Wednesday, January 21, 2009

complaint center

so im not a huge phone person. maybe its bc of the same reason im not a people person. i hate bs. hate small talk. so when i do pick up the phone, its usually for a purpose. where are we meeting? when are we meeting? what are we gonna eat? you know, the important stuff. there are only a handful of people i call and not even daily. its not bc i dont care about them. i think a part of it is bc i dont have any true privacy when it comes to phone calls. honestly, and i have 2 phone numbers!

my work phone is in no way private bc i sit in a cube. and its not even a full cube with what do you call 'em, oh yeah, walls. nah. its more like a pod. an "open" area with 4 desks, all of our backs facing each other. i do have 1 wall but its paper thin. ok fine, between paper and curtain thin but thin nonetheless. and on the other side of my thin wall is another pod. so yeah, when i get on the phone, people can hear... and mock. and even though i can prob be on the phone doing the parking chant for hours, i tend to cut it short. i cant have my pod-mates chanting "spot spot spot" all afternoon. they already do the "hi babe" and even call my man "babe" when he comes to visit me.

my other phone is my cell phone. so obv i can go anywhere to use it. now where is my private place? exactly. i dont have one. the do to or west vill, i dont have a private room of my own. sure ill go into the bathroom to talk on the phone if my man is on xbox live but really. i have to resort to a toilet for some me-time? the thing is, even when we move to do to, its a studio apt. ill probably still be sitting on the toilet when i need to take a phone call (as douchebag extraordinaire aaron karo would say, fuck me). not like i have all these secrets i need to discuss but im a self conscious and private person. i dont need everybody knowing my business.

my issue isnt about privacy (i know, hard to tell though from my 3 paragraph rant). my issue is about the content of my phone calls. me. im a get to the point kinda girl. i guess i use the phone like a man. unless im truly bored or genuinely do want to catch up, its like ask me your question and lets say goodbye already. usually though, when i get calls from a fam member, there isnt a point to the convo just a rant. ive seriously considered stamping "complaint center" on my forehead since thats what im basically used for. whats even more frustrating? when i try to give some advice and the person just brushes it aside and continues to complain. thats when i spurt out any, any excuse to get OFF the phone. um, i think i hear, uh.... something, i gotta go. click.

even though i get annoyed at times, listening to complaints doesnt exactly put me in the best mood, i have to sit back and wonder why these people call me. then the annoying feeling goes away. people call me bc they respect me and know im an awesome person. either that or im just the only person who picks up their calls. nyaaaa.