Sunday, March 27, 2005


i can officially cross "going to the movies alone" off my list of things to do before i die. do i actually have such a list? no but if i did, i already accomplished one item on it. its definitely something i wouldve never thought i would do if you asked me if i would even last year. going to the movies alone! thats just madness but whats even more maddening is not seeing a film you want to see because you have no one to go with. preposterous. i dont know. maybe its 'cause im going through the "who am i really" process of my twenties so im doing things i normally wouldnt do or would normally be afraid of doing. ahh, this is the result of almost half a year in therapy. dont knock therapy man! it should be mandatory.

anyhoo, back to my solo trip. so after having a pre-movie session during my drive to the theatre - from the reviews ive read about be cool, i knew i needed it before seeing it - i proudly walked into the bway mall and redeemed my free movie pass. ahh, whats even more exhilarating about going to the movies alone is going for FREE! i walked into the theatre and knew i could sit wherever i wanted and not worry if the other person doesnt like to sit too up close or too far from the screen. so great! i got to accomodate myself. very refreshing. so i sat where i wanted to sit and waited for the trailers to start playing.

the trailers. i'll admit it. im one of those annoying people who talk during the movie. whos that? is she gonna die? why is he going over there? yeah. thats me. i especially love doing this crap during the trailers. who put the gun to his head and made him do this movie? what moron wrote this story? oy, this is the end of her career. i do it all the time but this time i was alone. no one to talk to. so i kept my mouth shut. i think its secretly 'cause i didnt want to attract any attention to me - being the girl who went to the movies alone and all. so i sat and watched the trailers. i really think that since i was alone, it changed the way i watched the trailers. (see happy ending... post below) still, i was pretty content and excited to see be cool.

im not gonna review the movie bc that is a post entirely by itself which im still debating on doing but i will highlight whats still fresh in my head.

johnny t - still cool.
uma - coolness was fading just slightly-maybe its 'cause of the somewhat cheesy story line.
cedric the e - brought a few chuckles outta me. still a funny entertainer.
christina milian - definitely better than love dont cost a thing (yes i saw it but i will never reveal with who to protect that persons identity).
vince v - annoying at first then got a little better. a little.
the rock - funny and actually better than vince v. sorry mr. vaughn but thats the truth.
andre 3000 - if you wanna act, keep it to your music videos. nice attempt but stick with the music. hey ya!
the dance scene - definitely hyped up and overrated. definitely not even close to pulp fictions. not. even. close. black eyed peas? fine. they were hot last year with their gazillion singles that went from kinda catchy to cool for a half day to annoying and wont leave your head. nice. so being that this movie is be cool, the twosome danced to a non single bep song. nice decision but when i started to think that i would rather watch fergie dance to the song than uma and johnny t i knew this dance scene was a bust. b.u.s.t. had potential but ended up like a blockbuster action flick - got the right people and good plan but after the execution, it was all just a bag a poop.(she called the shit poop. hehe, from billy madison)

so after discussing my solo movie experience with the jiller and adam, we've come to the conclusion that i am now a part of an elite group. an elite group who can go to the movies alone. i know what youre thinking - big deal, she went to the movies alone. but the next time you go see a movie, count how many people are sitting solo - and you cant include journalists who are reviewing the film and people who are waiting for their friends to come back from the concession stand or bathroom. seriously. solo movie goers are elite. i am elite. so cool. it kinda makes me sound smart. i love it!


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