Sunday, April 30, 2006

all in my head

so, this going out nonsense. ive gotten a lot better at it. seriously. all my friends have been raving. ive been complaining a lot less and staying out a lot more. such a vast improvement. last night really made me think of my fun change in attitude. whats the cause behind this great new movement? what changed me into fun fun cassie?

maybe its what jamie said to me during our cab ride from waterloo. we only stayed at the club for under an hour because i felt nauseous and threw up in front of the place (just like a true spring breaker). she thinks i can control my nausea because im probably the one who causes it. i even discussed this theory with jill r and she partly agrees. she says anythings possible. look at what stress can do to people. my crazy thoughts can totally cause my body to go all crazy like as well.

so i tried to think positively as much as possible when i went out this weekend. what helped my positivity? my tan. i know im nutso but i really believe a tan makes people look hotter. its like the tux theory: a tux can make any man look delish and i believe the tan has the same effect. so my confidence, (yes i actually have some), was soaring because i felt hot and i felt hot because im tan. who knew some color can bring such joy.

when you look good, you feel good. its kinda like i was on a high, but you know that was probably because of something else ;) my going out-ness has gotten a lot better though, and not just because of my tan. its been an ongoing process ive been working on. the tan has just been the cherry on top. whats also helped - my drinking. im no alcoholic by any means but i do let some hit my lips (it taste so good, when it hits my lips... maybe home depot.) and after the most expensive meal at nobu, any drink i buy at a bar seems cheap to me so i buy and drink and have a jolly old time. yay.

maybe what also made me so cheery was the random action i got midweek. hehe. the out of the blue booty reminded me that im still attractive as hell and if i really want it, i can get it. ha. well, my thoughts waver from that and that maybe im just a ho (but being a ho can be fun). oh my minds been filled with crazy mumbo jumbo but at least the mumbo jumbo has been positive. jill r would be so proud.

special mention:
its been a crazy crazy week
friendster, friendster, gotta love that friendster
oprah - nice picnic!
joel. the spring break grandpa better call back.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

hot hot harold

with the lack of a new lost ep (adam, when a new finally does air, we must get together!), i didnt fret too long because bravo (bless that channel) was playing new eps of top chef. ok, so i havent really mentioned this show before but i have been watching it. its hard not to when the join is obsessed with the program. a fellow fci alum (lee anne) is kicking some major ass on the show. im rooting for her and my new crush, hot hot harold.

ok, last night i was just calling him hot harold but now the more i think about him, the more he deserves the extra hot in the front. yummy. his bravo bio says hes cocky mf-er but hes not. hes per-fect. hes the tops to me. the man can cook (hes made it to the last 4), hes hot, he admits his mistakes, hes hot, hes got a sense of humor, hes hot, he looks tre tall, hes hot. he even looks good with a little scruff on his face. ah. and he wears glasses too. very sexy. hot hot harold. top chef is a good show but hot hot harold is like the ace of top chef. lets just hope he doesnt get the boot like ace did. boo.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

bahama mama and grandma (and grandpa joel too!)

vacation and vacation. it was everything i expected but totally not what i thought it would be (in a good way) all at the same time. i didnt do much at all but learned a lot about myself throughout the vacay. i realized, that i dont hate all people. heck, jamie and i made friends with people i least wouldve thought i would even talk to: the old people and little kids. jamie predicted it would be a big jill r sess with pina coladas instead of kleenex. i didnt bitch too much throughout the trip (minus the bd over the lighter sitch at the end but that i will get to later) and realized that having a "i dont give a f*$%" attitude is actually kinda refreshing. since its sunday night and ive got a long ass day of work ahead of me, im just gonna do my best to cram in all the fun pics and quotes weve accumulated during our "spring break '06" trip in paradise island.


woke up bright and early to head down to the bahamas. flight time: 7am.

after two flights (yeah man, we had to transfer in ohio), we finally made it to our resort. we quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed to the beach.

after catching some late afternoon rays, jamie and i decided to spend our first night exploring the ginormous, luxurious, ridonculousness that is called the atlantis.

we went back to the paradise island harbor resort early so we could catch the early bird breakfast and dibs on the best chairs by the pool the next morning. oh yeah, we also had to watch our sunday night shows. just 'cause we're on vacation doesnt mean our television viewing schedule gets compromised. no siree bob.
special mention quote #1:
jamie: see how therapy helps tony.
after seeing tony tell dr melfi that just because vitos gay doesnt mean hes a bad person.

once sopranos ended, we turned to abc to watch the latest greys only to find out that they were showing a sneak peek of their new show "what about brian." i started to give jamie a mini synopsis of this show when she snapped back telling me she already knew what this was about.
special mention quote #2:
jamie: i think i caught up with pop culture just by reading all those magazines today.
while jamie was getting an overload of pop culture, i was going through withdrawal. 1st full day without my internet. without my goss sites. it was pretty brutal.

woke up earlier than i do for work to grab some breakfast and the best poolside chairs we could find. after soaking in some carribean rays for a few hours, the special mention quotes (or puns is more like it) just started flowing like irish coladas. yummy:)

special mention quote #3:
jamie: we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

special mention quote #4:
cassie: its water under the bridge

after a full day of tanning like its our job (8am - 5pm) we decided to eat up, drink up at the hotel and then leave paradise island for nassau and get our dance on at waterloo.

even though i look kinda sausage-y in this pic, me and jamie were hot bitches that night. we were the first on the empty dance floor but empty the floor did not stay for long. and guess what? we didnt stay that long either. we quickly realized the last time we were here, we were still in high school and most of the people who were there still are in high school. jeepers.

went back to our hotel room did what we like best. watch tv. the food network. good eats.
special mention quote #5:
cheetos expert!

jamie and i decided to get away from our usual poolside spot and explored the harbor view of our hotel.

we knew we had to take it easy (because our other days have been so strenuous) because tonight was gonna be a fun night. dinner at the hotels harbor view restaurant (i had the coconut shrimp, jamie had the spare ribs: for the fatties who wanna know), idol idol idol, and then karaoke in the hotel lobby.

i was very happy with aces perf. actually, everyone that night just dazzled. seriously, best ep of idol yet. the only dud was kellie "i butchered it" pickler. i never wouldve thought not being able to vote could be so torturous. but it was. to not be able to help out with aces fate. tor-ture!

i have a lot more pics of jamie running the karaoke in the hotel lobby but they re all just as blurry as this one. let me just give you the recap of the night. jamie and i met "future selves" and also the our most favorite jewish poppy from staten island, joel. we're his bubulahs! jamies future self was a lady who ran just as fast as jamie for the song books and actually sang the first song. my future self was a bad ass mom from long beach fully equipped with a special mention quote:

special mention quote #6:
i hate elvis. i hate the beatles. i hate grease.

obviously, since this is karaoke, jamie didnt just sing one song. homegirl had to do her signature solo (madonnas like a virgin) followed by countless others which produced the next special mention quote of the night:
special mention quote #7:
blonde teens that somewhat resemble kellie pickler: are you a singer?

seriously asked to jamie after she sang a song

no matter where in the world we go, new yorkers stick out like sore thumbs and are proud of it. joel, with his camera rolling, gathered all the new yorkers to do a sinatra new york new york song and kickline. then jamie blurted out a quote that showed our true age:
special mention quote #8:
jamie: i think i pulled something in my neck.

last full day of vacay. had to get as much color as possible. jamie and i took our last photos by the beach.

after lunch, i took a good look at myself and realized this pocahontas tone that my skin had was enough for me so i headed back to the room to start packing and left jamie to nap by the pool. oh yeah, she was also almost killed by a huge piece of a palm tree falling 2 inches away from her head. that was pretty awesome. i knew the last thing i would have to pack for jamie would be the one thing she wore every night in our frigid hotel room.
the damn hunter sweatshirt!

as this was our last night on paradise island, we decided to go back to the atlantis and take in their pretty sights as well.

special mention quote #8:
atlantis employee (photog of pic above): are you sisters?

cassie: yes, we look so much alike.

we decided that since we didnt spend a penny on our meals or drinks (gotta love all inclusive plans) we could splurge on our last dinner in paradise. our choice, the early bird dinner (5:30 man) at the famed nobu.

we ended our expensive meal with this delish dessert, the bento box. green tea ice cream accompanied by a chocolate souflee with a hot fudge center. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

we headed back to our hotel as soon as we finished our meal so we could watch the results of idol. we also have a newfound love for rod stewart. hes just kickass. anyway, after we found out who was in the bottom three, our hearts sank :(

alas, we had to bid adieu to our dear sweet ace. and our dear sweet hairy pace too. i literally cried. ask jamie, tears streamed down my face.

to get our spirits back up, we decided to take a few more silly pics by the hotel.

after the picture taking, jamie and i went back to the lobby because the dj was supposed to play hits from the '70s, '80s and '90s. to our dismay, he just played bad reggae from the '00s but jamie and i did get to give a little couples therapy to a jersey girl who seriously needs to leave her abusive trashy boyfriend.
special mention quote #9:
jersey girl: you guys have had boyfriends before, right?

last day. jamie woke up complaining she wasnt in any (sunburn) pain.

special mention quote #10:
cassie: pain does not equal color!

all in all, i think this was a great vacation. i got to relax and get some sun, i still kept up with my shows (aka idol) and had some nightlife too (one night at waterloo was enough for me). the only thing i could possibly think was missing was a little booty. but hey man, id rather come home with no play than have one crazy night and statutory rape on my record. besides, i still came home with the one thing wanted the most: darker freckles!

extra special mentions:
jane fonda: fave ex-husband is ted turner.
house arrest
55 monroe
its cold (about the room)
what are we gonna do?/about ace?
the lighter bd - they took away my lighters!

special mention reminders:
download the following songs -
boom boom boom boom, i want you in my room.
sos by rihanna

call grandpa joel for the karaoke tape!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

party people

me and aim at the macaroons party last year.

paula on jay leno.

a little intoxicated but very crazy. must be the party crown.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ninja ninja rap!

a fun little quiz. the results are kinda eerily on point with me. so weird. and and and when i was 9 years old, my gymnastics team did a floor routine/dance to a ninja turtles song and what color was my ninja mask? purple. wow. like totally awesome dude!

Take the quiz:
Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are You?

You've been described as 'the brains' of your family or group of friends. You're the natural born, 'Mr. Fixit'. You're also considered the most reserved, preoccupied with your own little thoughts and ideas. But that doesn't mean you don't hang with your family and friends! But, you still find it easy to get lost in your own thoughts...daydreaming often. You'd rather talk things out than fight. You long for a day when there's nothing but peace in the world, and when you can finally rest with your own thoughts. Violence is something the world could completely live without. One of your labels may be, 'true to blue friend'. You're strong at heart and powerful at mind.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Monday, April 10, 2006

whoa its phil

dont have much substance to put out so heres a special mention or two...

vacation and vacation
jamie: i think our vacation is gonna be like one long jill r session with pina coladas.

jillers possible obsession
- "dinner" plans with the girls: a meal with old friends or a secured seat at an upcoming wedding? hmmmmm.

another one bites the dust
- idol idol, whered you get that idol? its queen week! im so excited. heres a vid of my fave renditions of bohemian rhapsody. (jam, tape and save idol for me. i may have to miss it. jeepers and jeepers)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

always up or down, never down and out...

dream of demons while you sleep. that make you stutter when you speak. ive been so emo this weekend youd mistake me for a 14 year old girl with really bad greasy hair that posts blurry pics of herself on myspace.

i wont bore you with the details of my mini downward spiral (thats what jill r is for) but i will let you know that my great friends and siblings have helped me climb up and out of it.

special mention:

jamie - video and video. deal or no deal/rolling stone. lots to do before our vacation and vacation. friday and friday.

greys! nerve of abc to play a repeat. i need new sgh drama. stat!

melfur - wednesday night. post holiday sess. so so on!

chubby hubby. eddie man is actually a good guy and came through with my ben jerrys : )

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

back and back

ace is back and back. not father figure back but back. i voted for him 5 times. 5705 5 times. i just hope next weeks theme is either george michael songs, boy band pop, songs that begin with f, songs with the word "father" or "figure" in the title, you know one of those. the other perfs were just ok and not worth writing about. besides, ive got better things to do like filling out an application to become the next william miller (thanks ad!!!)

special mention:
jamie: a lot of people get divorced. just make sure your father doesnt marry a psycho alien cunt.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

idol prediction: upsetting and upsetting

i never try and predict whos leaving the idol brigade because with this competition, you just dont know. i do know that this weeks theme - country - is gonna affect the votes in a huge huge way. i honestly think this seasons finalists are the cream of the crop for idol as a whole. every other season, it was kinda easy to predict who was leaving and not too hard to say goodbye to them when they do. the only two people i wanna see leave are the ones who are gonna benefit from this weeks theme, damn you bucky and kellie! so for whoever leaves us on wednesday night, i want to bid you an early adieu and let you know that you didnt deserve to go. bucky is sucky and the jessica simpson syndrome can only work for so long for kellie "calamari" pickler.

ace young - youve got a good chance of leaving us. even though you beat everyone out the water in the dreamy department but when it comes to vocal chops, your at the bottom of the bucket. suck it. your father figure still gives me chills and made me realize that im still capable of having popstar crushes. my advice, choose your song wisely and dont show us any more scars. thatll only give paula another reason to unexpectedly call you or show up at your door with her happy pills in one hand and a martini in the other. a dirty martini im sure.

katharine mcphee - after your bitchy presence in the bottom three last week, i was cured from my mcpheever but i still think youre the best female performer. my advice is to drop the 'tude and bring out the cheese. lots of it. if you cant be hick-y might as well be cheese-y. if a canuck can not only top the country charts but make country pop-y (hello shania!), im sure you can survive one week of red state music... or can you? shania broke through with cheese so go the twain way. she knows how to rule.

bucky covington - he may have the same last name britneys cousin/best friend laura lynn but that still doesnt change the cold hard fact that bucky is sucky. my advice to him: leave and leave.

kellie pickler - i have no tolerance or patience for stupid people, especially stupid people who try and pass off the stupidity as being cute and adorable. with that said, you could imagine how much i love kellie pickler. my advice for kellie: (in the words of gayliestar, of course) go kill yourself.

chris daughtry - i will be in shock if homeboy is in the bottom three this week. i think hes gonna win the big shebang but its idol and the theme is country so anything can happen. this is a definite catch 22 for mr d because if he stays true to his rock roots, simon or others may say/think that he cant adapt well to other genres of music and this popstars should be able to sing all types, blah blah blah. if he tries to do country hes risking sucking big time and losing his dignity. ace and chris have got something in common - total utter hotness - but chris has also got vocal chops. (oh! just bawled out ace.)

mandisa - mandisa leaving this week would be like the early departure of jennifer hudson during her time on idol. we all know shes got the most powerful voice out of everyone but country may be a little difficult. maybe she can sing a song for the underground railroad days. is that considered country? am i biggest racist whore youve ever met?

elliott yamin - i really thought his departure would be sooner rather than later but elliotts got a growing fan base. even with simon. the jew bird can sing... even if hes practically half deaf. actually, this week might be good for elliott. if he smiles the trailer trash will think hes one of them and vote away. (again, i must be in a bitchy ass mood. that was mean and mean.)

paris bennett - paris had a great performance last week. even though simon called her a wannabe beyonce i think she did a pretty stellar job workin it out last week. (im such a pun-ner tonight.) after lisas departure this week, i think paris might jump ship this week. kevin left, then lisa, paris is now all alone when shes in "idol" school. the lonliness may drive her berzerk and make her miss classmates that much more.

taylor hicks - lets hope he acts like his last name people! i never wouldve thought taylor would be one of the front runners of this group but he totally totally is. as long as he has a blast on that stage this week like he does every single week, our silver haired crazy dancer has a pretty solid spot. that is of course unless the spontaneous people at fox call his name up as one of the final three for a surprise element. we all know how much katharine loved that nasty trick last week.

all we can do is sit, wait, watch, vote, and wonder how it all goes down this week. in the meantime, heres a meaty special mention entry to keep you entertained.

special mention:

best friend who was a friend of a friend but is now a fave of everyones: john! seriously cant think of a time or even slight moment that i hated you which is a good thing because i hate everyone. youre the best because we have a blast just making fun of people together. haha.

cameo, cameo, whered you get that cameo: tonights ep of greys had special guest star laurie metcalf (aka aunt jackie from roseanne). that was an easy one to spot. want a harder one: the sopranos, the mother of the guy who was selling his fathers business. picture her with blonde hair, bad jersey clothes, and three kids (one princess, one nerd, and one "lesbo"). give up? marj weiner from welcome to the dollhouse.

hey, jealousy. not the gin blossoms song but my brosefs (real: ichford and son, psuedo: michael jm) wrote and recorded a kickass song this weekend. check it out here. the song is called sleeping in. recorded this weekend in ichfords room. gotta love technology!

time wont give me time (a special mention rant): daylight savings. i usually have issues with it. i love time. time rocks. especially when you have lots of it to do totally nothing. i love my birthday because it usually falls around the time you have to change your clocks back an hour hence gaining an extra hour to do whatever you please (i usually choose sleep). so last night, we had to move our clocks ahead one hour. that totally put me in a bad mood until i realized, this jump in an hour means my vacation is an hour closer. vacation and vacation!