Wednesday, July 27, 2005

purple pleather

the peach pit is closing down. its moving 4 blocks up to become the peach pit after dark. no, its not in 90210 but more like 10016. not the hills (as in beverly) but the hill (as in murray). ok, murray hill should never be called the hill bc lets face it, its the cheesy post college suburb of manhattan but its where the peach pit once was.

we all affectionately called jamies apt the peach pit bc its where everyone comes to chill and is always run by my pseudo boyfriend joe e tata. ive spent many nights (and days during my time of unemployment) hugging joe on the couch while watching reruns of 9-0, friends, and oprah from jamies tivo list.

now jamie is packing up and moving in with sharon (a former roomie of hers before the peach pit days). jamie promised me the digs will be better and will become the peach pit after dark. sharons cool and all but lets face it. whenever something is so great, nothing that follows it is ever better. just like in 9-0. the after dark couldnt even hold a candle to the original peach pit. and it never will.

this isnt about my former pseudo home. no. this is about purple pleather. purple. pleather. so, as we (meaning the gang) were sitting in the peach pit last night, we started to look at photos of days in college and whatnot and fell upon a pic of jamie in purple pleather pants. i remember those as if she got 'em yesterday. she actually bought them while i was visiting her and the jiller at iu. i thought to myself, "who buys pleather. and its purple!" but she loved 'em. anyhoo, as we were looking and bawling her out, the jam defended herself and said:
"i got eaten out that night. and it was 'cause of the pants."
so there you have it. purple pleather=pussy play. pp.


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