Monday, July 11, 2005

who you think you is homey?

bobby brown. man, his show is damn addicting. ok, so bravo keeps playing the same two eps over and over again but i dont care. its like a simpsons ep, every time you watch you notice a new thing. seriously, i see bobby and whitney in a completely different light now.

yes. i still think theyre out of their minds but at the same time, i understand them a little more. bobby brown loves his fans. actually, just anyone who notices him. maybe its because hes been out of the spotlight for years and appreciates any person who even remembers him but still, he always stops to give his fans pics and autographs and even rent money. yeah man, rent money.

whitney. whitney is a good person. shes just a tired diva. and seriously, people are very rude. just because the woman is rich and famous doesnt mean she wants to be pestered by fans while shes trying to eat with her fam. ridiculous. but other than her children only get pics rule, shes not too diva-like.

i love the scenes with the random dancing. i love how whitney just randomly sings while shes talking. its too great. oh, and the kids. see, i knew bobby brown was a good father because as soon as he got out of jail, he went straight to boston to see his kids. not his wife, not his dealer, the kiddies. good stuff.

bobbi kris. i think its all about bobbi kris. bobby and whitneys only child. another one of my favorite scenes is when bobby and whitney come back to their hotel room after dinner and their kids are running buck wild. then, bobbi kris shoves bobby and goes, "who you think you is homey?" man i love it.

but poor bobbi kris. little girls got weight problems already. whitney is trying to be sympathetic about it and all bobby does is say, "shes a brown woman. not a houston." and whitney agreed. mr bobby brown. the person he loves most is himself. he loves himself so much that he named his son bobby jr and his daughter bobbi. jeepers.

with all these crazy antics, its no wonder i cant keep my eyes peeled from the show. i love it. reruns and all.


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