammie brings along eva mendes, redman, mark hoppus and wife skye everly to nepal to ride elephants and watch hippo poop turn into trees - no joke. my thoughts on each person:

eva - definitely didnt annoy me and i think its bc shes either a really down to earth person or is really damn good at pretending to be one. she actually cried at the end of the ep bc she was so moved by these people who live in poverty but still find joy in their lives. tear tear tear.

redman - if anyone can still bring the ghetto attitude to nepal its definitely redman. stickin' his head out the window of the plane while theyre flying over the country and just yelling and (ew, im using an ebonics term) wilin' out. only redman man. only redman.

mark hoppus and skye(the wife) - marks a funny guy. ive been a fan of blink since enema came out - sorry but i dont listen to pre-travis albums - so i always knew the comical genius of mr. hoppus. his wife seemed cool but she disappeared during their time in the water with the elephants. maybe she had the runs, who knows but mark was chillin - and had a few awkward laughs with diaz if you know what i mean.

cameron - you already know my feelings towards this one.

so will i watch again? probably. looking at the clips for this upcoming season, mr. jtim goes trippin' too. ahh, so the duo do do more than beat up the papparazzi and be cheesy ass folk together. dont get me wrong. mr. timberlake is mighty fine but i dont think i would last more than two days with him. maybe three if you gag the boy. hes a very nice piece of eye candy but you know hes a cornball and i just cant deal with cheesy and corny dudes. id rather be alone.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

music videos

i totally believe that these days, music videos can make or break a song. i think its the meat of promoting a single. it can literally push a person to buy an album.

for example: the first time i heard christina aguileras dirrty i thought, worst song ever. then i saw the dirrty video and thought what a skank ho and this is the best song ever!

need another example: slave 4 u. the very very very first time i heard it - which was only a snippet during a commercial for the 2001 vmas - i thought the girl doesnt even try to sing anymore, what a ho. then i saw the video and thought - britney is the hottest skank ho and this is the best song ever!

see. videos are just that powerful. so last week i heard the new snoop song with jtim - signs. must say, i wasnt too impressed therefore was a little disappointed. snoops my fave and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm justin. ahhhhh. so i finally caught the video for this song tonight and saw that this new character(maybe hes been around - im not that with it when it comes to the hip hop community) charlie wilson also contributes to this song. the video was pretty ok. nice visuals (directed by paul hunter who brought us those eyecatching busta rhymes vids) and it showed my fave guys having a chillin time.

snoop always looks like hes just chillin. hes on my "celebs to hang out with" wish list. mr. timberlake looked mighty fine. my sister jo doesnt like him with the shaved head but i always said once he loses that goldilocks fro he'd be a hot mamajama. and i was right! mmmmm. the only thing missin was a big phat l being passed around. you know thats the only way snoop does it and that mr. charlie wilson looks like he definitely blizzles. fo shizzle. hehe. i just attempted snoop-bonics.

Monday, March 28, 2005

acronyms - gotta love 'em


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Sunday, March 27, 2005


i can officially cross "going to the movies alone" off my list of things to do before i die. do i actually have such a list? no but if i did, i already accomplished one item on it. its definitely something i wouldve never thought i would do if you asked me if i would even last year. going to the movies alone! thats just madness but whats even more maddening is not seeing a film you want to see because you have no one to go with. preposterous. i dont know. maybe its 'cause im going through the "who am i really" process of my twenties so im doing things i normally wouldnt do or would normally be afraid of doing. ahh, this is the result of almost half a year in therapy. dont knock therapy man! it should be mandatory.

anyhoo, back to my solo trip. so after having a pre-movie session during my drive to the theatre - from the reviews ive read about be cool, i knew i needed it before seeing it - i proudly walked into the bway mall and redeemed my free movie pass. ahh, whats even more exhilarating about going to the movies alone is going for FREE! i walked into the theatre and knew i could sit wherever i wanted and not worry if the other person doesnt like to sit too up close or too far from the screen. so great! i got to accomodate myself. very refreshing. so i sat where i wanted to sit and waited for the trailers to start playing.

the trailers. i'll admit it. im one of those annoying people who talk during the movie. whos that? is she gonna die? why is he going over there? yeah. thats me. i especially love doing this crap during the trailers. who put the gun to his head and made him do this movie? what moron wrote this story? oy, this is the end of her career. i do it all the time but this time i was alone. no one to talk to. so i kept my mouth shut. i think its secretly 'cause i didnt want to attract any attention to me - being the girl who went to the movies alone and all. so i sat and watched the trailers. i really think that since i was alone, it changed the way i watched the trailers. (see happy ending... post below) still, i was pretty content and excited to see be cool.

im not gonna review the movie bc that is a post entirely by itself which im still debating on doing but i will highlight whats still fresh in my head.

johnny t - still cool.
uma - coolness was fading just slightly-maybe its 'cause of the somewhat cheesy story line.
cedric the e - brought a few chuckles outta me. still a funny entertainer.
christina milian - definitely better than love dont cost a thing (yes i saw it but i will never reveal with who to protect that persons identity).
vince v - annoying at first then got a little better. a little.
the rock - funny and actually better than vince v. sorry mr. vaughn but thats the truth.
andre 3000 - if you wanna act, keep it to your music videos. nice attempt but stick with the music. hey ya!
the dance scene - definitely hyped up and overrated. definitely not even close to pulp fictions. not. even. close. black eyed peas? fine. they were hot last year with their gazillion singles that went from kinda catchy to cool for a half day to annoying and wont leave your head. nice. so being that this movie is be cool, the twosome danced to a non single bep song. nice decision but when i started to think that i would rather watch fergie dance to the song than uma and johnny t i knew this dance scene was a bust. b.u.s.t. had potential but ended up like a blockbuster action flick - got the right people and good plan but after the execution, it was all just a bag a poop.(she called the shit poop. hehe, from billy madison)

so after discussing my solo movie experience with the jiller and adam, we've come to the conclusion that i am now a part of an elite group. an elite group who can go to the movies alone. i know what youre thinking - big deal, she went to the movies alone. but the next time you go see a movie, count how many people are sitting solo - and you cant include journalists who are reviewing the film and people who are waiting for their friends to come back from the concession stand or bathroom. seriously. solo movie goers are elite. i am elite. so cool. it kinda makes me sound smart. i love it!

Friday, March 25, 2005

i wanna barf and laugh at the same time

how not to attract me

btw, i heard about jewtopia and i think i wanna see it. yeah, i know - identity crisis. been dealing with it since i became a surbanite in '86. the damn 'burbs can do that to a lil girl like me.

happy ending - not from a massage parlor you perverts!

yes. i did go to the movies solo but thats an entire blog by itself, which i will probably post either tonight or tomorrow. anyhoo, its funny how memory works. i remember having strong feelings about a few trailers i saw last night but of course as soon as i left the theatre, i couldnt remember one damn movie i watched a trailer for less than two hours ago. damn pre-movie sessions can do that to ya. anyhoo, so as im sitting at my desk at work listening to my accuradio hits, avril's happy ending starts to play and a light bulb goes on in my head.

ashton kutcher and amanda peet. finally. the trailer starts to creep back to me - a lot like love. i would usually be appalled by just the fact its an ashton kutcher movie but the trailer hit a soft spot in me. i dont know. maybe its 'cause i was alone and had no one to rag on the movie to or maybe it was that the songs lyrics actually fit with the story of the movie, or how the trailer portrayed it anway.

so the movie is about two people who meet randomly and talk and whatnot and they both decide they would be terrible together, yaddyyaddyyadda but of course they keep bumping into each other, become friends, then lovers, then exes, and then exes who realize they should be together but time isnt on their side because when one of them realizes they should be together, the other is attached to someone else, and then what the attached person becomes detached, the other one is about to get married. you get the pic. their star crossed lovers whose stars never align at the same time. blah blah blah. makes you wanna vomit eh?

normally, i would be making fun of this movie the entire time the trailer is playing but my mouth stayed shut, mostly because i was alone. then, they started to play avril. "you were everything, everything that i wanted. we were meant to be, supposed to be but we lost it. all of the memories so close to me just fade away..." damn song. i think, actually i know, i almost shed a tear listening to the lyrics and seeing the montage of shots of ashton and amanda together throughout the years. damn emotions. they always pop up when least expected.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

be cool ... alone

be cool. the movie. ive been wanting to see it since i saw the billboard for it driving into the city on the 59th street bridge(upper level of course). i remember enjoying get shorty when i saw it back in the 90s but not the story of the movie. so the first night be cool came out, i thought id be a smart girl and rent get shorty from blockbuster. of course when i got there, get shorty was all out - i guess i wasnt the only smart girl out there. so, with a little nudging from my brother, i went to best buy and bought the damn dvd. i normally dont buy dvds of movies i cant remember but it had a free movie pass to be cool. how could i not purchase it. i hate spending $10 for a movie im not sure i'll like so how could i turn away a free movie pass.

so the dvd was purchased. hooray for me but like true cass style, i didnt open the dvd until last night. whadya know but i discovered the movie pass expires, tomorrow! damn. so in a mad frenzy, i gathered the lil sibs (jo and rich) and put the dvd in. first, jo got all mad because rich stole her seat on the couch and left the room in a huffy. then, i started to hear rich fall asleep. and lastly, just when the movie was getting good, i accidently pressed a button on the remote that started the movie all over again from the beginning. frustrated as f**k, i shut the dvd off and went to bed.

well, being the cheap and poor bitch that i am, the free movie pass has been on my mind all damn night and day. ive decided im going to see be cool tonight. alone. hell, if carrie bradshaw can go to the movies alone, then so can i. sure, she saw a flick in a cool nyc theatre(i think it was the paris theatre by the waldorf astoria) and im probably going to the bway mall(the #2 trashiest mall on li - #1 is smithaven which i have never been and will probably never go to) but we're still two girls who are cool enough to see a movie alone. i'll probably bring some type of self defense weapon with me - you never know at the bway mall. so yes, tonight i will be cool - alone.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


im a howard stern listener. always was and always will be - i'll get sirius as soon as he moves over there. so yesterday was like fate or something. like always, i got into my car and turned the radio on.

im kinda a little ocd-ish when it comes to my car radio. the radio is always turned off before i get out of the car but it must be turned off to z100 which is the number 1 dial on the first set of saved stations. the second set of saved stations must always be on k-rock which is number 4 and the am station must always be on 1010 wins(so i can get my traffic reports on the one's) which is also number 4(its the only am station i listen to and the other saved am's are korean stations which were put in by my father when he seldomly uses my car). anyhoo, its random but its my system.

so usually, i turn on the radio and quickly press my fm button so it can go straight to k-rock. well, whadya know but as soon as i turned on the radio, i heard mr. paul cubby bryant say, "new backstreet boys song on in a minute and a half". could i wait the whole 90 seconds for this? after turning to k-rock to find theyre still playing commercials, i turned back to z100 to hear the bsb. i had to! its true. i kinda turned by back on them after i heard "shape of my heart"(so not the way to go out by the way) but i had to see what the few years off had turned them into.

well, good news is, i wasnt completely disappointed. its a ballad which usually isnt the route they go - their first singles off their albums are usually mid-tempo(quit playing games, i want it that way!) but it was a nice start. the words actually made some sense which makes me come to the conclusion that the boys didnt go to the swedes for this one. heard aj, then nick, then the group, back to aj, nick, etc. no solo by my main man brian littrell - maybe he didnt want to contribute with a balding recovering alcoholic and a violent drunk. ah, b-rok. need a song with a solo from you too. the world has been deprived of your angelic voice. we want it back. at least i do anyway.

so what do i think of their "comeback"? i say dont. its way too early. *nsync ditched the comeback idea but thats also bc mr. jtim has become a force too large for the group to even attempt to reckon with. all nick carter became was a drunk driver who had paris and then beat her out of the relationship - you can tell hes a smart guy. but honestly, i think the boys have made enough money from the boy band phenomenom to live very very comfortably. if theyre doing this because theyre bored, do something alone. without the boys. heres my advice for each bsb:

aj - done with rehab so thats cool. now go to fitness boot camp. youve gained a few. and yes, rogaine doesnt hurt either.

howie - just enjoy your money. whadya do in the group again? ah yes, pretend to be straight.

kevin - youre tall and good-looking. one word - modeling. you barely used your vocal chops in the group anyway.

brian - heard you signed onto a christian label. good for you. solo career. you can do it!

nick - go to rehab... for everything. you look lost. really really lost.

bsb. loved you guys. emphasis on the ed. past tense man. stay in the past. but who knows, i'll probably be singing your praises in a few weeks. thats how i work. im a walking contradiction.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

who is mickey p and why am i his ho?

ah, the a's to these ever pressing q's. mickey p is mickey parke from 2gether. still confused? 2gether is the mock boy band created by mtv when boy bands were at their out of control peak - bsb and *nsync were always battling for the number 1 spot on trl (when trl just became trl from total request live) and were followed by forgettable but still cheesestastic bands like soul decision and dare i say ... 98 degrees. not that i dont have any love for those bands bc ive spent top dollar for floor seats at their concerts - except soul decision or 98 degrees, but i always sing their songs on karaoke nights.

so yeah, mickey p is the man! hes the bad boy of the group. i usually dont go for the bad boys. my fave bsb was brian - the church boy! - which is odd bc im attracted to the j-boys. ahh, mickey parke. the way he sings with his raspy voice and very slight lisp. it just gets me right there man! and no one can top his rapping. you + me definitely = us. i know my calculus. so ive claimed myself as his ho. why, bc even though hes a bad boy, hes still a hotass j-bad boy (the fine actor who portrays mr. mickey p is alex solowitz). blonde and blue eyes. and tall! such a prereq its rigoddamndiculous!

ahhh. i would add his pic and all but my computer at home sucks and cant handle the pic program thingy to this blog but i will find a way to add pics to this page. cant just have writing. thats an absolute monstrosity! if youre still curious as to who im ho-in' to, look him up on imdb. youll see hes in alpha dog with the another boy band beauty - jtim! i love it i love it i love it!

skank ho

so i always end up watching crap i would never watch if i were home alone* and bed ridden when i go visit my friends. for instance, tonight the jiller and i went to go see our good friend george at his new apt in forest hills. i must say, very nice digs my man. anyhoo, after a quick trip to the corner store, we ended up catching the last half hour of bad boys two.

i already knew the schpiel of the movie, will smith and martin lawrence are partners/friends (i saw the first movie) and gabrielle union is martin lawrences sister/will smiths love interest. obv tension between the two guys, a mansion gets blown to shit (i saw the 'exclusive clip' on et when they were promoting it), 2 1/2 hours of action/comedy/etc, with the typical but classic mike laaauury ending. didnt know what the crime/story was but as soon as i saw gabrielle on screen, i knew the reason/cause for the big climatic, action inducing problem was the skank ho. not saying gabrielle union is a skank ho, ( loved her in bring it on! hell, loved her in shes all that. she was the best biznatch in 10 things!) but her character, skank ho.

damn, she looked good but she was a skank ho. ok, maybe she was a uc playing a skank ho but still, skank ho. they are always the cause of the problem. smart or not, its always the same - gotta rescue the skank ho. its madness. even though most of the scenes are completely unrealistic, it still gave me the heebie jeebies. i know. im a loon. i cant even handle a blockbuster action movie - you dont want to see me during a horror movie. jeepers.

*degrassi, mindless shows on mtv, vh1, e!, random shows on food network and comedy central, boy meets world, even stevens, full house, satc, entourage - thought provoking programming