Wednesday, March 23, 2005


im a howard stern listener. always was and always will be - i'll get sirius as soon as he moves over there. so yesterday was like fate or something. like always, i got into my car and turned the radio on.

im kinda a little ocd-ish when it comes to my car radio. the radio is always turned off before i get out of the car but it must be turned off to z100 which is the number 1 dial on the first set of saved stations. the second set of saved stations must always be on k-rock which is number 4 and the am station must always be on 1010 wins(so i can get my traffic reports on the one's) which is also number 4(its the only am station i listen to and the other saved am's are korean stations which were put in by my father when he seldomly uses my car). anyhoo, its random but its my system.

so usually, i turn on the radio and quickly press my fm button so it can go straight to k-rock. well, whadya know but as soon as i turned on the radio, i heard mr. paul cubby bryant say, "new backstreet boys song on in a minute and a half". could i wait the whole 90 seconds for this? after turning to k-rock to find theyre still playing commercials, i turned back to z100 to hear the bsb. i had to! its true. i kinda turned by back on them after i heard "shape of my heart"(so not the way to go out by the way) but i had to see what the few years off had turned them into.

well, good news is, i wasnt completely disappointed. its a ballad which usually isnt the route they go - their first singles off their albums are usually mid-tempo(quit playing games, i want it that way!) but it was a nice start. the words actually made some sense which makes me come to the conclusion that the boys didnt go to the swedes for this one. heard aj, then nick, then the group, back to aj, nick, etc. no solo by my main man brian littrell - maybe he didnt want to contribute with a balding recovering alcoholic and a violent drunk. ah, b-rok. need a song with a solo from you too. the world has been deprived of your angelic voice. we want it back. at least i do anyway.

so what do i think of their "comeback"? i say dont. its way too early. *nsync ditched the comeback idea but thats also bc mr. jtim has become a force too large for the group to even attempt to reckon with. all nick carter became was a drunk driver who had paris and then beat her out of the relationship - you can tell hes a smart guy. but honestly, i think the boys have made enough money from the boy band phenomenom to live very very comfortably. if theyre doing this because theyre bored, do something alone. without the boys. heres my advice for each bsb:

aj - done with rehab so thats cool. now go to fitness boot camp. youve gained a few. and yes, rogaine doesnt hurt either.

howie - just enjoy your money. whadya do in the group again? ah yes, pretend to be straight.

kevin - youre tall and good-looking. one word - modeling. you barely used your vocal chops in the group anyway.

brian - heard you signed onto a christian label. good for you. solo career. you can do it!

nick - go to rehab... for everything. you look lost. really really lost.

bsb. loved you guys. emphasis on the ed. past tense man. stay in the past. but who knows, i'll probably be singing your praises in a few weeks. thats how i work. im a walking contradiction.


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