Friday, July 22, 2005

dont forget to take deep breaths

my brother bought me this cd a few months ago and i got hooked. the academy is is a pretty damn good band. the songs are damn good. the lyrics are damn good. damn damn damn. (you know what threes mean - damn damn damn awesome awesome awesome) anyhoo, i went to their page on myspace to have a listen during work and noticed theyre playing new york this weekend. yay! so the joinaclub and i will be heading to the knitting factory to hear one of my fave cds live.

the knitting factory holds a special place in my heart. por que you ask? because its where i saw allister - another hoffman estates, il band- for the first time. who is allister? its the first band i ever interviewed. i even got to air the interview (after pretty editing of course) during my few days as a punk rock dj on wrhu. exciting stuff. my brosef ichford and son saw the boys from allister a few times after that show and they remembered him. good guys man. i dont think im gonna hound tai with qs. ill just be rocking out. probably on the second floor. moshing just aint me. jeepers.


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