Monday, November 28, 2005

counter part - nice guys

so the aim and i were discussing the three groups of guys that are out there and she quickly reminded me of another group of guys that existed. well, theyre not exactly in a group of their own. its more like a counter part of one of the three groups: the nice guys. yes there are nice guys out there but theyre never just a nice guy. nice guys are usually also weirdos and sometimes psychos. the really smart psychos are nice guys because while theyre abusing you they also make you feel like the bad guy by being so damn nice at the same time. its possible. its twisted but totally possible. there are nice assholes out there but they can never be true nice guys because theyre asshole-ness just overpowers the nice-ness.

nice guys are easy to pick out. theyre usually extra sensitive and dont give off that aura you get from the pompous assholes. a pompous asshole thinks hes cool and feels the need to show that off immensely which in the long run just makes him look like a moron (and this is when you laugh in his face). nice guys never show off because theyre muy sensitivo and dont think theyre all that. if anything theyre seeking for reassurance like a little 12 year old girl but unlike a girl, they dont fish for compliments. no, they get them through sympathy. a guy who cries on a girls shoulder always gets laid. always.

nice guys tend to be raised by their mothers. sons of single mothers are sen.sit.ive. they love their mommies and would never want to inflict the pain that their mommies had to endure on another female. but then thats when the weirdo or psycho part comes in. they can be weirdos in the strange ways of protecting a girl or a psycho with the lengths they will go to protect her. most will be mushy because they can deal with their sensitive side. its the extra pheromones theyve been surrounded by when growing up. ok, i dont know if thats a fact or not but it could be. totally.

i think thats why relationships are such hard work. because everyone is such a different combo: nice weirdo, psycho asshole, nice psycho, etc... which combos of guys work with which type of girls (which i will get to later on)? i say if the fun times are worth the fight, keep on keepin on but if the work aint worth relationship, drop it like its hot, drop drop it like its hot.

special mention:
jamie comtemplating on what to do with a certain "nice" asshole
jamie: i can keep him on the side.
cassie: yeah man, hes not even appetizer worthy.
jamie: i need to find me a turkey.
cassie: totally.
jamie: yeah. dont wanna overdo it on the gravy. it ruins the turkey.

words of wisdom on how to deal with the "nice" assholes in life. make 'em gravy.

ps - when did i become carrie bradshaw? minus the mr big and aidan of course. heck, id even take an aleksandr petrovsky. ok, no i wouldnt. maybe a jack berger. who am i kidding, just get me a bacon cheeseburger and paint me happy.


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