Thursday, November 08, 2007

the l train beat my face

literally. check out the pic:

and that was taken a day after the incident. seriously, a lil trip turned into one of the most traumatic commuting experiences of my life.

so i woke up tuesday with a fun agenda for the day. go to work, meet le join after work at forever 21 to burn a lil hole in the gift card dee and bri got me for my bday, then to my mans bk crib. well, none of that happened.

i got dressed for the day and proceeded to the l train to get myself to work at a decent time. ive been trying to get in earlier and i especially wanted to get to my cube early so i could leave at a normal time for some shopping.

with the fun day ahead of me, i walked to the l train in a pretty good mood. so i swiped my card and proceeded down the steps. for the past few weeks, everytime i would walk down a flight a stairs (which happens everyday as the mta in my main mode of transportation) i felt like i was about to fall. of course the one time i didnt get that uneasy feeling, BLAM! well, it was more like, bum bum bum bum whoaaa bum bum bum bum BANG. the bums is my legs sliding down a half flight of steps and the last BANG is my face hitting the handrail. yes, my face! the most surprising thing is that two girls stopped and stayed with me for a few mins. of course the first words outta my mouth was, "hows my nose?"

one of the girls said, "its not bleeding" which was followed by, "oh no, it is bleeding." cruisazy crazy. i was terrified id broken the beautiful nose ive had for 11 years. ah. i let the girls go when i saw the train coming. no use in having them late to their jobs. i had to sit for awhile and gather whatever composure i had left in me. an mta employee came up to me and asked if id like an ambulance. i declined. im a tough chica. besides, even though i have insurance, i really didnt want to deal with another bill.

so i got up and went outside to call my bosses. there was no way i was going to work today. i almost broke my most precious posession. maybe its bc aunt flo was coming to town but i started crying when i got on the phone. it was raining, my nose was bleeding, a station full of people saw me surf the stairs, and i had a bump on my face that was growing with each passing second. ok fine, my crying was justifiable.

thankfully, my bosses were totally understandable and told me to go home and stay home. and im great at following orders so thats exactly what i did. i went home and iced my face. i was literally too frightened to look at myself until i got home. im so glad i live in nyc. in any other city, id be a freak. in this one, i just looked like a regular.

most people know this story already but i thought i would document it. damn. it was tre tre tre traumatic. but really, what really compelled me to write this was the fact that i have a special mention. my bro gave me the best quote ever. obv, he did NOT have a quasimodo week like i have had.

special mention:
rich: i look so good i dont even look asian.

after buying new clothes


Blogger I'm Not A Publicist said...

oh mama, that ain't no fun! well, i'm sure you still look hot! holla!

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