Monday, July 18, 2005

whos that ho? (entourage style)

so i ended my weekend the way i do every sunday night - watching the newest ep of entourage. the ep was good, the boys went to sundance to premiere their indie flick queens boulevard and the ep was chock full of cameos from big wig hollywood-ers and indie starlets. the biggest surprise was when this face popped up onscreen:

who is this you ask? its angela from road rules x-treme. ok, im not gonna lie. ive never even watched an entire ep of that show but girlie was also on the real world/road rules challenge: battle of the sexes 2. she was the one that the bitchy challenge veteran whores gave a hard time to and was the one who did or didnt hook up with frank from real world las vegas(the sad loser who let steven and trishelle hook up on top him, literally). anyway, home girl is breaking out of the mtv shell and actually got a gig, a cool one too. she even has her own website. i only checked it out to make sure that my assumptions were right. and they were!

hehe, i wonder what the mean girls of the rw/rr challenges are doing now:

haha bitches. nice guys may finish last but mean girls have to do challenges and sell t-shirts online to make a living. yeah angela, keep making out with vincent chase in hot tubs. you go ho!


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