Monday, May 18, 2009

fam flippin summer

i have a feeling this summer, the weekends will be fam filled. im guessing more weekends will be in jerz than li bc a. jerz has got the pool and b. ew, li sucks. but since making up with miss dee (yes we made up!), and seeing how happy it makes my parents to see all of their children under one roof, ill try to make more of an effort to get out there via lirr bc the lie is like the worst torture i can ever put my man through. his road rage + the lie = an explosion worse than chernobyl. i for one dont want to sit through that and will avoid it at all possible costs ($14 for 2 off peak tix, $28 round trip).

we spent mothers day in jerz. my mans parents and bro came to doto in the morn with bagels and then we trekked it back to jerz with them to spend the afternoon by the pool. alas i skipped the pool and headed straight to bed. damn bagel and lox. it tastes so good but knocks me right out. the last time i ate it, it sent me into a 4 hour coma. this time, my coma-like nap lasted a lil under 2 hours. whatevs. after my nap we headed down to my mans grandparents house for a cute lil dinner of jersey sloppy joes and my homemade cupcakes. yum and yum.

this past weekend we went out to li to celebrate a belated mothers day with the maj. did a lil shopping at target and the korean supermarket. man, maj was damn happy. perma-grin all day... well until the subject of le joins (the current f- up of the fam) phone bill came up. ugh. wont go into details but it had most of the fam yelling at each other. other than that, we had a delish bbq, walked to my old middle school and spent some time in the fields. good times were had.

already the next two weekends are planned out. and again, this weekend is jerz time for my mans parents annual memorial day start of the summer party. everyone whos invited looks forward to this event. must go to old navy to get a new bikini. sure the a-teams jappy daughters (hey man, i call em like i see em) will be in some name brand crap, with their tight flat bellys and big big boobies (why do the jewish girls get the skinny bods with big boobs?) while im chillin in my $12 a piece bikini ala old navy or target. whatever man. im there for the food... and random shot(s) of patron silver. ah, they know how to throw a party.

next weekend we're headed back out to li. my aunt from korea is coming to town. shes the majs youngest sister. the baby sister. i havent seen her in 15 years!!! more than half my life. im sure le join will give her the (fake) scoop about me and my man before we get to li. homegirl knows how to paint a picture and im sure her portrait of me aint gonna be pretty. she may have her verbal paint brushes but i got something else. i gots the truth. plus, im awesome. plus, i have a super tall and super adorable bf. what does le join got? just a lot of debt (OH!).

im actually excited to see my aunt and show off my fab bf and my fun life. i want her to come to doto and see our awesome apt. maybe even make dinner for her and my parents. seriously, im totally enjoying being all domestic. i totally need a cute apron to wear when i cook. my baking is ooc. yes baking with an actual oven although i do kinda miss the other kind of baking. i know we wont start any time soon, i mean its only been 28 days (whoa, 2 days til 30 and 17 til 45 days). now im deciding if and how i should start again. the hiatus has been so good to my wallet and waist. plus, its been kinda nice not having to worry about how the apt smells. ah. ill cross that bridge when i come to it.

hope everyones summer is looking to be fun. oh yeah, my company decided to take away our summer fridays this year. bastards! plus, my june and july at work is looking kinda cuh-razy. like possible coming into work on sundays cuh-razy. i dont care, im fitting in some pool time as much as i can. mama looks so good with a tan and considering we wont be going back to anguilla til january, i must get in some jersey sun. ah, and miss dees baby shower will probably be in august. i want that baby to come so i can play with her. i know, selfish aunt cass. whatevs, more like sane aunt cass who baby zoe can go to when shit gets cuh-razy at home. yeah, im awesome :)


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