Wednesday, March 30, 2005


i knew the show was comin. heard about it, read about it, watched the promos but i didnt plan on watching it. honestly. but like most shows i thought i was gonna boycott on mtv - like laguna beach which is now one of my all time faves - i ended up randomly watching it after a mini pre dinner session. i dont know. maybe its bc i heard howard stern and artie lange bawling her out monday morning during my commute to work but as soon as i heard her voice, i already started to get annoyed with ms. diaz.

so stern said (and im paraphrasing here): camerons hot but i was turned off by her as soon as she started talking. shes sounds like an idiot. then artie goes: you know everyone around her like her friends all think shes the funniest person ever but shes just so annoying. hehe. so with those comments in my head, i proceeded to watch.

ive noticed the girl tries to not look like shes trying to be funny and everyone around her just laughs awkwardly to either a. not make her feel like an idiot or b. bc they are really laughing at her. hmm. these are just my assumptions but enough about cam-er-on d and des-ti-ny(that damn destinys child song from the first charlies angels always gets in my head) back to the show.

this episode, cammie brings along eva mendes, redman, mark hoppus and wife skye everly to nepal to ride elephants and watch hippo poop turn into trees - no joke. my thoughts on each person:

eva - definitely didnt annoy me and i think its bc shes either a really down to earth person or is really damn good at pretending to be one. she actually cried at the end of the ep bc she was so moved by these people who live in poverty but still find joy in their lives. tear tear tear.

redman - if anyone can still bring the ghetto attitude to nepal its definitely redman. stickin' his head out the window of the plane while theyre flying over the country and just yelling and (ew, im using an ebonics term) wilin' out. only redman man. only redman.

mark hoppus and skye(the wife) - marks a funny guy. ive been a fan of blink since enema came out - sorry but i dont listen to pre-travis albums - so i always knew the comical genius of mr. hoppus. his wife seemed cool but she disappeared during their time in the water with the elephants. maybe she had the runs, who knows but mark was chillin - and had a few awkward laughs with diaz if you know what i mean.

cameron - you already know my feelings towards this one.

so will i watch again? probably. looking at the clips for this upcoming season, mr. jtim goes trippin' too. ahh, so the duo do do more than beat up the papparazzi and be cheesy ass folk together. dont get me wrong. mr. timberlake is mighty fine but i dont think i would last more than two days with him. maybe three if you gag the boy. hes a very nice piece of eye candy but you know hes a cornball and i just cant deal with cheesy and corny dudes. id rather be alone.


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