Tuesday, November 17, 2009

inspired by karo

i was actually just gonna put the special mention at the end of my last post but then i read this weeks ruminations by douche dujour aaron karo and i found myself totally agreeing with him so i figured, lets write about it.

karos quite true rumination:
And, finally, as my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary approaches next week, I can’t help but marvel at what an incredible milestone it is. Especially since I’ve barely ever even dated a girl for 35 weeks. I don’t know what the secret to my parents’ success is, but it can’t hurt that they watch television every night in separate rooms. In fact, I think that’s one of their more brilliant moves – two DVRs equals true domestic bliss.

after reading this, i realized my relationship with my man can be perfect! the only major bump my man and i have is our tv viewing. we actually got into a fight about it over the weekend. here are the deets for you schadenfreudians.

saturday was a lazy day followed by g-stars bday party at her apt in forrest hills. getting there wasnt too bad. just 5 stops into queens on the e train. the walk from the train was nice too. i like doing simple things like walking with my man. plus, the party was fun. good food. good friends. good times. we were one of the first to arrive so of course we were the first to leave.

oy, i bet we werent the first ones to get home. yeah, 2 hours later, my man and i finally got our keisters on our couch. e train took forever to come then ran local and we had to transfer to the 1 at penn station but not without helping angry li-ers and reassuring them theyll make their train.

so, after our long travels, we sat and watched some tv. i actually had the remote :) my man was dillydallying on the computer. so i turned on talk soup and a clip of the carrie prejean interview with larry king came on. i wanted my man to watch this craziness especially since i talked about it with him earlier in the week. i said, now you dont have to youtube it, its on right now. but he started having his "i cant handle this" seizures so i changed the channel and chucked the remote at him. he started apologizing and i began my rant on how i cant take it anymore. while i was talking, my man put on tosh.0 (one of our new fave shows) and actually, hit rewind and played the segment over, while i was talking!

he thinks he can just say sorry and start watching tosh.0!?!?! so i abruptly walked away and got ready for bed. as soon as i hit the hay my man did what all women put down as advice for the bride to be at every bridal shower - he didnt let me to go bed angry. if he wanted to talk it out then talk i will. and i did. i vented out all my feelings about our tv viewing. although it did get better theres still a LOT of work there. i let him know that its been harder then i let on. tv viewing is such a huge part of my identity and i feel like ive lost most of it bc i really only watch about 20% (and thats a HIGH number - its probably a lot less) of the shows i would wanna watch. i compared it to him only being able to watch yankee home games (regular season). no cartoons, no other sports, no wrassling, no ridiculously bad action flicks. then i felt a lot better bc i got that off my chest and i know my man heard every word of it.

the fight actually made me feel great about me, my man, and our relationship. i looked back on that entire night and i practically fell in love with my man again. it was actually me bitching, not him, when it took us 2 hours to get home. and yeah, our fight got resolved bc my man took initiative. you know me, i probably wouldve held it in and then let it burst at the most random time which wouldve caused another fight. ugh, i can be such a chun sometimes.

special mention:
after spending an entire day holding gorgeous baby z
me: babe, can you massage my arm?
my man: is it gonna get me laid?


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