Tuesday, March 29, 2005

music videos

i totally believe that these days, music videos can make or break a song. i think its the meat of promoting a single. it can literally push a person to buy an album.

for example: the first time i heard christina aguileras dirrty i thought, worst song ever. then i saw the dirrty video and thought what a skank ho and this is the best song ever!

need another example: slave 4 u. the very very very first time i heard it - which was only a snippet during a commercial for the 2001 vmas - i thought the girl doesnt even try to sing anymore, what a ho. then i saw the video and thought - britney is the hottest skank ho and this is the best song ever!

see. videos are just that powerful. so last week i heard the new snoop song with jtim - signs. must say, i wasnt too impressed therefore was a little disappointed. snoops my fave and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm justin. ahhhhh. so i finally caught the video for this song tonight and saw that this new character(maybe hes been around - im not that with it when it comes to the hip hop community) charlie wilson also contributes to this song. the video was pretty ok. nice visuals (directed by paul hunter who brought us those eyecatching busta rhymes vids) and it showed my fave guys having a chillin time.

snoop always looks like hes just chillin. hes on my "celebs to hang out with" wish list. mr. timberlake looked mighty fine. my sister jo doesnt like him with the shaved head but i always said once he loses that goldilocks fro he'd be a hot mamajama. and i was right! mmmmm. the only thing missin was a big phat l being passed around. you know thats the only way snoop does it and that mr. charlie wilson looks like he definitely blizzles. fo shizzle. hehe. i just attempted snoop-bonics.


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