Monday, July 18, 2005

the brie incident: ew. i think i just ate her gonorrhea

pet peeves. everyones got a few. i think people with ocd have the most but their pet peeves become their obsessions hence the o in ocd. no. i dont have ocd but ive lived with a person who had a very very very bad case of it. the cleaning, the lists, the color coding, the girl had all the symptoms. anyway, when you live in close quarters with someone who is like that, some of those habits rub off on you but since youre not loco, you dont become obsessive, instead you just have a long list of pet peeves. so thats me. not ocd but pet peeve'in. argh. so heres my latest encounter with a very understandable pet peeve.

brie. we all know i love me cheese. so i was in the supermarket last week, i decided to purchase a wheel of brie. i worked hard. i deserved my delicious cheese. so i bought my fun wheel and cut myself a nice slice and was in heaven. yum. later that night, i noticed ocd girl with my brie (without asking!) and just let it slide. its just cheese after all and i cant eat the whole wheel by myself so i decided to just let it go. share the wealth. well well well. ocd girl aint so obsessive anymore and has in fact pulled a 180 and has become the opposite of an ocd bitch - a nasty dirty slobby bitch. thats right. im using fightin' words because im in the mood for fightin'!

anyway, the next day, i opened the fridge and took out my lovely brie and noticed that the slobby bitch didnt cut out a slice. instead, she cut out a hole (left the end of what wouldve been a slice on the wheel). ARGH!!! i was pissed but tried to keep my composure and cut myself a slice with the nasty end that bitch left on. as i ate the delish cheese i realized, "ew. i think i just ate her gonorrhea."

so not only did the slobby ho make the brie look like a mess, she also dangerously left her nasty std infested piece on the wheel. she ate directly from the wheel instead of cutting a piece out for herself. not only did the wheel look ugly, it now has std germs on it. thanks slut.

at least you got your nasty disease from doing the nasty. i might have it by ingesting the gross germs you left on my brie! argh. happy monday everyone. lets all meet up at chachkis.


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