Thursday, October 20, 2005

gotta have cheese

i love my siblings. honestly, even if they werent related to me, id probably chill with them. maybe not like close friend hang out but cool friend/good accquaintance hang out. you know what i mean. with siblings come some pet peeves, especially if you still live with them aka still live at home when youre rapidly approaching your mid 20s. anyway, one of my pet peeves is when only a few days after stocking the fridge and cupboards up with almost $200 worth of food, one of them (usually the brosef) will go, "theres no food in the house." nervy. now me, ive got survival skills. i can probably live off the food in the house for weeks without stopping by a store. survival skills. ive got enough to live on my own, i just wish i had as much money as i do survival skills. then i actually would be living on my own. so here is my we've still got food if these are in the fridge/cupboard list:
  1. cheese - if i was lactose intolerant, id buy a lifetime supply of lactaid. seriously, i can not, can not live a day without eating something with cheese. i always say cheese makes everything better because it does. toast is toast. add cheese, its grilled cheese. eggs are just eggs but add cheese, its an omelette. and dont even think about handing me a burger without cheese. i dont think ive ever had a hamburger. its always been cheeseburgers for me. always has, always will.

  2. eggs - yeah man, you can mix it with cheese too! but seriously, eggs go a long way. omelettes, scrambled, fried, hard boiled, and even mixed in a hot bowl ramen noodles. if youve got eggs, youve got food. another way to eat your eggs, egg salad. survival food.

  3. tuna - cheap, non-perishable, just right. tuna salad. you can eat it plain or make it a sandwich. add some cheese, and its a damn tuna melt. gotta love cheese, and tuna too. my fave is bumble bee light in water.

  4. ramen noodles - also cheap, non-perishable, and pretty easy to make. seriously, if i (who, according to my mother, have no domestic skills whatsoever) can make a steaming hot bowl of ramen noodles, any fool can. if you buy a box, you wont have to leave your place for weeks, even months. add an egg too if youre feeling saucy. you can thank me later for that tip.

  5. pasta - dont have sauce. not a problem. you can have pasta with any condiment laying around your kitchen counter. salt, pepper, a little olive oil, and even some butter. experiment a little. smoke a little cheeb if you need ideas.

  6. rice - ok, as much as i love matzoh and all things jewy, im still korean and i always say every korean house has a piano and rice. the piano is to torture the kids with lessons they dont want to take with a mean old lady who isnt afraid to use a whipping stick. fun times. the rice is essential for every meal of every day. i know when i move out, im taking a bag of rice and a small rice maker with me. rice is like pasta. you can eat it with anything. plain, with a little soy sauce, you can even mix it with some eggs. the only thing that doesnt go well with rice: cheese. boo. although i did see my grandma try that once but it almost made me vomit.

  7. cereal - call me seinfeld if you want but cereal is a phenomenom. youre eating and drinking at the same time. you can have cereal any time of day and it never goes bad. the only downside is the milk. milks got an expiration date. however, certain cereals taste better without milk. like chex and lucky charms. honestly, im surprised i still have all my teeth after having a bowl of lucky charms a few months ago. i felt like i was getting 8 cavities with every bite i took.

  8. butter - a must have condiment for every fridge. i have about 8 sticks in mine. thats because joinaclub is an up and coming pastry chef. but butter comes in handy. makes your pastas and rice a little yummier, and if you ever get your head caught between two rails, you can butter yourself out just like that babysitting horror dj tanner had to deal with.

  9. lemon juice - im not a big mayo person, i never put in on my sandwiches so when im making tuna salad, i use lemon juice. lemon juice also comes in handy when im master cleansing but is also helpful with fruits. tip from joinaclub: put some lemon juice on sliced apples to prevent them from turning brown

  10. hot sauce - kick up your food with a little spice. i put hot sauce on everything: pasta, sandwiches, pizza, even soup. do you know what rocks my world: cheese omelette with hot sauce. hot!

so there you go. survival food in order of importance. if you have any of the above, you still have food but always always always have some kinda cheese in your fridge. it can save your meal or even just be a snack. gotta have cheese.


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