Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 reasons why kate sucks - go team jon!

i know i know. its jon and kate mania these days. and i know, the only way to get rid of the media blitz is to not pay any attention. dont buy that whorebags books and dont watch the show. but i love the show. i was a fan before all the scandals. and i watched it bc the kids are adorable. watching them grow up is so fun and fascinating. jon and kate themselves were just extras. quarreling extras but extras. they kinda reminded me of dee and bri. maybe its bc bri and jon are both mixed with 1 asian parent each (except bri still has all his hair... for now anyway, baby #1 is on the way in early oct!). and dee is an ocd neat freak and can be moody (<----- thats the nicest word i can think of) at times just like kate.
  1. is it an age thing? - from the getgo, kate abused jon. maybe its bc shes 2 years older than jon but she always belittled him. im older than my bf too (by 3 1/2 months) but i see my man as at least my equal but usually as more bc hes brilliant and i respect his opinions and advice. (<----- ok no more mushy stuff... for now) kate would yell at jon for interrupting her during their interviews but she was the one who would always do that to him to correct whatever he was saying or just say demeaning things ("do you even know how to speak"). her "love slaps" to his arm or whatever was the closest body part sounded hard and were usually unnecessary.

  2. eye rolls from bitchface - her eye rolls are the worst. ok fine, when anybody rolls their eyes its condescending, but she does the most dramatic eye rolls that completely say "you are such a moron" and those were on a regular basis, and usually just reserved for jon but last nights ep (the season 5 premiere) she rolled her eyes at joel! 5 year old joel!!! she was filling pinatas with candy and joel asked if a froggy was candy. she says "i dont know why dont you try it" and then rolled her eyes at him. ugh, i wanted to give her a "love slap" right then and there. a person with no patience should not have children, let alone 8!!! on a side note, a change in kate: letting her kids eat candy. she used to be strict-o-matic about sweets (and food in general - they would pack the kids lunches whenever they went on trips bc they only eat organic foods) but im guessing her more laid back attitude is probably from the guilt of not being at home as much as she used to ("one of my kids called me by their nannys name").

  3. selfish selfish selfish - its difficult to listen to kate talk. shes one of the most selfish humans ever - and i know (and may be related to) one. she does mention that shes been hard on jon but then only claims that hes the one whos changed. i have to admit she was a decent mother in the beginning. taking care of 2 young'ns plus 6 babies is no easy feat. her ocd-ness actually came in handy bc it wouldve been complete chaos without it. fame has changed her but of course it would, shes pwt (po white trash). kate grew up in a trailer park and first plane ride was for her honeymoon to disney world. jon grew up at least middle class with luxuries like regular ski trips. usually when pwt get rich, they get greedy. kate is the perf example.

  4. kate the greed-monster - jon and kate had twins. jon was content. he had 2 beautiful daughters. they used ivf to get cara and mady and you know that aint cheap. but kate, being the pwt she is just needed another baby. so jon gave in and well, you know the rest. they had 6 more. supposedly kate was obsessed with a group of septuplets born in the late '90s. obsessed with the coverage they got and their freebies (like diapers, food, etc...). did she know there was a high chance of having more than just twins? probably. crazy bitches always have plans bc their minds are always running. i know this bc i may be related to a crazy bitch or two.

  5. kate loves estrangement - another example of kates greediness: remember aunt jodi? the red headed aunt of seasons 1 and 2. kates bro kevins wife. aunt jodi would watch gosselin kiddies along with like 5 of her own (ok maybe she only had like 2 or 3 but honestly, who can keep count with these ginormous pennsylvania fams). anyway, they like disappeared without explanation. heard the rumor last year and then kevin and jodi themselves confirmed it on radaronline.com. they were offered money from tlc for season 3 but contracts were halted bc of kate. kate only wanted gosselins to get paid. no one else. greedy bitch wouldnt even share the wealth with her own brother!!! obv shes estranged from her brother but rumblings say shes also estranged from her father whos a minister. when her father heard that kate was having sextuplets, he got lots of dontations for the 6 babies including cribs. when kate refused to take the cribs bc they didnt match each other, that was the last straw. even the minister was like, "you a crazy bitch."

  6. clothing clueless to clotheshorse - there was an ep in one of the earlier seasons when kate admitted to a. not knowing how to dress or shop and b. not enjoying shopping and fashion. she had to have jon take her clothes shopping bc she was clueless. now the lady gets dressed up and i hear is addicted to fake tans (just like her public persona) and working out (although im sure her personal trainer has something to do with her workouts). during the shopping ep, kate said she hates wearing colors yet now you see her in bright pink sweaters. ugh. shes such a pwt cheesehead. dont get me started on the hair. that cut screams pwt just as much as a mouth full of cracked yellow teeth or a beer stained wifebeater.

  7. complaints or avoidance - obv, last nights ep you could feel the tension between jon and kate. looks as though jon finally put his foot down (shouldve been up and in her ass) and said enoughs enough. he took the weekend off while kate prepared for the sextuplets bday party alone. boo hoo for kate. NOT. so jon showed up to the bday party later than the rest bc according to him, he had to pick up the cakes and kates cell phone. so he did. the scenes with the both of them at the party were painful. you can tell they were trying to avoid each other. kate did mention the cakes but of course it was a complaint ("why are there 2 cakes? we only need one.") since jon put his foot down, she probably knows better than to complain to him to his face so she says nothing to him. its like if she cant complain to him or berate him, she doesnt know how to talk to him. honestly jon, what the hell was appealing about kate? man, i need to send him jill r's number stat.

  8. where is the love - im the type of person who cries whenever someone else cries on tv. extreme home makeover: forget it, im a mess. biggest loser: i always shed a tear or twenty. but when kate shed a tear (after saying shes doesnt wanna ruin her makeup) bc she knew that the fam pic they took at the party was probably the last one theyll ever take all together, my eyes were dry as a desert. sure it was sad and i wouldve felt bad for her too if she took any responsibility for the break down of her marriage but she didnt. just kept saying jon has changed. i think jon is the only normal one. he had honest intentions to do the show to get great documentaries of his kids lives and some free trips here and there knowing that the fam probably wouldnt be able to have these experiences without the show. but once the fame got to be too much, he wanted to pull the plug. lay low. let things simmer down before it got too crazy. but no, kate loves the attention, fame and money. she had to keep going. and now look, all their dirty laundry is hung out for all of us to read at the expense of her own marriage. and homegirl dont care. she just blames jon who tried to avoid this.

  9. kates ch-ch-changes - she went from people shy mother of eight to book touring author. she even admitted to not liking the fans at first but now she embraces them (probably bc her dumb pwt ass realized its the fans that are paying her bills). her physical appearance is an obv change so im not even gonna go into that (plus you can pick up last weeks us weekly to see the details). from anal retentive to not really caring? maybe it was just for the kids bdays. but i was shocked to see them munching on candy after their trip to party city. kate used to not let me eat any sweets unless it was organic. still, like i mentioned before, im guessing its from guilt of not being there for the kids bc of her book tour. plus the affection she poured over the kids during their party seemed so forced. like it was just for show. you know, kinda fake like her tans.

  10. divorce? duh! - so kate said that the divorce rate for parents of multiples is 3 times larger than regular fams. well i completely believe it. yes, have multiples can be stressful but look at the women who give birth to multiples: cuh-razy! need an example. how about the most digusting human on earth: octo-mom. she be batshit cuh-razy! i think it takes a certain type of person to think its ok to bring in and raise multiple kids at the same time. i think jon and kate had a good chance of having a good family but the fame really got to kates head. the fame and money just made her greedier. kate deals with it by telling herself shes doing this for the kids but isnt sanity worth a lot more than money itself?
so obv im team jon all the way but after speaking with jamie and reading jennies comments on fb, im trying to see team kates pov. i still think kate is a psycho hose beast. im still on team jon bc ive seen him get abused by kate season after season. is he lazy? a lil but honestly, what man isnt. plus, i think hes been picking up the slack while kate has been gone. one of my fave eps is when jon has the sextuplets bc kate is away. he takes the kids out into the woods in their yard. it was sweet and fun and just laid back. kate gave jon a hard time bc he didnt do things exactly the way she would do them but that doesnt mean the way jon handles things is wrong. maybe i feel for jon bc thats how im perceived by my own fam at times. i dont do things right away but i do get the things done, just at my own pace. i think their relationship was headed for the shitter bc it was always about the kids. they never took time to focus on their relationship: on jon and kate. i hope when i get married and have kids, i still have hubby and wifey time. you need to keep that spark alive bc without that spark, you cant keep the whole family warm.


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