Wednesday, May 04, 2005

carrie = kelly ... maybe

i actually watched idol last night. finally caught a whole ep of performances. i was almost impressed during the first half of the show only to be disappointed while i watched the remaining five sing songs from the billboard charts.* damn. but during carrie underwoods performance of trouble, i had this amazing revelation:


why you ask? here are my reasons:
1. all american
2. got the vocal chops
3. from the south (you know southerners are just a different breed. period.)
4. need to lose about 10-15 lbs (probably bc theyre from the south)
5. cute (not ugly but also not hot)
6. have slight underdog tone to them

alright. number 6 im not so sure about bc the only ep of the first season i watched was the last one and that was purely by accident. from what i saw and heard about the first season though was that justin guarini was the favorite but kelly took home the crown. and rightfully so man. has anyone heard anything from idols sideshow bob?
i didnt think so.

will carrie win idol? who knows. its anyones game. america is known for its wacky voting. how else can you explain bush in office... again. but enough about politics lets get back to idol.

kelly clarkson is kicking some major ass right now: especially with her new single behind these hazel eyes which is my fave song at the moment. seriously, kelly has truly made it. look at the other idol alumni and they dont even come close - not even the same galaxy - to where miss clarkson is. well maybe clay but who sings like clay?! exactly.

*the first up to sing a billboard chart song was anthony federov (or as others like to call him: a-fed). the boy sang incomplete by the bsb. (you can read my post about that song here) all i have to say about his performance is that i never appreciated the backstreet boys so much until i heard a-feds heavily ukranian accented version of their new single. he sounded like a damn tourist doing karaoke before he catches his flight back to his homeland. damn. it was so bad it doesnt deserve a whole post. anyhoo, more idol tomorrow.


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