Wednesday, October 05, 2005

last big bash

so my bday is rapidly approaching. its a biggie. the big 2-5. its the last of the milestone ages that you can consider "young". well, maybe 30 is the last milestone age because "30s are the new 20s" but still. 25 is a pretty big deal. actually, 25 is the first of the milestone ages that you dont have something to look forward to.

13 - officially a teen and for the jews, bar/bat/bas mitzvahs. shalom and mazel tov! (you look great. you did great.)
15/16 - for the latinas, feliz quinciniera! and for the rest of the girlies, sweet 16! (or if youre a super rich bitch reality whore, a super sweet 16)
18 - voting privileges, lotto time and you can buy cigarettes
21 - legal drinking age! no more fake ids.

25 is almost like a last hurrah. last time to have that big blowout party and make a big deal about it. when youre 30, you just bitch about how old you are which leads to your friends rallying together to either throw you a large bday dinner or an intimate party of the people who matter most to you. they go through all that trouble because they feel just as bad for you as you do about yourself. because they know 30 is old. f*@# the "30s is the new 20s" because 30 is still f-in 30!

i really think this year is the last year i can throw myself a big bday jam. the last time making a big deal about my special day without sounding childish. childish and immature at the ripe old age of 26. eww, the beginning of the late 20s. so so so rapidly approaching old. and i still havent been to europe! so much living to do.

what really makes me upset about this being my last big bash is the surprises. the random people who show up at my big jam. i know my close friends will be there because if theyre not, then how close are we really? but there are always those random people i keep in touch with, but i never really see. never comes to our heads to just be like, hey lets hang out tonight. but the bday. the bday is the perfect excuse to say, hey lets get together. and its painless. its like a no strings attached relationship. if they show up, its a nice surprise. if they dont, didnt expect them to show up anyway. im gonna miss the randoms.


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