Tuesday, July 26, 2005

domino effect ala laguna beach

we got more bounce in california... the new season of laguna beach. looooooovvvvvvveeeeeeedddddd it! the ep had me grasping me open mouth in shock! - and that was before the first commercial break. oh that kristin. i always said she had spunk. the ep had a nice little start, giving us a quick montage of the old cast coming home for winter break. kristin obviously enjoyed being a senior - wreaking havoc without stephen (while gloating the fact that he still calls her "like every other day") and then later dropping the biggest bomb on him: she wants to date other people while hes home. ouch. their short reunion was one of the most intense 30 seconds of television ever. you know stephen was fighting back tears behind his shades. i love it!

after the news quickly spread about the end of kristin and stephen, christina and morgan (easily) predicted the events of los xmas party: kristin will be dunzo on stephen, stephen will be trying to win her back while lc will be following stephen around like a little puppy dog hoping that he will turn around and realize he should be with her. what the two didnt predict was how bitchy and childish kristin would act. being all over every guy except stephen and then loudly announcing her new boyfriend. so so wrong but so so entertaining! the joinaclub called out kristins master plan in two seconds. kristin didnt really like stephen, she only stayed to:
a. keep him away from lc
b. get casted on the first season which would eventually lead to
c. getting her own season just like her archnemesis lc did.

now that i think about it, kristins master plan wasnt to use stephen but to hurt lc in every possible way. steal the man she wants and her thunder too. man, kristin is more evil than i thought. shes a genius!

not only did she get what she wanted, she also broke a frail little boy. a frail little boy who will go running to lc. running to lc with his hurt feelings but his heart will still be with kristin. and where will lcs heart be. with stephen. kristin started a whole domino effect. making people fall for others who are just not interested in them. dominos i tell ya. the girlies playing dominos.


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