Wednesday, March 10, 2010

american idol - top 8 ladies of 2010

i literally havent written here since last year. what prompted me to blog again was idol. yes, im watching it again. well at least on tuesday nights when babe - thats the bf for those not in the know and ill be referring to him by that name from now on - has class and i get the tv all to my sweet self. *to give babe some credit - and he loves getting credit - his tolerance for my "bullshit" tv has gotten much much better. the other week he sat through an entire hour of idol and even sits through about 10 mins of real housewives (of any city!) before gagging and going into a seizure. baby steps. no one can change overnight, or over 3 years. lol.* so ive watched the girls perform on 2 separate nights yet i always manage to miss the boys. and honestly, i have no interest in watching the guys this year bc a. simon called it the year of the ladies and b. the korean dude already got kicked off. yes i think koreans are krazy but a small part of me is bursting with kp (korean pride... i know! who knew i even had any) and always buzzes when i see a semi-famous k-dog on tv. especially when its a korean dude pitching against the yankees. emotional conflict much? thank goodness the yanks signed chan ho park. hopefully he doesnt suck bc yankee fans tell it like it is. even if youre a yankee, if you suck, the fans will let you know it.
anyway, im going off on an unrelated tangent. this is about idol! so while i was watching this surprisingly short (only 1 hour?!) ep of the ladies performances - i knew something was up when they went straight into the performances and cut out the weekly montages with facts about each contestant that we could care less about - i decided to text myself some really short notes about each performance in case i wanted to blog about it. here are my notes (i wanted to include pics but i forgot my photobucket password):
    contestant: katie
    song: breakaway by kelly clarkson
    notes: eh
    texted a vote? NO
    contestant: siobhan
    song: house of the rising sun by the animals
    notes: vote is in!
    texted a vote? YES
    contestant: lacey
    song: the story by brandi carlisle
    notes: cute song.
    texted a vote? NO
    contestant: katelyn
    song: i feel the earth move by carole king
    notes: proactiv commercial. word.
    texted a vote? NO
    contestant: didi
    song: rhiannon by fleetwood mac
    notes: redhead (not sure why i wrote that bc shes blonde. i guess she looked evil like a redhead.)
    texted a vote? NO
    contestant: paige
    song: smile by nat king cole
    notes: forgettable. next.
    texted a vote? NO
    contestant: crystal
    song: give me one reason by tracey chapman
    notes: awesome. vote is in!
    texted a vote? YES
    contestant: lilly
    song: i fall to pieces by patsy kline
    notes: strange but i like her.
    texted a vote? YES
i voted for 3 out of the 8 ladies and of course my 3 were the odd balls. they were definitely the strange goth, drama geek, or just plain po' kids in hs.
hey, if the cheesy blondes had good voices, i wouldve voted for them too, maybe. didi. ah, sweet skinny bitch didi. she has a sweet voice but i just cant see the ability to BUST OUT coming from her. katelyn. oh sweet cheesy katelyn. i dont think she'll go very far on ai but shes got proactiv commercial written all over her face - well her forehead and neck. dont matter how much makeup you got on girly, i can see right through the cakeness. besides, im sure proactiv pays well. why the crap would p diddy even get on the proactiv train. you know hes all about the benjamins baby.
i really liked the song lacey sang but every time i hear her sing i think im watching an ep of greys anatomy. oh and shes the redhead, albeit its fake red hair. dont matter. red hair = cannot be trusted. redhead females = evil conniving whorebags.
katie, the diana degarmo of this season, has been pretty disappointing. oy paige, i lied when i said her perf was forgettable. i remember it, and not with good thoughts. again, disappointing.
will i be watching the guys tonight? not sure. most likely not. will i blog about idol again this year? id like to. maybe when the top 12 is chosen. do they still do wild cards? bring john park back. and tell him to not pick a jason mraz song next time.