Sunday, June 25, 2006


its been really nutty lately. busy lately. crazy lately. tiring lately. so instead focusing on one topic and banging out a quality post, im gonna spit out my thoughts so my brain can feel a lot less uncluttered.

1. its like official. august bitches. ues bitches. the checks been written. the papers been faxed. furniture shopping and packing is next up. nuts and nuts. excited and excited. freedom and freedom. responsibility and responsibility. slut and slut. yes and yes.

2. i aint missing you at all. jk. gio, ich, join. gonna miss yous the mostest. i cant even think about it. im tearing up already. i know we'll still see each other but at the same time its gonna be completely different. oh so much to discuss with jill r. jill r. another one to miss :(

3. aaron spelling. rip. a legend. the creator and mastermind of 90210. the one and only good program of '90s television. donna martins gonna have the biggest bd.

4. time goes by, so slowly. times goes by. so slowly. not really! times flying fast at the same time not fast enough. thursday night. party time with her madgesty! im totally wearing my oy vey wife beater to the concert.

5. summertime mission: make contacts with fox, idol, or pop tarts. reason: backstage access to idol concert. ace (and pace) young here we come. yummy yum yum :)

special mention:
premier diner. premier omelettes.
best buy registry. genius.


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