Wednesday, July 27, 2005

purple pleather

the peach pit is closing down. its moving 4 blocks up to become the peach pit after dark. no, its not in 90210 but more like 10016. not the hills (as in beverly) but the hill (as in murray). ok, murray hill should never be called the hill bc lets face it, its the cheesy post college suburb of manhattan but its where the peach pit once was.

we all affectionately called jamies apt the peach pit bc its where everyone comes to chill and is always run by my pseudo boyfriend joe e tata. ive spent many nights (and days during my time of unemployment) hugging joe on the couch while watching reruns of 9-0, friends, and oprah from jamies tivo list.

now jamie is packing up and moving in with sharon (a former roomie of hers before the peach pit days). jamie promised me the digs will be better and will become the peach pit after dark. sharons cool and all but lets face it. whenever something is so great, nothing that follows it is ever better. just like in 9-0. the after dark couldnt even hold a candle to the original peach pit. and it never will.

this isnt about my former pseudo home. no. this is about purple pleather. purple. pleather. so, as we (meaning the gang) were sitting in the peach pit last night, we started to look at photos of days in college and whatnot and fell upon a pic of jamie in purple pleather pants. i remember those as if she got 'em yesterday. she actually bought them while i was visiting her and the jiller at iu. i thought to myself, "who buys pleather. and its purple!" but she loved 'em. anyhoo, as we were looking and bawling her out, the jam defended herself and said:
"i got eaten out that night. and it was 'cause of the pants."
so there you have it. purple pleather=pussy play. pp.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

domino effect ala laguna beach

we got more bounce in california... the new season of laguna beach. looooooovvvvvvveeeeeeedddddd it! the ep had me grasping me open mouth in shock! - and that was before the first commercial break. oh that kristin. i always said she had spunk. the ep had a nice little start, giving us a quick montage of the old cast coming home for winter break. kristin obviously enjoyed being a senior - wreaking havoc without stephen (while gloating the fact that he still calls her "like every other day") and then later dropping the biggest bomb on him: she wants to date other people while hes home. ouch. their short reunion was one of the most intense 30 seconds of television ever. you know stephen was fighting back tears behind his shades. i love it!

after the news quickly spread about the end of kristin and stephen, christina and morgan (easily) predicted the events of los xmas party: kristin will be dunzo on stephen, stephen will be trying to win her back while lc will be following stephen around like a little puppy dog hoping that he will turn around and realize he should be with her. what the two didnt predict was how bitchy and childish kristin would act. being all over every guy except stephen and then loudly announcing her new boyfriend. so so wrong but so so entertaining! the joinaclub called out kristins master plan in two seconds. kristin didnt really like stephen, she only stayed to:
a. keep him away from lc
b. get casted on the first season which would eventually lead to
c. getting her own season just like her archnemesis lc did.

now that i think about it, kristins master plan wasnt to use stephen but to hurt lc in every possible way. steal the man she wants and her thunder too. man, kristin is more evil than i thought. shes a genius!

not only did she get what she wanted, she also broke a frail little boy. a frail little boy who will go running to lc. running to lc with his hurt feelings but his heart will still be with kristin. and where will lcs heart be. with stephen. kristin started a whole domino effect. making people fall for others who are just not interested in them. dominos i tell ya. the girlies playing dominos.

Monday, July 25, 2005

ste-phen style

in an attempt to look for cool pics of the new season, i fell upon this place sells shirts from stephens hometown workplace. now everyone can represent the 'guna! dontcha wanna look like him:

you may say no now but hes got two hot bitches fighting after him. what you got?

"stay away lc. ste-phens mine!"

kristins a fighter. lc is too pretty to fight. what will happen this season?! oh, 10pm - you know where ill be ;)

Friday, July 22, 2005

dont forget to take deep breaths

my brother bought me this cd a few months ago and i got hooked. the academy is is a pretty damn good band. the songs are damn good. the lyrics are damn good. damn damn damn. (you know what threes mean - damn damn damn awesome awesome awesome) anyhoo, i went to their page on myspace to have a listen during work and noticed theyre playing new york this weekend. yay! so the joinaclub and i will be heading to the knitting factory to hear one of my fave cds live.

the knitting factory holds a special place in my heart. por que you ask? because its where i saw allister - another hoffman estates, il band- for the first time. who is allister? its the first band i ever interviewed. i even got to air the interview (after pretty editing of course) during my few days as a punk rock dj on wrhu. exciting stuff. my brosef ichford and son saw the boys from allister a few times after that show and they remembered him. good guys man. i dont think im gonna hound tai with qs. ill just be rocking out. probably on the second floor. moshing just aint me. jeepers.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

what a promo!

gotta love american apparel. good clothes. good slogans. good schmatas! gotta love dov.
courtesy of gawker.

Monday, July 18, 2005

whos that ho? (entourage style)

so i ended my weekend the way i do every sunday night - watching the newest ep of entourage. the ep was good, the boys went to sundance to premiere their indie flick queens boulevard and the ep was chock full of cameos from big wig hollywood-ers and indie starlets. the biggest surprise was when this face popped up onscreen:

who is this you ask? its angela from road rules x-treme. ok, im not gonna lie. ive never even watched an entire ep of that show but girlie was also on the real world/road rules challenge: battle of the sexes 2. she was the one that the bitchy challenge veteran whores gave a hard time to and was the one who did or didnt hook up with frank from real world las vegas(the sad loser who let steven and trishelle hook up on top him, literally). anyway, home girl is breaking out of the mtv shell and actually got a gig, a cool one too. she even has her own website. i only checked it out to make sure that my assumptions were right. and they were!

hehe, i wonder what the mean girls of the rw/rr challenges are doing now:

haha bitches. nice guys may finish last but mean girls have to do challenges and sell t-shirts online to make a living. yeah angela, keep making out with vincent chase in hot tubs. you go ho!

the brie incident: ew. i think i just ate her gonorrhea

pet peeves. everyones got a few. i think people with ocd have the most but their pet peeves become their obsessions hence the o in ocd. no. i dont have ocd but ive lived with a person who had a very very very bad case of it. the cleaning, the lists, the color coding, the girl had all the symptoms. anyway, when you live in close quarters with someone who is like that, some of those habits rub off on you but since youre not loco, you dont become obsessive, instead you just have a long list of pet peeves. so thats me. not ocd but pet peeve'in. argh. so heres my latest encounter with a very understandable pet peeve.

brie. we all know i love me cheese. so i was in the supermarket last week, i decided to purchase a wheel of brie. i worked hard. i deserved my delicious cheese. so i bought my fun wheel and cut myself a nice slice and was in heaven. yum. later that night, i noticed ocd girl with my brie (without asking!) and just let it slide. its just cheese after all and i cant eat the whole wheel by myself so i decided to just let it go. share the wealth. well well well. ocd girl aint so obsessive anymore and has in fact pulled a 180 and has become the opposite of an ocd bitch - a nasty dirty slobby bitch. thats right. im using fightin' words because im in the mood for fightin'!

anyway, the next day, i opened the fridge and took out my lovely brie and noticed that the slobby bitch didnt cut out a slice. instead, she cut out a hole (left the end of what wouldve been a slice on the wheel). ARGH!!! i was pissed but tried to keep my composure and cut myself a slice with the nasty end that bitch left on. as i ate the delish cheese i realized, "ew. i think i just ate her gonorrhea."

so not only did the slobby ho make the brie look like a mess, she also dangerously left her nasty std infested piece on the wheel. she ate directly from the wheel instead of cutting a piece out for herself. not only did the wheel look ugly, it now has std germs on it. thanks slut.

at least you got your nasty disease from doing the nasty. i might have it by ingesting the gross germs you left on my brie! argh. happy monday everyone. lets all meet up at chachkis.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

dance like the browns

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

damn you kang ta!

kbs. its really affected my regular channel surfing tremendously. argh. it started off with one show and has snowballed into me watching two shows regularly. the subtitles just suck you right in. the first show that i started watching is a half hour drama and didnt really affect my channel surfing too much because its on from 9-9:30pm m-f and anything that i would watch at that time would be reruns anyway - especially during the summer.

so on mondays on tuesdays, theres another show that follows my beloved drama and its an hour long. how did i get sucked into this one you ask? because it had a somewhat familiar face:

pretty face right? yeah. so about ten years ago, joinaclub was shipped off to a teen tour in korea for the summer. anyway, long story short she came back brainwashed with all this korean pop culture and had an acute obsession with h.o.t. anyway, the pretty face above is kang ta and he was the lead singer of that "hot" band. joinaclub nearly had a heart attack when she saw his face on our big screen. anyway, we started watching his damn show and got hooked. its only been about a few weeks and i didnt mind so much that i was spending an hour and half watching korean programming rather than my usual mindless programming but man oh man was i upset last night. the show ended a few minutes early so i immediately started channel surfing and guess what i caught the ending of?

the pretty faces of laguna beach and no, it was not a rerun! it was a season two preview. argh. the few minutes that i did catch were very tantalizing. oh my love triangle is back and better than ever:

ste-phen is two timing the gorgeous lc and the cute and spunky kristin by sending them flowers and whatnot. i love it i love it i love it but i dont love that i missed the first 27 minutes of the preview.

man am i torn. its nice to get a little taste of my roots yet it is so hard to be ripped away from the life i live (or watch) now. hmmm, cheesy korean dramas with subtitles or gorgeous rich teens in laguna running amuck. what a toss up.

Monday, July 11, 2005

who you think you is homey?

bobby brown. man, his show is damn addicting. ok, so bravo keeps playing the same two eps over and over again but i dont care. its like a simpsons ep, every time you watch you notice a new thing. seriously, i see bobby and whitney in a completely different light now.

yes. i still think theyre out of their minds but at the same time, i understand them a little more. bobby brown loves his fans. actually, just anyone who notices him. maybe its because hes been out of the spotlight for years and appreciates any person who even remembers him but still, he always stops to give his fans pics and autographs and even rent money. yeah man, rent money.

whitney. whitney is a good person. shes just a tired diva. and seriously, people are very rude. just because the woman is rich and famous doesnt mean she wants to be pestered by fans while shes trying to eat with her fam. ridiculous. but other than her children only get pics rule, shes not too diva-like.

i love the scenes with the random dancing. i love how whitney just randomly sings while shes talking. its too great. oh, and the kids. see, i knew bobby brown was a good father because as soon as he got out of jail, he went straight to boston to see his kids. not his wife, not his dealer, the kiddies. good stuff.

bobbi kris. i think its all about bobbi kris. bobby and whitneys only child. another one of my favorite scenes is when bobby and whitney come back to their hotel room after dinner and their kids are running buck wild. then, bobbi kris shoves bobby and goes, "who you think you is homey?" man i love it.

but poor bobbi kris. little girls got weight problems already. whitney is trying to be sympathetic about it and all bobby does is say, "shes a brown woman. not a houston." and whitney agreed. mr bobby brown. the person he loves most is himself. he loves himself so much that he named his son bobby jr and his daughter bobbi. jeepers.

with all these crazy antics, its no wonder i cant keep my eyes peeled from the show. i love it. reruns and all.