Friday, March 25, 2005

happy ending - not from a massage parlor you perverts!

yes. i did go to the movies solo but thats an entire blog by itself, which i will probably post either tonight or tomorrow. anyhoo, its funny how memory works. i remember having strong feelings about a few trailers i saw last night but of course as soon as i left the theatre, i couldnt remember one damn movie i watched a trailer for less than two hours ago. damn pre-movie sessions can do that to ya. anyhoo, so as im sitting at my desk at work listening to my accuradio hits, avril's happy ending starts to play and a light bulb goes on in my head.

ashton kutcher and amanda peet. finally. the trailer starts to creep back to me - a lot like love. i would usually be appalled by just the fact its an ashton kutcher movie but the trailer hit a soft spot in me. i dont know. maybe its 'cause i was alone and had no one to rag on the movie to or maybe it was that the songs lyrics actually fit with the story of the movie, or how the trailer portrayed it anway.

so the movie is about two people who meet randomly and talk and whatnot and they both decide they would be terrible together, yaddyyaddyyadda but of course they keep bumping into each other, become friends, then lovers, then exes, and then exes who realize they should be together but time isnt on their side because when one of them realizes they should be together, the other is attached to someone else, and then what the attached person becomes detached, the other one is about to get married. you get the pic. their star crossed lovers whose stars never align at the same time. blah blah blah. makes you wanna vomit eh?

normally, i would be making fun of this movie the entire time the trailer is playing but my mouth stayed shut, mostly because i was alone. then, they started to play avril. "you were everything, everything that i wanted. we were meant to be, supposed to be but we lost it. all of the memories so close to me just fade away..." damn song. i think, actually i know, i almost shed a tear listening to the lyrics and seeing the montage of shots of ashton and amanda together throughout the years. damn emotions. they always pop up when least expected.


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