Wednesday, October 12, 2005

cheetos... munchie of choice?

so last week was the season premiere of degrassi. it was all about manny being a ho and getting caught, the usual 'grassi drama but the preview clip for the next ep had me yelling (out of happiness and excitement). it was something along of the lines of "always ambitious. always focused. always in control. until now." cut to paige saying, "i am so... high!" paige and the ganj! could it be true? two of my loves (not paige, degrassi) coming together? you know i have a countdown til this ep airs. oh the excitement thats building up. like the true fan/stalker that i am of the show, i went to the-n to see if they would reveal any other little tidbits of the ep. the main pic up is this:

so paige gets high with bad girl alex and then munches on cheetos. well thats what im assuming from the photo. why is it that when people think of munchies, cheetos pops up first. i have a feeling britney has something to do with it. cheetos are a good snack to munch on but theyre not number one on my list of what to eat after a fun sess. they turn your fingers orange and cut the roof your mouth. oh yeah man, i know my munchies. so here is my list of faves:
  1. extra crispy fries with melted cheese, side of gravy - partner that bad boy up with a nice chocolate milkshake and call it a night. moonstruck is the best (reminiscent of smokin' and dyin' nights with gayliestar at the peach pit) but any diner will do. fries must be extra crispy!

  2. spinach and feta omelette breakfast - when i get to wake n bake with close buds (usually the jiller) best way to follow a mornin' sess is a hearty bkfst. mcdonalds breakfast is the best cure for a hangover hands down but a wake n bake deserves a sit down meal. omelettes are the best at thomas's but ive said it once and ill say it again, any diner will do.

  3. home food - yeah home cooking is great but whats best about food at home is that its FREE! being free makes the food taste even better. yummy!

so you know where ill be friday night at 8pm. on my couch watching paige gettin hizzle with a-lizzle. maybe ill watch with a bag of cheetos too ;)

as i am still living at home on long island, my friend adam is living on the island i am vying to move to: manhattan. anyway, if you wanna read about some fun city livin' read adams blog. you can thank me later.


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