Tuesday, July 12, 2005

damn you kang ta!

kbs. its really affected my regular channel surfing tremendously. argh. it started off with one show and has snowballed into me watching two shows regularly. the subtitles just suck you right in. the first show that i started watching is a half hour drama and didnt really affect my channel surfing too much because its on from 9-9:30pm m-f and anything that i would watch at that time would be reruns anyway - especially during the summer.

so on mondays on tuesdays, theres another show that follows my beloved drama and its an hour long. how did i get sucked into this one you ask? because it had a somewhat familiar face:

pretty face right? yeah. so about ten years ago, joinaclub was shipped off to a teen tour in korea for the summer. anyway, long story short she came back brainwashed with all this korean pop culture and had an acute obsession with h.o.t. anyway, the pretty face above is kang ta and he was the lead singer of that "hot" band. joinaclub nearly had a heart attack when she saw his face on our big screen. anyway, we started watching his damn show and got hooked. its only been about a few weeks and i didnt mind so much that i was spending an hour and half watching korean programming rather than my usual mindless programming but man oh man was i upset last night. the show ended a few minutes early so i immediately started channel surfing and guess what i caught the ending of?

the pretty faces of laguna beach and no, it was not a rerun! it was a season two preview. argh. the few minutes that i did catch were very tantalizing. oh my love triangle is back and better than ever:

ste-phen is two timing the gorgeous lc and the cute and spunky kristin by sending them flowers and whatnot. i love it i love it i love it but i dont love that i missed the first 27 minutes of the preview.

man am i torn. its nice to get a little taste of my roots yet it is so hard to be ripped away from the life i live (or watch) now. hmmm, cheesy korean dramas with subtitles or gorgeous rich teens in laguna running amuck. what a toss up.


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