Friday, July 20, 2007

todays letter of the day: a

a is for appreciation. a is for american apparel! my most flavorite store ever! i seriously need to meet dov charney and let him molest me so i can get an unlimited amount of free shiz from aa. the clothes are comfy, the designs are simple (just plain solid colors), and the cuts are fun. love love love that store. thing is, i havent stepped foot into an aa in a while. my wallet wont allow it since it knows if i do walk into one, my money will be falling out and into the registers. i can be so weak.

anyhoo, i called my man last night to let him know i was on my way to his place in bk. i asked where he was bc when i called an hour earlier, he was at roccos place. he said he couldnt disclose his whereabouts. it was a surprise. hmmmm. what could it be? i know hes not the cheesy romantic type and it wasnt any special day, so i couldnt think of what the surprise could be. so i just went to the subway, put on my ipod and read my us weekly. as soon as i got out of the subway, i ran up to his apt (and thats a lot considering he lives in a walk up, damn 3 stories). i knocked on his door, and no one answered. i got a lil miffed. i ran up 3 flights! i called the lb and he was downstairs waiting for a pizza. so i ran back down the stairs to see my man (and my surprise).

he waited for me outside the restaurant and said heres your surprise, while pulling a big american apparel bag from behind him. WHA?! the man went shopping and bought ME clothes. from my FAVE FAVE FAVE store. i wanted to eat him i was so happy. my man bought me two skirts and a pair of shorts. so damn adorable. he said he was walking around exploring his new hood and saw that aa was open so he walked inside. true, he needed to get some underwear, but he didnt have to pick anything up for me. he did anyway. ah, my love. my man. oooh, another a word is popping into my head: awesome! he mentioned later that night that lately hes been talking to his buds and hearing stories from others about troubled relationships. then he realized that hes got it pretty damn good with me and well im most definitely sure that his gift from aa was a sign of appreciation for me and what weve got.

since his cable isnt getting set up til tomorrow, our nights together havent been filled with sportscenter and such. but its ok. we werent dying of boredom. we were actually content just lying in bed and talking. seriously and literally. this is why we work. bc at the root of it, we're friends. i know some people are counting down the days til we start fighting but honestly, i believe theyll be counting for a long time. we even had a convo about what bothers us about each other and besides his remote nazi ways, we couldnt think of anything. i know, you probably hate us. i would hate us. i cant believe ive become this. happy couple girl. i wouldve killed me if me from two years ago met the current me. amazing how time can change people. hey, another a word: amazing.


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