Wednesday, February 28, 2007

wheres my inspirado

its been forever and infinity days since ive written. its not like the blog has been placed on the backburner... just my inspirado. honestly, bloggers block is an understatement. ive been wanting to write but the ideas.... nil. i even read the latest from le douche karo to see if that would spark anything... nil. even read some of my old stuff.... nil. nyaaaa! so since this post is not gonna have a "point" might as well write about what i do know, me and mi vida loca.

a brief recap of whats goin on:
  • cruise - so i went on a cruise with lori. yes. i finally made it on to the boat although the bad weather still followed me. we did get a few days of sun but we still got more clouds and rain than we wouldve liked. eh. something else we wouldve liked, more single guys or any single guys. we purposely booked our cruise over valentines day so we could get away from lovey dovey couples. instead, we were surrounded by them. details to come in a later post... if lori ever develops the underwater pics.
  • my pseudo valentine - so i was pining for the capt during the cruise but really, even though i was in the middle of the ocean, you know who my thoughts were with... ugh, i hate being normal. good thing was, he was thinking about me too ;) it was supersweet to get a valentines voicemail while sailing on the radiance of the seas. yes, the status between the btj and me is still the same but honestly, im pretty happy. i do consider him a friend (notice no italics) and well, nowadays i speak to him more than most (or all) of my friends.
  • apt life with le join - rough patches. oh yeah. since weve been living together, you can compare our relationship to sand paper. very ouch. things have smoothed out considerably with a little help from my.... family! didnt see that one coming huh. yeah, neither did i. we starting to understand where each of us is coming from but i know i still have to work on putting my foot down, instead of in my mouth. besides, whats life without a few ups and downs. the main thing is we know we're there for each other. thats what sisters are for. even if theyre crazy lunatics.
  • i am job - late nights. long hours. annoying problems i dont know how to fix. guess what though. im not miserable. im actually pretty content with what i do... the money is another story though. im finally starting to feel like i know what im doing and thats just awesome. sure, ive still got tons to learn but at least now i feel like i can be able to understand this stuff whereas even a month ago id be like HELP! on a new floor, in a new cube, got a new 'tude.
  • hotness - so the btj asked me the other day what my hangups are. what i dislike about my bod. my answer: the scar on my knee. thats it. can you believe it? i was even embarrassed bc i couldnt think of anything else. my answer was followed by, im just at a good place in my life right now. which is true. also, my tan makes me feel like a hot bitch. seriously. i even think the tan lines around my boobs makes them look bigger. ah strategic tan lines. im a genius!
so thats my life in a jif right now. good apt, good job, good friends, good (looking) bod. yeah, i threw my back out by coughing a few days ago and i know i cant even put on my shoes without wincing in pain. only downside, finances. im pretty dirt poor right now but hey, who needs money when you got love... or regular booty.

special mention:
happy bday mike! this is the closest to your real bday i could get. next year, itll be fo real fo sho. yay leap years!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

ifell into the ifad

i did it. after years of silently protesting this "fad" i broke down last week and joined the crowds. yes people, i bought myself an ipod. i was just thinking about my upcoming cruise and how i would probably need music to listen to while tanning on the boat which then led to thoughts of how my commute to work would be more enjoyable if i was jamming to tunes instead of wishing i had a bigger bag that could hold a magazine to read so yeah, i bought one. i actually ordered it online. free shipping plus free engraving, how could i say no. AND it arrived in time for me to get the ipod ready (actually le join put the songs in it for me) for the cruise. kickass. i was actually jumping up and down from excitement when le join said my ipod was ready for my listening pleasures. i know. i disgust myself. i fell and fell hard into this fad. i totally betrayed my anti-ipod-dom and trust me, i went through all the phases.
  • phase 1: total rejection - i wouldnt own one if someone gave it to me. im cool individual that doesnt need to follow the crowd.
  • phase 2: revised rejection - its not that i wouldnt own one, i just wouldnt buy one for myself. im not too good to accept a gift.
  • phase 3: subtle hints - time to add ipod to my bday and xmas wish lists. since ive been silently protesting it, how can anyone know ipod is on my mind unless its on my lists.
  • phase 4: straight up soliciting - maybe my fam and friends cant read my subtle hints so ill just be louder about it. I WOULD REALLY REALLY LIKE TO GET AN IPOD THIS YEAR! results? not ideal... for me anyway. someone did get an ipod this past xmas, just wasnt me.
  • phase 5: give up and move on - i gave up on the stupid bitches who couldnt read my very easy to read hints, buckled down and bought myself the damn ipod.
right now im in phase 6, the blissful owner phase. im sure ill be in phase 7 next week, the ugh theres already a newer cooler version out which will quickly be followed by destruction of current ipod from utter annoyance and then a repeat of the phases above. technology. created to help make our lives easier but really just gives us more things to stress out and complain about.

special mention:
brandon walsh: youre telling me stu gives good woo.

to brenda about her not very dylan mckay-like boyfriend