Wednesday, October 26, 2005

get *nto my car

im mad at myself. mad that i let this slip right through my fingers. how could i? how could i not know about this cd? nonetheless, i know now and ima very very excited. my closest friends know that i wasnt always a fan of jtim and co. nah, back in the heyday of boybands, circa '98-'00, i was a true diehard (im even, ok really embarassed to admit it) backstreet boys fan. yeah man. little man littrell got my heart beating faster than the roadrunner. his cute face, his angelic voice, whats not to love. and you cant tell me you never wanna bust out when you hear backstreets back or sing along when i want it that way comes on. yeah man, i had my reasons to love the bsb but ah, when shape of my heart came out, they lost mine and i switched over to *nsync. i was still trying to hold on to my roots when bye bye bye came out but i let go after the release of its gonna be me. i still think backstreets voices blow nsync outta the water but when it comes to the dance moves, its nsync hands down. nick carter cant move his fat ass around as great as nsyncs worse dancer, mr lance "still the in closet with a pretty bad nose job" bass.

so, to celebrate the release of this greatest hits cd, which i know i will enjoy a boatload more than bsbs the hits: chapter one, im gonna go down the list of tracks and reminisce the *nsync glory days:
  1. bye bye bye - lets face. its one of *nsyncs best sing along songs and dance along dances. oh yeah. i think this was one of the most performed songs on mtvs say what karaoke. it might have also been one of the first appearances of the j-fro. no, not a jew-fro but the j-fro ala jtim. he was trying to shed his little boy image with a chia pet on his head. who am i kidding, jtim is just a good looking man. very yummylicious!

  2. girlfriend f/t nelly - i loved this when it came out bc they sing the word "girlfriend" like i say it, accent on the "girl" but long on the "friend". also features the boys dancing on top of cars and chilling with the united colors of benetton girls. of course they stuck the pretty asian girl with jc bc jc is supposed to the the freaky deeky sex fiend of the group and the freaky ones must always be paired with the asian girls so they can have their way with them. argh. damn stereotypes. we all know the truth though. jc is a skinny little man who is probably in the closet himself but sleeps around with little girls to suppress his feelings. hmmm. he should chill with bandmate lance.

  3. this i promise you - a richard marx song. you cant go wrong. the man knows his ballads. best car/karaoke song. so many bust out moments (especially jcs solos). i never really liked the video: them singing in a forest with bubbles and ending up sitting at an outdoor cafe (random!) but the live version from their concert at madison square garden was the first time i noticed jtims muscular arms and thought "honey hello! chia head became a hottie!"

  4. its gonna be me - ok bye bye bye mightve had a kickass dance but i prefer the cross legged jump around v formation switch it up glide glide dance to this tune. i cant do it as well as my britney oops dance, that one is killer, but this one is almost say what worthy. ok maybe say what spring break edition worthy.

  5. got mustve spent a little more time on you - this damn ballad. it was fighting against bsb all i have to give for the number spot on trl back when it was called total request live. bsb totally deserved the top spot. not only it is one of their best ballads but the boys even dance to it. with hats. and chairs. but this was when nick was skinny so he moved a lot better. now hes a fat raging drunk... tonight on vh1s behind the music... or e! true hollywood story.

  6. i want you back - the groups first single. ha. dee thought chris kirkpatricks harmonizing was just a really bad female backup singer and thus mr k takes his role in the group. still, i always manage to pump this up when it comes on radio and bust out to it. damn catchy songs. gotta love boy bands.

  7. pop - dirrrrrrrrrty pop. this song was the originator of the dirrrty south rrrrrrrrrrrs. i love this video because hottie choreographer wade robson was the fat ones stand in after joey busted his leg during tour rehearsal. the grueling life of pop stars.

  8. gone - the true jtim and co song. jtim shouldve saved this one for his solo album. the video was interesting as it featured this fine young buck rolling around in the grass with a 6ft model. another day in the life of a pop star. a hot pop star. damn. timberlakes got good karma. take that back. hes still with cammie d proving that no ones life is perfect.

  9. tearin' up my heart - oh, do you know they choreographed the main dance to this song all on their own? the kick flip turning jump and everything. tal-en-ted! you know what i like to do when im in the privacy of my own car: put this song on and replace "heart" with "crotch". "its tearin' up my crotch when im with you/but when we are apart i feel it too/and no matter what i do i feel the pain/with or without you." ha. a song about a nasty present from a loved one. i know. im a crazy perv.

  10. thinking of you (i drive myself crazy) - this video is pretty hilarious. who knew nut houses provide silk pjs in a variety of colors. honestly, any song with a chris kirkpatrick solo should be burned (and not onto a cd). ah who am i kidding, id sing along to this one too. damn boy bands! you cant resist.

  11. ill never stop - "...until youre mine/i can wait forever til the end of time" i cant remember if ive heard this song before because one of my crazy sisters downloaded obscure nsync songs during the napster heyday or if this was on the cd of bonus britney and nsync tracks from mcdonalds. if you google the song youll see it was asia bound. record companys usually put the crap tracks on the international cds because who cares what the foreingers think and theyll eat up anything as long as there are cute faces on the cd cover. eh, its still a good sing along song.

  12. music of my heart f/t gloria estefan - "come on shake your body baby do the conga/no you cant control yourself any longer" alas, no cuban beats in this song. i think this is the one and only song i would skip on this album. i love ms estefan but no me encanta/gusta este cancion.

i really miss the cheesy boy band days. im glad i found out about this cd. its getting me pumped up for k-town karaoke this saturday night. oh, the nsync, hanson, soul decision, 98 degrees, all coming out!


Anonymous diane said...

"i'll never stop" was so my find biatch! at first you fronted like you hated it but i knew you secretly wanted to sing along with jtim ("writing letters to my garbage can" best line ever.

didn't we make a bet on who sang the backup vocals on "i want you back"? obviously you won cause i swore it was a black chick, but no it was the talented voice of chris kirkpatrick...hahah too funny.

11:05 PM  

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