Monday, May 21, 2007

mchappy mcdream

ok ive said it before but i really mean it this time. im so happy i almost hate myself. seriously, ive recently said "ive become one of those people i used to hate... im in a couple" well i think its even worse now. yeah, im totally in the happy cutesy couple phase. whoa, right. and please, dont mcwake me from this mcdream. im so mchappy.

so the bf had his first official bf responsibility this weekend: accompanying me to my friend jords engagement party. it was his debut for my syo hos. the friends ive had since middle school but see about once a month, if that. even though i dont see or even talk to my syo hos, its always great to see them. catch up on some hometown gossip, but also think about where i am now and where im going.

its funny bc half of this group of girls is engaged and i really dont even have an ounce of jealousy towards any of them. sure im ridiculously happy in my ridiculously awesome relationship, but the thought of putting a wedding together right now, ugh. no thanks. its way too much work for a lazy girl like me. besides, im still in happy title-land and id like to enjoy my time here for a while.

there was a moment from the party thats been stuck in my head. lil miss krista ann was talking to me and the bf and said something like, "well cassie doesnt have an jewelry on" and i was like, "noooooo way are we even there yet" but then krista ann goes, "im not talking about the ring but other stuff would be nice" wink wink. im sure having a bf with money and getting expensive and jeweled gifts would be nice, but id rather be with someone that i like, regardless of whats in his wallet.

and thats when i knew it. the bf and i are totally happy scrappy hero pup. lately when ive been getting the "you look great" comments, theyre almost always followed by "you look really happy." so the feelings on the inside really do show on the outside. seeing as im so up, there couldnt possibly be any downs. but there are... well is. there is one that i can think of.

ive lost that non loving feeling. i know my strengths are my rants and lately i havent had anything to rant about... hence the lack of quality posts. im afraid my happiness will result in a loss of readers. yeah, all 3 of you. so if there arent any updates lately, just know that im mchappy in my mcdream. mmmmmhmmmmm, im mclovin it!

ps i need a new name for the bf. mcjewy? mcscrewy? mcfunny? mcyummy? may possibly end up as the sb... sugar bear.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

family meal

(to the tune of i shot the sheriff) i met the family. and i didnt want to kill myself. ok fine. i met the bfs fam before but this was the first time we spent time together without a ballgame to distract us. went to dinner with the bfs fam to celebrate "mothers day tuesday" as his father described it. his 'rents are going away this weekend so they decided to celebrate the holiday before they flew off to anguilla. i wasnt too nervous about dinner bc i did meet them before and they all seemed laid back and cool but still, first meal. its a first. firsts are always... they make me anxious.

anyway, this dinner totally explained how my bf is and why and thats pretty awesome. the fam is cool and entertaining. my man is so much like his old man. his mom is totally how he described her, "typical jewish mom" but shes got cute quirks about her thats so adorable. a lot of humor in that fam. i loved watching the interactions he had with his older bro and how different they are from each other. on our way to the gelato store for dessert, his father randomly shouts out, who wants shirts. both my bf and his bro run into the store except seconds later i see my bf sprinting outta the place. "i wouldnt be caught dead wearing anything from that store." but his dad and bro stayed there a few more mins and came out with a shopping bag. hysterical. the bros gf is pretty cool. shes got spunk. thats awesome. boring chicks are the worst and that she is not.

so i thought the night would be family centric... around his fam. but it wasnt. after our lovely and very filling meal, the bf and i went back to his apt. we were just chillin on the couch (shocker!), watching tv (double shocker!), when i got a call from my brosef. he was having a mini hs drama dilemma. since the bf already met my brosef, he offered up his worldly man advice to him. the brosef ended up calling back twice but by the end of the night, the brosef said, "i feel much better about this and myself." i felt like we just had an impromptu jill r session. awesome. what was even more adorable was that the bf felt really good about helping my brosef out. he sees a lot of his old self in my brosef and knows he totally needs an older brother right now. this totally melted my heart. i wanted to sqeeze him and hug him just like elmira from tiny toons.

so the easy family meal is outta the way (and hopefully more will come in the future), but the hard one should be coming up. yeah, when he meets my fam. dun dun DUNH! im sure itll be more awkward than scary. well actually, awkward from my parents but scary from my sisters. le join re-met the bf last friday night at the aims bday party and she said hes a nice guy and would like to spend more time with him. dee and the 'rents are the last ones to meet him. yeah, i saved the scariest for last. i remember the first time the hpj met dee. i was in cali visiting both of them. i stayed at the hpjs the first night and we called dee to get directions to her place. he handed the phone back to me and goes, "your sister just yelled at me." yeah, that was the first time they had spoken. im keeping my fingers crossed for the bf.

special mention:
a mothers day tuesday moment.

the bfs bro got their mom mothers day scratch off lottery card.
their dad takes the card.
bfs dad: let me put on my glasses.
puts on glasses and begins reading.
bfs dad: scratch and see if any of your boxes match the symbol in the rewards box.
scratches all boxes.
bfs dad: aw honey, you didnt win. you couldve won a boot or diamond.
me: a boot? can i see the card?

looks at card. roaring laughter begins.
me: its bouquet not boot. its B-Q-U-T not B-O-O-T.
bfs mom: those glasses really worked, didnt they.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

no dough diet

and no. im not talkin atkins. please. try and move the bread basket away from me and expect a knuckle sandwich in the face from la mama herself. im talkin the bein po' fo sho diet. when i finally buckled down and took care of my financial catastrophic status, i knew months and possibly even years of starvation were to follow. i was upset. i cried. it sucks to know that you cant go and grab some starbucks whenever you want. this summer wont be as jamba filled as i would like it to be. but its ok. why? bc i look fabulous.

now, im sure most of my glowing fabulosity is from my "honeymoon" phase endorphins. i really am truly duly happy. and the saying is true, if you feel happy inside, itll show on the outside. but when random people (and even my sister) say that ive lost weight, it makes me wonder, am i really losing some poundage? and if yes, how so? well, its common knowledge that to lose weight you gotta watch what you eat and up the exercise. the past few days, ive realized i have been doing this but almost subconsciously. dieting can be fun when you dont even realize youre doing it.

EAT - my food intake has decreased mucho but i believe its a combo of my po fo sho-ness and having the btj as my real! po fo sho means no extravagant dinners or even simple take out lunches. word. plus, having no dough automatically turns your survival skills radar on. even if that includes socializing with others. so when i cant go out to lunch or even pack a lunch (usually due to the fact that im too lazy to make one but can also be bc theres nothing at home to pack) you gotta start scavenging. luckily, i work in an office where there are a lot of catered meetings. now, i used to only go to meetings that served meals. hey, gotta prioritize right? but then i realized, you can still get some grub, even if youre not a part of the meeting. leftovers are always shared with the rest of the floor. this is when the socializing comes in handy. i have allies on 3 floors. so 4 floors of free food covered. nice.

the bf helps with the food intake too. and no, im not one of those girls who cant eat in front of boys. please. when all my female classmates were just standing around bc they didnt wanna look like fatasses, i was waiting in front of the kitchen door so i could get first dibs on the appetizers. hey, at bar/bat mitzvahs, cocktail hour is when the choice eats roll out. so yeah, i still eat what i want, but i dont ever get to the im gonna burst full feeling. why? bc i share. and when i share with my bf, its usually 75:25, him:me. who needs the zone diet when ive got my bf.

EXERCISE - yeah yeah, i totally get in the obvious couple-y aerobic activity daily, maybe thats why the endorphins havent gone away, but i have been more active than i usually am. i give this credit to... my metro card. yeah, the metro card makes me walk extra blocks i wouldnt have to endure if i took cabs but since im a broke joker, it literally pains me to pay for cabs. the only time a cab is acceptable is if i am with a group of people and i am in heels. must be that combo only. oh yeah, and bad weather too. but the temps have been rising and since ive been lookin cute to boot, i dont mind the walkin. so yeah, the metro not only makes me walk, but climb too. damn stairs. but i figure not only is it aerobic, but the stairs can turn this into calesthenics too.

ive also realized, stairs are everywhere. subway stations. the lines that run two flights underground are killer. then again, its a small inconvenience for a cheap ride. ill take it. theres also the stairs to the bridge over the brooklyn battery tunnel thats behind my apt building. those arent so bad but its still a climb. last set of steps i endure daily are the ones to the bf apt. yeah man, 3 story walk up. i realized this weekend how used to the stairs i am. the brosef met the bf and nearly killed me for making him walk up the steps. too bad the bf will be moving next month. to where is still to be determined.

so virtually, i just have to keep on keepin on the way ive been keepin on to maintain my slim physique. who knew just livin can be such a great diet.

special mention:
jamie: its called fun.