Monday, June 26, 2006

fries and fries

so after my sess with jill r tonight i decided to go to roosevelt field. i was in dire need of body butter and i was craving ranch 1. seriously, my fave fast food... east coast fast food chain ever. so as i was devouring my dinner i realized fries man. theyre good. everyone claims mcdonalds are number 1 and even though they do cause a crack-like addiction theyre not numero uno on my list. which got me thinking, which fries are tops. or at least top ten worthy.

i dont have the top ten list yet. oh no. if im gonna do this, im gonna do it right. eat up all the fries i can and give credit only where credit is due. there must be rules. must be expectations. yeah man. its the time of the fries. hehe.

i must say this, ranch 1 is a real contender. im a greasy squishy fry girl and damn those thin fries are greasy and squishy and yum yum yummy. i also had wendys fries tonight. i know, fatty much. nah, the brosef picked up a late night dinner and well, you cant sit in a car with fries and not have any. now, although wendys is not my fave in the fries dept, i still managed to scarf down 8 in the blink of an eye. damn the fries yet i love the fries!

if youve got any contenders or possible contenders for the top ten fries, holla at a girl.

special mention:
hi. madonna is on thursday. awesome.


Blogger NYC Publicist said...

shake shack fries, topped with cheese. amazing.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Jiller said...

Nathan's Fries kick some ass as well

12:48 PM  

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