Tuesday, June 27, 2006

queer is quool

ha. is that even a word. so i just watched the 1st half of tonights new queer eye ep. i havent watched this show in a while. only tuned in tonight bc one of the joins fave chefs from school helped the cast make a tomato tart. after watching the first 30 secs of the ep, my ti li-ness went away and i was just so happy and entertained. then i remembered that june is gay pride month. well, all i have to say is gay guys rock. seriously, theyre my fave type of guys. hehe. but totally honestly, the funnest times i have is when im chillin with the boys. theyre honest and lovey and fun and funny and knowledgable and can totally complain about boys with you. yay for gays!

special mention:
madonna. countdown and countdown. get into the groove!

Monday, June 26, 2006

fries and fries

so after my sess with jill r tonight i decided to go to roosevelt field. i was in dire need of body butter and i was craving ranch 1. seriously, my fave fast food... east coast fast food chain ever. so as i was devouring my dinner i realized fries man. theyre good. everyone claims mcdonalds are number 1 and even though they do cause a crack-like addiction theyre not numero uno on my list. which got me thinking, which fries are tops. or at least top ten worthy.

i dont have the top ten list yet. oh no. if im gonna do this, im gonna do it right. eat up all the fries i can and give credit only where credit is due. there must be rules. must be expectations. yeah man. its the time of the fries. hehe.

i must say this, ranch 1 is a real contender. im a greasy squishy fry girl and damn those thin fries are greasy and squishy and yum yum yummy. i also had wendys fries tonight. i know, fatty much. nah, the brosef picked up a late night dinner and well, you cant sit in a car with fries and not have any. now, although wendys is not my fave in the fries dept, i still managed to scarf down 8 in the blink of an eye. damn the fries yet i love the fries!

if youve got any contenders or possible contenders for the top ten fries, holla at a girl.

special mention:
hi. madonna is on thursday. awesome.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


its been really nutty lately. busy lately. crazy lately. tiring lately. so instead focusing on one topic and banging out a quality post, im gonna spit out my thoughts so my brain can feel a lot less uncluttered.

1. its like official. august bitches. ues bitches. the checks been written. the papers been faxed. furniture shopping and packing is next up. nuts and nuts. excited and excited. freedom and freedom. responsibility and responsibility. slut and slut. yes and yes.

2. i aint missing you at all. jk. gio, ich, join. gonna miss yous the mostest. i cant even think about it. im tearing up already. i know we'll still see each other but at the same time its gonna be completely different. oh so much to discuss with jill r. jill r. another one to miss :(

3. aaron spelling. rip. a legend. the creator and mastermind of 90210. the one and only good program of '90s television. donna martins gonna have the biggest bd.

4. time goes by, so slowly. times goes by. so slowly. not really! times flying fast at the same time not fast enough. thursday night. party time with her madgesty! im totally wearing my oy vey wife beater to the concert.

5. summertime mission: make contacts with fox, idol, or pop tarts. reason: backstage access to idol concert. ace (and pace) young here we come. yummy yum yum :)

special mention:
premier diner. premier omelettes.
best buy registry. genius.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hes smooth

i know. im like the only person on this planet that watches the hills and i must admit, the first few eps werent as entertaining as id hoped they would be. but tonight. tonights eps was gonna be epic bc its the return of jason. the bad boy who crushed laurens heart when he kissed his ex jessica right in front of her. ouch. lauren broke things off with him right after but her feelings for that rugged face never went away. i was anxious to see how this man of few words - those being yeah, no, wha, huh, and my all time fave yesnoidontknow - would win lauren back. we all know these two are still together bc they have become g-list stars since their turns on laguna beach (way further down than fellow alum kristin cavallari: shes e-list). so how did jason do it.

all i have to say is 29 minutes into the show (its a half hour program) this mama wasnt impressed. it wasnt until the last minute that i was like, uh huh id go back to that and hit it once, twice, hell! whenever he wants it. lauren and jason go to the movies. jason drops lauren off right in front of her door. he opens the car door for her (it was a dark grey range rover that he was drivin' for those shallow readers that wanna know). she says thanks and they hug goodbye. oh ho ho, but thats not all.

as they part ways from their hug, he somehow manages to say, "it was nice seeing you" while grabbing her face with his two hands and then laying a big wet one on her. ok, so the kiss didnt look too amazing but the way he maneuvered his way there was tre impressive. tre smooth. very tre unlike his huh, wha, yeah persona. hotness! we all know lauren thought it was the hotness too bc she walked away with her fingers gracing her lips and googliness in her eyes. oh best feeling. yay for lc! hit that shit!

special mention: yes theyre back!
jamie: the madonna tickets have already been charged to my card. youre gonna have to give me money for yours when i see you.
cassie (me): oh man, i think i ran out of checks. im gonna see if i need to get more.
jamie: i accept cash.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

jack and jamie: the hiz fo riz

havent written in a while. havent been inspired in a while. there are a few things that have been ticklin' my fancy. seriously, almost taken over my mind. the first is jamie kennedy and stu stone. yeah, i have the rollin' w/saget vid below but im really startin' to dig their other songs too. you can check them out at their purevolume page or jamies official myspace profile. i even have my current fave, 1984 on my own profile. wheres the beef beef beef wheres the beef! its addicting as a mofo.

of course i watched blowin' up tonight but what followed right after was beyond my control yet it almost felt magnetic to my thoughts. following the new ep was a sneak peek of nacho libre. nachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! the more i see clips and trailers of this flick, the more excited i get to see it. nacho libre is currently my wallpaper and screensaver at work. i know. im such a jack black lunatic-in fan. now that i think about it, jack black and jamie kennedy have more in common than i thought.

1. actors - comedic actors but actors nonetheless with pretty successful flicks under their belt.

2. musicians - comedic musicians but talented musicians nonetheless. they both make me laugh out loud while leaving me awe with their musical greatness.

3. sidekicks - kg for jb and stu the jew for jamie kennedy. the more famous halfs think theyre in control but its really the sidekicks callin' the shots.

4. money money money money - i dont know about you but both jack black and jamie kennedy are gonna get some of my nuggets bc i am planning on watching nacho libre and purchasing jamie kennedys (and stu stones) album as soon as it drops. im so excited!

to help you get just as excited as i am heres another fun trailer for nacho libre.
"when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants... it is for fun."

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

fortune cookie wisdom

the joinaclub took me out to a nice dinner at empire tonight. as usual, we picked our fortune cookie and read our fortunes out loud. the join said my fortune was totally me. hmmmm:

"successful leader knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way."

clever proverb or just dr seuss-ish?

illest m-f'er in a cardigan sweater

you know i love my b-rad g. i usually would dismiss shows like jamie kennedys blowin' up but i knew if it was anything like malibus most wanted, itd be all good. and guess what? i was right. here is a quality product from the show. its jamie, his sidekick stu stone and bob saget, the illest motherfucker in a cardigan sweater. enjoy.
jamie kennedy and stu stone ft bob saget: rollin' w/saget

Monday, June 05, 2006

piven perfection

so i may not go into the city after work to watch the spring break '06 (aka jamie is the best bubulah) dvd. as i took ichford for a driving lesson he reminded me that we need to make a trip to best buy to pick up the entourage season 2 dvd. holla! just in time for the season 3 premiere on sunday. ah, to get ready and excited here is my fave ari clip of all time. such an f-in genius!