Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2006 - a look back

since it is december and all, i cant help but look back on the year and start making the best and worst of lists, etc... anyway, to help remind myself of this past years goings ons i went back to my archives and started reading. lo and behold, i wrote a list of goals for 2006 back in january. the coolest thing is, i think ive reached each goal or came close to it.
  1. diet is die with a t - ok fine. so i havent stuck to a diet. so i havent been to a gym at all in 2006. but diet is die with a t and well, ive learned restricting myself to things i love just makes me mucho unhappy. besides, ive come to a nice place (mentally) with myself. i dont love love love my body, but i dont hate hate hate it either. plus, my appetite has shrunk to a good size. i think its all the free meals i get at work. i dont wanna look like a beast in front of work folk so i dont eat huge meals with them and when i get home, my belly cant handle huge amounts of food bc its taken in so little during the day. plus, ive been walking el gio mucho mucho mucho. who needs an elliptical when ive got my moo moo kachoo!
  2. summer '06 will be independence day - ok ok ok, so it wasnt summer '06 but 10.26.06 but at least it was in '06. yeah bitches, this mama is finally where she belongs - in nyc. summer '06 was the start of my city life though. its when i got my kickin' job in midtown. after the job (and lots and lots of paperwork) the apt followed. love the job, love the apt, love everything. love love love. what do i love most about being on my own: eating in bed, smoking in bed, ****ing in bed. guess i love my bed too.
  3. more sex in 2006 - speaking of ****ing, i think ive fulfilled this lil goal. didnt think it was gonna happen. especially the first 7 months of the year. ok so i had my lil rendevous with wheelie in month 5 but considering his sitch, there would be no sex between us. jeepers. after some crazy winking, someone finally bit my bait and the sex'in soon followed. late night, midday, his place, my place, whenever, wherever. i totally liked this goal. just may add it to next years list as well. (seriously, why am i such a ho?)
  4. no more spirals - i wasnt talkin about pasta either. nah, i think the number of downward spirals has gone down tremendously this year. besides my mega lighter bd back in the bahamas, i think the waters have been pretty smooth. i seriously ran out of things to complain about to jill r during my last few months with her. and its also been a few months since i last saw her and i havent had a major or minor bd. things have been changing around me yet ive managed to stay composed. jill r has taught me so well. ill probably look for another therapist soon. even though im pretty happy, deep inside im still a nutcase. its the chun in me.
  5. carrie bradshaw/doogie howser - ok ok ok, ive tried my best to keep up with my blogging this year but lets face it, i get bloggers block at times. if the well is dry, you aint gettin no water and there have been times ive left my readers thirsty. sorry brosefs. id rather leave a blank space than fill it with shit. thats just how i flow. although ive produced some stellar writings this year, i think im most proud of my blogger spawn: my brosefs.

so the year is almost over. just a few more short weeks. have lots of parties to look forward to, a few more to drag myself to, and then the holidays to celebrate. xmas will be interesting... a wish list will be compiled in a week or so, and new years should be even more interesting. i just hope ill get my lazy ass to the gym before nye. i wanna look hot and snag me a fun new years kiss this year ;)

special mention:
the i.d.


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