Tuesday, March 22, 2005

skank ho

so i always end up watching crap i would never watch if i were home alone* and bed ridden when i go visit my friends. for instance, tonight the jiller and i went to go see our good friend george at his new apt in forest hills. i must say, very nice digs my man. anyhoo, after a quick trip to the corner store, we ended up catching the last half hour of bad boys two.

i already knew the schpiel of the movie, will smith and martin lawrence are partners/friends (i saw the first movie) and gabrielle union is martin lawrences sister/will smiths love interest. obv tension between the two guys, a mansion gets blown to shit (i saw the 'exclusive clip' on et when they were promoting it), 2 1/2 hours of action/comedy/etc, with the typical but classic mike laaauury ending. didnt know what the crime/story was but as soon as i saw gabrielle on screen, i knew the reason/cause for the big climatic, action inducing problem was the skank ho. not saying gabrielle union is a skank ho, ( loved her in bring it on! hell, loved her in shes all that. she was the best biznatch in 10 things!) but her character, skank ho.

damn, she looked good but she was a skank ho. ok, maybe she was a uc playing a skank ho but still, skank ho. they are always the cause of the problem. smart or not, its always the same - gotta rescue the skank ho. its madness. even though most of the scenes are completely unrealistic, it still gave me the heebie jeebies. i know. im a loon. i cant even handle a blockbuster action movie - you dont want to see me during a horror movie. jeepers.

*degrassi, mindless shows on mtv, vh1, e!, random shows on food network and comedy central, boy meets world, even stevens, full house, satc, entourage - thought provoking programming


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