Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hes smooth

i know. im like the only person on this planet that watches the hills and i must admit, the first few eps werent as entertaining as id hoped they would be. but tonight. tonights eps was gonna be epic bc its the return of jason. the bad boy who crushed laurens heart when he kissed his ex jessica right in front of her. ouch. lauren broke things off with him right after but her feelings for that rugged face never went away. i was anxious to see how this man of few words - those being yeah, no, wha, huh, and my all time fave yesnoidontknow - would win lauren back. we all know these two are still together bc they have become g-list stars since their turns on laguna beach (way further down than fellow alum kristin cavallari: shes e-list). so how did jason do it.

all i have to say is 29 minutes into the show (its a half hour program) this mama wasnt impressed. it wasnt until the last minute that i was like, uh huh id go back to that and hit it once, twice, hell! whenever he wants it. lauren and jason go to the movies. jason drops lauren off right in front of her door. he opens the car door for her (it was a dark grey range rover that he was drivin' for those shallow readers that wanna know). she says thanks and they hug goodbye. oh ho ho, but thats not all.

as they part ways from their hug, he somehow manages to say, "it was nice seeing you" while grabbing her face with his two hands and then laying a big wet one on her. ok, so the kiss didnt look too amazing but the way he maneuvered his way there was tre impressive. tre smooth. very tre unlike his huh, wha, yeah persona. hotness! we all know lauren thought it was the hotness too bc she walked away with her fingers gracing her lips and googliness in her eyes. oh best feeling. yay for lc! hit that shit!

special mention: yes theyre back!
jamie: the madonna tickets have already been charged to my card. youre gonna have to give me money for yours when i see you.
cassie (me): oh man, i think i ran out of checks. im gonna see if i need to get more.
jamie: i accept cash.


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