Wednesday, April 20, 2005

one of my fave holidaze (ew. im cheesy)

happy 420 everyone. happy happy 4! no different than any other day but still, gotta recognize the wonderful powers of my fave greens. def one of my top three holidays. actually, definitely in the top two. cant decide about the what day deserves the number three spot. heres the short list of my fave holidays and the reasons why they claim the spot they have:

1. thanksgiving. yeah yeah. day of thanks. blah blah blah. you probably thought xmas would claim this spot but the reasons for why it isnt will follow a few paragraphs down (and no. its not bc i secretly wished i grew up celebrating hannukah although thats kinda true too.)

gifts are great. no doubt about it but food. i love me food. a day dedicated to feasting. what is better than that. although this past thanksgiving wasnt very traditional - me and my brosef rich (aka ichard as ive been calling him these days) had a lovely meal at benihana. so yum. so even though there was no turkey and trimming shared with a big merry fam, i still had a very delectable meal with a loved one. thats the whole point of this holiday. sharing good food with the people you love. best holiday in my book!

2. 420. of course. my next fave thing to food is the greens. so a day dedicated to appreciating this is so kickass awesome. ah. and the weather is b.e.a.utiful! best combo. greens and sun. and maybe a dunkin donuts iced coffee too.

3. xmas or bday. ok, bdays arent really holidays but neither is 420 so this can stay on the list. the obvious reason why these would be on anyones list is easy: presents! and love but presents!
bdays have a small advantage bc it brings tons of attention just for you. xmas has family gatherings but if you hate your fam, it can be a minus. so the minuses for each:

bdays: dir. the obvious what comes with every bday. another year. another year to add to your age therefore getting old. yeah. this year may be a little brutal for me as i am approaching the mid-twenties mark but i see it this way...

thirties are the new twenties. when youre in your thirties, youve already become who youre supposed to be. steady job, steady love(hopefully), steady self image. steady steady steady. nice. i personally think women look their best when theyre in their thirties and if not, then they are completely comfortable with how they look. either way, its a win-win situation. so im kinda looking forward to it. (this may also change to when the bday gets closer). so the bday minus is old age. never fun.

xmas: i know. how can anyone hate such a merry holiday. merry xmas. but come december, you can call me cass mcgrinch. oy. the long lines, crowded malls, holiday traffic, the bills, bills, bills. and if youre not a fan of spending qual time with the fam, heres another minus to your list. yeah, getting gifts is fun. i personally like giving gifts more. the pain is the bills after youve enjoyed spreading your joy to your loved ones. the bills and yes, the holiday pounds. those add up just as quickly as your bills do. nice merry holiday.

in conclusion. my two fave holidays are thanksgiving and 420 - food and pot. hmm. sounds about right to me ;)


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