Wednesday, October 19, 2005

breakfast and blogs

dear jamie,

i desperately wanted to write a witty and funny post tonight so you can have something to read with your breakfast but to be honest with ya, ive got nothing. came home from work, smoked a j, made myself a nice sensible dinner of salad and some tomato tart thing jo made yesterday, then negated my whole "good" dinner when rich asked me to take him to mcdonalds for his dinner so i naturally got myself a mcflurry and ate it while watching the latest ep of lost. now im watching the end of curly sue. i may just shed a tear and ive only been watching this damn movie for 5 minutes.

the only thing thats really occupying my mind, when its not clouded in smoke anyway, is this weekend. very excited about it. hadnt had or even been to a big party in a while so this is definitely something im looking forward to. even if jb wrote back and said he probably cant make it. eh. a girl can dream (while stalking slightly) cant she?

so, i hope you have a nice day at school and wish you much luck with your parking when you get back home. heres a quote from yourself to keep you smiling when frustrated today:
"hes a thug. he doesnt havent keys."
enjoy your breakfast of whatever extremely low carb meal youve made. youve got my number if you need me to extract my parking vibes to you.


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