Tuesday, June 13, 2006

jack and jamie: the hiz fo riz

havent written in a while. havent been inspired in a while. there are a few things that have been ticklin' my fancy. seriously, almost taken over my mind. the first is jamie kennedy and stu stone. yeah, i have the rollin' w/saget vid below but im really startin' to dig their other songs too. you can check them out at their purevolume page or jamies official myspace profile. i even have my current fave, 1984 on my own profile. wheres the beef beef beef wheres the beef! its addicting as a mofo.

of course i watched blowin' up tonight but what followed right after was beyond my control yet it almost felt magnetic to my thoughts. following the new ep was a sneak peek of nacho libre. nachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! the more i see clips and trailers of this flick, the more excited i get to see it. nacho libre is currently my wallpaper and screensaver at work. i know. im such a jack black lunatic-in fan. now that i think about it, jack black and jamie kennedy have more in common than i thought.

1. actors - comedic actors but actors nonetheless with pretty successful flicks under their belt.

2. musicians - comedic musicians but talented musicians nonetheless. they both make me laugh out loud while leaving me awe with their musical greatness.

3. sidekicks - kg for jb and stu the jew for jamie kennedy. the more famous halfs think theyre in control but its really the sidekicks callin' the shots.

4. money money money money - i dont know about you but both jack black and jamie kennedy are gonna get some of my nuggets bc i am planning on watching nacho libre and purchasing jamie kennedys (and stu stones) album as soon as it drops. im so excited!

to help you get just as excited as i am heres another fun trailer for nacho libre.
"when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants... it is for fun."


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