Friday, October 14, 2005

yo quiero

its october. and october to me is a big bday month. yes yes yes, my bday is at the end of the month, but my brosef (best kid!) and a number of my close friends were also birthed in this lovely autumn month. our parents mustve occupied their winters the same way: by conceiving kickass human beings. so as im running around buying gifts for the october babies, i realized my good doings may be reciprocated in the form of fun presents on my special day. so i had to ask myself, what do i want? i usually dont make wish lists 'til christmas (its a fam tradition) but im turning the big 2-5. last time to act all childish about my bday and lets face it, bday wish lists are childish, but fun too. so here is my ultimate ultimate ultimate wish list:

  1. nyc apt - we all know im dying to leave this island and live on the much cooler, hipper, and just plain better island of manhattan. but honestly, any place thats even remotely near the fun city ill take. just get me out of my parents house and into a place i can call my own. well mine and probably a roommate who will be just as poor as me. man, twentysomething life is just so appealing, isnt it?

  2. a boyfriend - the 3rd out of 3. i dont need a boyfriend. please, im not one of those clingy, dependent girls who always needs to be in a relationship. if i ever become that person, you have my permission to slap me across the face (avoid the nose though, please!) and bitch me out. i dont need a boyfriend but id like to have one. boyfriends arent a necessity but a luxury and since this is my ultimate ultimate ultimate wish list, this is the perfect place to request one. i just need a TALL (number one priority) man, with nice teeth, sense of humor and must be easy on the eyes. if i cant even look at you, how am i gonna...

  3. a vacation - lord knows i need one. everyone who knows me knows i need one. after the last attempt at a fun ass vacay - the trip was planned to a t thanks to the ever wonderful aim - i deserve an mtv cribs vacation edition vacation. ok, cribs never had a vacation edition but if they did, thats the kind i deserve. all i want is a beach (with sun!), and a functioning private toilet. i have a problem going number two just anywhere. yeah, so sun and toilet. not together but thats all i need for a vacay. and a side of greenery too. i love me my greens.

  4. a wallet - ok, i can purchase one myself but the ones i can afford arent the ones i want. seriously, a new wallet is more in the category of what i need, hence its high ranking on this list. my wallet is literally busting at the seams, and it aint from the large wads of (imaginary) cash either. but i think its time for me to get a grown up wallet. i prefer and sleek, black, long wallet. ooh, that sounded kinda dirty for a half second. naughty.

  5. starbucks gift card - i love me my java but out of 100 times i drink coffee, starbucks is maybe 7 or 8 of those cups. about 90 are dunkin donuts and 2 or 3 are made at home. so youre probably wondering why the starbucks giftcard rather then dunkin dollars. i only have starbucks so seldomly because even though i thoroughly enjoy their yummy coffees, my budget does not. i would love love love to get some starbucks on someone elses cash. what makes starbucks taste even better is not spending your own money on it. now thats delicious.

  6. cosmo/entertainment weekly - was a loyal subscriber. thats right, was. its depressing. two of my favorite mags and when their subscriptions were up, so was my money. up in the air and not down in my busted wallet. i still get my magazine fix with us weekly and people but i really do miss my fun, sexy advice articles and the intellectual entertainment reviews and stats. a subscription to either one or both would be superb.

  7. best buy gift card - another gift card but seriously, best buy is one store that i could spend a whole day in. and only a select few stores can hold that kind of title: target and costco. honestly, leave me in the dvd aisles and meet me at the register at the end of the day. ill be there with a stack im dying to bring home.

  8. digital camera - maybe i can purchase one of these babies myself with a best buy gift card. honestly, im not a big picture person but i think i should start. i always get mad at myself for never having any pictures of anyone or anything. its like i almost have no solid proof of the fun memories ive had over the last (almost) 25 years. well, if i had a cute and easy to use digital camera, i wouldnt have any more excuses as to why i dont have any pictures. this is turning into a life resolution type thought.

  9. daily planner - the last time i had a planner, it was a filofax i got from my dad as a bday or xmas gift senior year of high school. not that my social life is so outta control and i cant keep up but a planner can help me keep organized and like a digital camera, give me some solid proof of my daily life.

  10. surprises - the best gifts i get are the ones i dont expect. friends are the best because they know you the best. they know what you want even when you dont know those things exist. i love opening a gift and be completely surprised and completely happy and excited about it all at the same time.

thats what birthdays are all about. being completely happy and surprised with every little fun turn that happens that day. the little extra attention you receive from others that brings that perma grin to your face. even if i dont get anything on my crazy list, i just know ill have a good time, regardless. and thats what life really is: a string of good times. some bad times get mixed in too but as long as i can remember the good times and keep 'em coming too, ill look forward to old age. just gotta moisturize everyday ;)


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