Monday, October 20, 2008

wedding weekend spectacular

yes. i know its been forever and 3 months since ive written. its been so long i was a bit embarrassed to write again. i knew my comeback had to be the most amazing ever. thats why i chose to recap the extravaganza that was jamie and mikes wedding. words cannot describe the amount of fun, love and good times that were had not just that night, but the entire weekend. that is why this recap will be more of a photo essay. let the pics tell the story (with help from a few captions). jamie and mike - if the wedding is any indication of how your life together will be, well then i am j.e.a.l.o.u.s. mazel tov!

the rehearsal dinner

me, the bride to be, team skinny member #1, best moh ever

me and my moh mentor

the groom and bride announce gifts for the 'maids and groomsmen

ooooh, color coordinated bags to match the 'maid

the aim is a pink lady

g-star and the bride... sorry chris (aka the man with the line of the night, even though we cant remember his lovely zinger) for the flash in your face.

ben zapp modeling the groomsmen's gifts (money clip/credit card holder)

our bridemaids pins for salon day the next morning!

we're hot even without professional makeup!

the gang (l to r): tom, g-star, team skinny member#2 aka sharon, matthew, the aim, lacey, the bride, me, my man, the jiller!, and chris (g-star's identical other half... jk, but you two are adorable.)

the rehearsal dinner was a fun time for all us to get together and get psyched for the next day. thanks jamie and mike for our really cool and thoughtful gifts!

getting pretty for the main event

my before pic. i added the piece of flyaway hair on top of my head for extra 'im gross' effect.

jillers before pic. still a pretty girl :)

the shirt dont lie. (it says 'sexy little bride')

the bride gets the biggest and pinkest pin.

my after pic!



pretty ladies

maid meeting!

final group pic with the bride before the main event!

loved the salon morning. this was the first time i ever had my makeup done. i guess i understand why some girls actually take the time to put on makeup. the results are amazing. we all looked like gorgeous ladies. best pics ever!

jericho jewish center - let's get married!

limo ride from four points sheraton.

i wanted a pic with me in it too!

all the maids (l to r): sharon, aim, me, jiller, g-star, lauren, rebecca, rachel, jen
most flattering dress ever. its officially the sisterhood of the traveling pants bridesmaid dress. it fits everyone amazingly!

the back of my dress. jamie was really cool and let all the ladies choose however they want to wear their sash. i wanted to see what mine actually looked like.

team skinny with ben zapp

team skinnys back view

the beaming groom

the blushing bride

posing with the bouquet

smell the flowers

smile for the camera

the chupah!

the ceremony (with mikes parents on the left, on the left)

jiller and jamies parents watch from the right, from the right

time to break the glass

officially married!

my bridesmaid job is done! (picture the big forehead wipe ala my iu trip)

the ceremony was very jamie and mike - jewish and cheesy. of course in the midst of pre-wedding pics, i forgot to wrap tissue around my bouquet... and of course i totally needed a kleenex during the ceremony. when the rabbi spoke about how much these two lobsters love each other, the waterworks would not stop. thank goodness for waterproof mascara. i still look great during my walk back up the aisle. time to eat up and boogie down!

mazel tov! let's get down and boogie!

let the party begin!

jamie and mikes first dance. they are ecstatic grinning from ear to ear. check out jamies mom in the back. tears of joy. many many many were shed that night.

obv the best pic taken that night!

my dinner table companions. there was a better pic when ben zapp doesnt look possessed but i look way hotter in this one. sor ben zapp. its my blog and ill look pretty if i want to.

me and my man got the party started... and this is just the beginning

the dance floor started to fill up quickly

the groom getting in on the dance floor action

time for some gossip with ad!

some cuddling with my man

some posing with my ladies before...

the bust out begins

the photog is capturing the moment

what is aunt debbie doing in the circle?

aint nothing gonna ruin the LIKE bust out!

time for me and my man to show our moves

the push it move

getting low with my man. matt and mike are cheering us on in the back.

all this dancing takes a lot outta me.

i trained him well. my mans rubbing my feet. thats lub (in the whitney houston ala being bobby brown voice)!

father-daughter dance. time for the paternal waterworks.

mother-son dance. his mom is crying. mike looks like he wants this dance to end... soon!

cake cutting!

jamie knows how to feed her man - with a sly smile. mike knows how to eat her food. with a tight-lipped grin.

mike - you know jamie hasnt had carbs in years!

cake eating is hilarious!

bouquet toss

whos the lucky lady?!

the aim!!!

the wedding is officially over. i am praying we get back to the hotel safely in this stuffed limo.

the limo made it back to the hotel... just barely. it broke down as soon as we pulled into the sheraton parking lot. my prayers worked. this honestly was the most amazing and fun wedding i have ever been to (and trust me, ive been to a couple of these now). this had just the right amount of love, cheese, fun, friends and food to make it the spectacular event it was. the music was right on too! i never wouldve thought id be suffering from pwd (post wedding depression) but i think i was one of the first to catch the pwd bug. besides, i think everyone had the most amazing time bc we all know jamie and mike are 2 wonderful individuals who make the most amazing team together. our wedding gifts were given with pure joy and love bc we know it wont be used for divorce lawyer bills later down the road.

the morning after - meet the newlywed gormans :)

the gang at the morning after brunch. are we wearing glasses bc its sunny or bc we partied hard?

marking their territory.

sharing their new status.

as the song goes: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the gormans with a baby carriage! will i be writing a baby gorman bris post next year?


special mention (couples edition ala overheard in ny)
walking across 6th ave and bleecker. see a gorgeous asian 20-something model with her white model-esque bf
me: whoa. that was a triple upgrade version of us
my man responds with gut-wrenching laughter

walking down leroy towards bleecker. see a pregnant asian girl walking with her white babydaddy
my man: thats us in like 6 years
my response: stomach dropping followed by a slow creeping smile on my face (internal happy dance in my head)