Tuesday, March 22, 2005

who is mickey p and why am i his ho?

ah, the a's to these ever pressing q's. mickey p is mickey parke from 2gether. still confused? 2gether is the mock boy band created by mtv when boy bands were at their out of control peak - bsb and *nsync were always battling for the number 1 spot on trl (when trl just became trl from total request live) and were followed by forgettable but still cheesestastic bands like soul decision and dare i say ... 98 degrees. not that i dont have any love for those bands bc ive spent top dollar for floor seats at their concerts - except soul decision or 98 degrees, but i always sing their songs on karaoke nights.

so yeah, mickey p is the man! hes the bad boy of the group. i usually dont go for the bad boys. my fave bsb was brian - the church boy! - which is odd bc im attracted to the j-boys. ahh, mickey parke. the way he sings with his raspy voice and very slight lisp. it just gets me right there man! and no one can top his rapping. you + me definitely = us. i know my calculus. so ive claimed myself as his ho. why, bc even though hes a bad boy, hes still a hotass j-bad boy (the fine actor who portrays mr. mickey p is alex solowitz). blonde and blue eyes. and tall! such a prereq its rigoddamndiculous!

ahhh. i would add his pic and all but my computer at home sucks and cant handle the pic program thingy to this blog but i will find a way to add pics to this page. cant just have writing. thats an absolute monstrosity! if youre still curious as to who im ho-in' to, look him up on imdb. youll see hes in alpha dog with the another boy band beauty - jtim! i love it i love it i love it!


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best blog ever -
mama cass rocks...I look foward to reading it ever day!

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