Monday, October 24, 2005

brosef birthday

we celebrated yesterday but the brosefs birthday is tomorrow. in a half hour actually. hes turning the big 1-6. going to the dmv tomorrow to get his permit. to drive! it took me a while to stop calling him my baby brother. hell it took me forever to not call him nich anymore. no matter what i call him hes still the most kickass kid ever. honestly. even if we didnt come from the same womb or have the same blood running through our veins, id still think hes amazing. because he is.

when the 'rents told us another baby was on the way, i was thrilled. when the due date was announced, i flipped and not in a good way. due date was my birthday. no way i was gonna let this little fetus steal my thunder. i dont even like to borrow/lend clothes so the thought of sharing my bday made me nauseous. ah, but the precocious one arrived 4 days before my 9th bday. seriously, id give my life for this kid.

so smart. so talented. so witty. so skinny. such as asshole. such a "gon"! such a prick. such a bitch. so my brother. so much love. happy sweet 16 brosef!


Anonymous diane said...

glad you enjoyed your special day with "brosef"! all I got for spending time with him on his bday was a bunch of germs from the future bus drivers at DMV and a nasty stare down with a woman's name I dare not mention!

10:59 PM  

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